M-Audio BX5 D2 Compact 2 Way Active Studio Monitor Speakers – Love these speakers – great sound and quality and perfect

Fantastic for the price, flatter frequency response than the old bx8a deluxe it replaces. I bought these for around £290 about 3 months ago. Back then that was a pretty decent price for what you get, but already i’ve seen prices fall in some places to as low as £250the good. * excellent audio quality with a relatively flat frequency response especially when hooked up to a decent audio interface (i have a focusrite saffire pro 24 dsp). * free decoupler pads come with the studio monitors which aid in tightening up the bass and help to prevent any vibrations from whatever the monitors are standing on. * the bass isn’t exaggerated like the old bx8a deluxes that this model replaces. In fact its very good (prominent, detailed but not overpowering) and has a better frequency response than the older models. * the treble is not overly bright and is fairly detailed (it doesn’t sound muffled at all). Better looking than the older models. * the blue led lights are very useful for locating the ‘sweet spot’. When they are at their brightest from where you are seated then you know you have hit the ‘sweet spot’ i.

This is my first set of studio monitors so i can not compare them to the others. For me sound in very good,bass is deep and thight for that small cabinet.

Best value speakers around. . Bought these for a dj friend of mine so the review is from them. He is very happy with this item and recommends them thoroughly. They produce a really good range of sound and also have a nice deep bassy sound too. They are more than loud enough and never really goes more than about 3/4 of the max as it becomes too loud. The price suggests they are of the lower end dj monitors but they actually are more than respectable for any budding or home dj who doesn’t need to pay the price for professional standard monitors. They came in the original boxes, within more boxes and surrounded with bubbles and polystyrene so there was no issue with delivery or transport. Would definitely recommend for the price and the sound quality i have heard from them. Here are the specifications for the M-Audio BX5 D2 Compact 2 Way Active Studio Monitor Speakers:

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  • Professional class A/B bi-amplified design with 70 W of distributed power for studio-grade cohesive, accurate sound
  • Superior transparent sound quality: 5 inch low-frequency drivers with Kevlar cones for rich, defined lows and 1 inch high-frequency drivers with natural silk domes and integrated waveguides for smooth, clear highs
  • Versatile, conveniently located XLR balanced and 1/4 inch balanced/unbalanced inputs for connecting mixers, amplifiers, instruments, DJ gear and more
  • Magnetic shielding eliminates interference with other electronic equipment ensuring accurate sonic reproduction – ideal for complex studio setup configurations
  • Extended low-frequency response down to 56 Hz courtesy of optimized rear ports that minimize air turbulence and acoustic distortion; includes two isolation pads and pinhole power LEDs tailored for accurate positioning and convenient identification of the optimum listening position

Small cabinet,with big sound. Im used to using genelec 8050s. I needed something for home and thought id give low priced monitprs a go-well they sound like £300 pounds worth to my trained ear. I am surprised how much deep bass they have and they go loud too. The bass is particularly good,with some sub present,but sounds tight and not woolly. Ive got them on foam isolation pads and i think this helps,and they are better close to wall after testing both ways.

I recently bought these speakers. All i can say it is amazing. Clear sound, amazing quality. My studio is just become a better one. Also i need to mention the company is great as well. They are responding very quickly and they are flexible with delivery. Packed carefully and safely.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • High quality near-field monitors, slightly bass light.
  • Fantastic for the price, flatter frequency response than the old BX8a Deluxe it replaces
  • Good price, great sound
  • absolutely incredible!
  • Pleasantly surprised

I’m happy with these monitors – now – though it took three goes for m-audio to get it done. The first pair were a right-off as the way they’d been packed at the factory had caused them to be damaged in transit. Amazon had the replacement pair delivered, and damaged ones collected, the next day – kudosthe second pair were also damaged because of the factory packing – though this time it appeared to be only very minor. I set them up – but could never shake the niggle that they were just not right. After 30 days of extensive ‘bed-in’ use they were, to me, still just not right. So, amazon replaced them again, with the same efficiency. The third pair were also still not perfect for the exact same factory packing reason as the first two. It’s now been a few months though and they have been bedding in just fine, so i am happy with them. Unfortunately though not the 100% that it should be because the first pair should have been perfect – not none.

The m-audio bx8 d2 uk studio monitors look awesome, sound awesome – an amazing product. Looking to set up your own recording studio?then the m-audio bx8 d2 uk studio monitors really are the business. I mean they are strong, fantastic looking & deliver a very clean balanced sound allowing for the much needed differentiation of every instrument & vocal. I wondered whether they would deliver the bass i required but they absolutely do.For me they are worth a whole lot more in price. They were delivered quickly, very, very well packaged, totally protected & i highly recommend the m-audio bx8 d2 uk studio monitors.

I am no stranger to high end audio so it was with relatively low expectations but high hopes that i purchased these monitors, with the view that i could send them back if they were naff. I got them for my computer as my current 5. 1 sat set is perfectly fine for games, but are lacking when playing music. I have them hooked up using a good external dac and have also added a good cd player to them. The sound quality of these speakers is excellent considering the price. From lossless tracks, cd player and even decent mp3 (if there is such a thing) sound very good. Way better than i expected so i have certainly kept them. The clarity and separation is excellent for the price and i am very happy with them. These are the mid sized units so can only reproduce low frequency to a point, but you can still clearly hear the bass lines without it overwhelming the rest of the tune.

