Logitech Z523 Wired Active : Not fabulous but not total pants

Logitech z523 speakers – black. The system arrived and i set it up incredibly speedily and it appears great as logitech matters have a tendency to glance really nicei was dissapointed i experienced to buy a direct so i could use the speaker technique into my av in sockets crimson and white sockets while £1:79 of amazon was cheap but for that expense they could contain onethe method and the bass would seem great its just the volume does not seem to be extremely goodit has a great bass reaction on the bass speaker and the sattalite speakers seem fineif the quantity level could be turned up additional id be quite happy and give it a five star ratingthe rerason i rated it a three star isno three. 5 jack leadvolume regulate not goodall round id propose the speakers as a excellent purchase requested the 18th june in my home equipped on the 22 june great supply as properly although the amazon box was falling aside on the outside the house but ive designed them awareall in all thanks amazon many thanks logitechim pleased with the buy just wish i could raise the volume vary[asin:b002mhyqja logitech z523 speakers – black]. ]

Had these about a month and so much have been a pleasure to pay attention to. With speakers you want clarity and these speakers absolutely supply that. The bass is not distorted and can be turned up/down so it is your option as to the quantity. General nothing at all to prevent me offering this a five star. Visit soundsokok for my other assessments (google it – soundsokok).

Shipping was hasty and the audio high quality for these speakers is respectable for the price. Even so the ones that i had acquired were being slightly defective so i experienced to return them immediately after only working with them 2 times. I also had to fork out a fortune just to return them which was a little bit of a suffering but the system was swift and i will possibly be working with the return income to invest in an additional established simply because i was fond of them.

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“Z-523 Compact Subwoofer (With a Punch), Excellent PC Speakers, Brilliant deep sounding speaker system, Left Speaker to Bass Connection, Excellent Speakers!, Not fabulous but not total pants”

Thundering bass if you want it, but you can turn it appropriate down if you do not. Decent mid-selection and treble, and for a excellent cost. I would have provided five stars, but mine made a buzzing seem right after a handful of months and had to be despatched back again. Just the luck of the draw, even though, i assume. I have another logitech method which is nonetheless fine just after 6 several years of significant use.

I bought these speakers for the reason that my old kinds were dreadful, they have been some previous 5watt factors, so when i un-boxed these speakers i was suspicious of the weight, i got them out, the sub is really light. I plugged them all into my computer system and put on the bassiest tune i know, that takes place to be the gold dust blend by flux pavillion, the bass is staggering and the high quality of the speakers is crystal obvious, nicely value the income.

I have just procured these speakers and they are much better than anticipated. The sound is clear and whole and the 360 degrees seem is quite productive. The bass from the sub- woofer is entire and solid and this can adjusted to steer clear of disturbance) making use of the bass handle knob. The speakers are beautiful and compliment the home where they are positioned. I pointed out a evaluate on cnet which gave the speakers an typical rating. I would disagree and have no concerns with the mid frequencies. Obviously a single can adjust the seem by utilizing the graphic equaliser within ms media participant or serious media participant, should really this be demanded. The controls for quantity and bass are conveniently positioned on ome of the speakers. The sound is very fantastic in relation to diverse songs , from rock to classical.

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    I have it connected with my beats pill. Sounds brilliant with the aid of higher frequencies.
    • Not fabulous but not total pants. Bought these because i needed a basic 2. 1 sound system – finished in white (also available in black) – for sensible money. I like that it was easy to set up, had convenient features such as the fixed cable for mp3 devices, a dedicated headphone output and the [left] speaker mounted ‘on/off/volume’ and separate ‘subwoofer level’ controls. The main speakers also have an additional rear-facing speaker to throw sound backward (as well as normally forward) and that the subwoofer has an ‘active’ downward-facing driver coupled with a ‘passive’ front-facing pressure driver (although i’m guessing that one is more for ‘aesthetics’ as it looks arguably much better than a conventional speaker cabinet port hole). Essentially, it all looks well thought out and well put together. Regarding audio quality, the immediate impression is that these were developed more for general personal computer use and specifically ‘gaming’ rather than music or media as the main speakers are very ‘low-mid’ frequency orientated and can sound quite dull depending on listening material. Similarly, the subwoofer can sound a bit uncontrolled and can easily overbear (rather than compliment) the main stereo pair without much provocation. Basically, they’re not fabulous. But they’re not total pants either. Because on the plus side, they are capable of fairly high sound pressure levels given their modest wattage figures, they’re available in two colour finishes, they’re reasonably well made and they were decent value. Certainly not for high definition music or media. They simply don’t have the fidelity to deliver that.
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    Excellent pc speaker setup works surprisingly well as a guitar power amp solution. Wonderful speaker system for the pricei’ve been using this set of speakers with my pc for several years. For music, movies and games. I also use it as an main amplifier for my kemper guitar amplifier (via the headphone socket) and it sounds fantastic. Before that i used it with a line6 pod with very good results. In fact i was so happy with it as a home guitar practice amplifier that i felt able to get rid of my traditional combo. There is plenty of low end from the sub and the satellite speakers are more than up to the joba slight complaint would be that at very low volumes the left hand satellite speaker doesn’t produce the same volume as the right (from which it receives the signal). It’s a minor complaint and easily worked around by turning the speaker volume knob up, and if you must keep the volume down, lowering the volume on your input device / pc whatever. The volume is perfect for most ‘house sized’ rooms and the.
    • Good money/quality ratio, but brought down by stupid/broken “power saving” feature. Pros:good price,good delivery time,very nice bass,nice looking units,good size (ergonomical),easy set up,fairely low latencycons:has power saving mode after 120 minutes, as per the book: “this speaker system will go into enery efficiency mode after aprox 120 minutes. Will start when audio is detected, or when volume controls used. It is normal to experience a small delay. “they shut down in the middle of playing games, watching videos/movies, playing music etc. They dont appear to restart, perhaps i havent waited long enough. I have to manually put the volume back to 0 (shutting it off) then turn it back up. Volume knob is unnecessarily stiff to turn. Grips on base are not great.
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    The best speakers ive had so far (im going to upgrade to the z-906) they have crazy bass and the sound quality has been brilliant. I’ve had them for over 2 years and they have never let me down. One thing that does annoy me is the buzzing sound if left on at the plug when switched off.
    • Delivery was hasty and the sound quality for these speakers is decent for the price. However the ones that i had bought were slightly faulty so i had to return them after only using them twice. I also had to pay a fortune just to return them which was a bit of a pain but the process was swift and i will probably be using the return money to purchase another set because i was fond of them.
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    I