I bought these units based on the reviews and i have to say i’m delighted that i did. They really are superb, especially if you consider the cost. I connected them through my mixer and i’ve fed them directly from my macbook. The range representation is well defined, they are crisp and seriously punchy. Not the deepest of bass response but depending on how you position them it’s more than good enough. This week i used them for a presentation in a large room and they are stunningly powerful too. (now they’re attached to my mac at home. )bear in mind, because they are independently active, you need power supply for both units – but the power cables are included in the bundle. I invested in a good quality 3. 5mm jack to two phone with 6. In my opinion, great value for money and you won’t be disappointed with the performance.

M-audio bx5d2 packs a punch. 70 watts of shear power per chanel. These are loud enough for any home studio. Volume controls on the back self powere d individually nice and weighty and easy to set up. You may consider adding a subwoofer as i initially found these to have a lack in bass response however after some fiddling around i did though not thumping manage to get a decent bass sound. Excellent value for i introduction set of monitors for a home studio. I still use these along side my eris speakers. Are they worth the money yes are there better monitors out there yes but you wont get the wattage the power and the build that these offer for the price. Highly recommended for beginners quality on a budget.

These speakers are just what i needed for mixing and mastering. It took me quite a while to decide on the speakers i wanted and after much online research i decided that 5 inch woofers were the size that would suit my recording environment the most it being only the small back bedroom. I was not disappointed with these, they provide the critical sound that i need. They are honest and show the truth of your recording being studio monitors, but they are also pleasant to listen to not be being harsh in any way.

Order placed on sunday evening, items shipped on monday, received them on wednesday. These monitors came with uk power plugs for each speaker. You have to buy your own cables. I got a cable to go from the standard 3. Bear in mind that this is my first move away from plain consumer speakers, i find these very rich and detailed.

I connected it to my yamaha dgx piano as the factory speaker are not sounding good anymore. I found the voice awesome with clear strong voice at different pitch.

Love these speakers – great sound and quality and perfect. Love these speakers – great sound and quality and perfect for mixing, or even using for a small house party. I initially picked them because they were classified as having ‘less bass’ than the other models, which suited me well, having neighbours right next to me. Well, unfortunately, or fortunately, these speakers still provide a ton of bass. So if you’re considering not buying them because they might not have enough bass, don’t let that stop you. The audio balance is great and the bass is certainly strong enough. They also make great bookshelf speakers.

Very good value but limited in the bass. I’m using a pair of these monitors in my spare-room studio along with a mackie 1202vlzpro desk and an m-audio delta 44 sound card. It’s been a revelation to revisit some of my old mixes (made on headphones and hi-fi speakers). Mortifying toothese monitors have a generally flat response with good transients and detail and a slight (but only slight) upper-mid boost. They are excellent for vocals, stringed instruments and drums. Kicks have plenty of punch and treble is rendered smoothly, but with no trace of dullness. They play loud enough for near-field monitors, but don’t lose presence when you turn them down. The one reservation is in the bass. The low-end response is good and pretty flat, but it tails off very suddenly (this is typical of small ported speakers). With little output below around 60 hz and a fast fall-away it’s almost impossible to mix material with significant deep bass accurately.

Oh my word these speakers are good. It’s like someone’s removed the curtains from my old ones and the sound is pouring out as it should. Even lossy compressed music sounds better. I’m hearing details in tracks i’ve listened to a thousand times before and not noticed. If there was ever such a thing as 20/20 audio then these are the closest i’ve ever come.

Bring down the price of decent quality monitors. A few years ago i’d have been a a bit snobby about spending ‘only’ £200 on a pair of studio monitors but there’s less and less reason to spend the big bucks when the m-audio bx8 d2 offers a sound that sounds closer to speakers 4 times the price than it really should. Remember too that high end monitors are a waste if your listening environment isn’t as good as it could be acoustically – now point putting high end speakers into a less than perfect listening environment.

For a small recording set up they have enough range to satisfy most ears. Some people have said that these lack bass. Well all can say to that is rubbish. They are not really full studio quality for that you need their big brothers the bx8a’s. For a small recording set up they have enough range to satisfy most ears. Lots of low, mid and high punch. I ran an online radio stations for some years and wanted a smaller recording/broadcasting facility at home and these are great for the price. £140 is not cheap but you get what you pay for with speakers.

They are studio monitors so since they are active they do give off a slightly l audible mains hum. That’s the only almost non issue i can think of. Once they are playing music the volume you can reach is incredible. And the range of frequencies is ridiculously awesome.

Great product, nice high end response, bit of a scooped bass response. I think these are a great pair of studio monitors, i used them to mix and master on throughout studying a degree in contemporary music production and they certainly did the jobpositives:-good frequency response-great size, not too big or small- sturdy and durable, they’re pretty heavy for the size of them-nice crisp high frequency response-can be turned up to a very high volume without distorting-light to let you know when you are in the sweet spot (when it’s at its brightest)- mid range frequencies translate wellnegatives–they don’t come with an xlr to jack-the decoupling pads they come with are terrible, i ended up buying some squash balls and cutting them in glad, works great-i suppose you can’t get around this one as they are active, but they both have a separate gain control, which means you have to try and set them both to exactly the same level. I don’t feel this is the most reliable thing to do as if one is even slightly louder then the other, it could really affect a mix. -they feel a bit cut off at the low range bass frequencies-take up a plug socket eachoverall, i would highly recommend these, extremely cheap for the great quality.

Probably the greatest purchase i have made on amazon to date. Very good quality for their price and really easy to transport and store, have carried these up and down the country with relative ease.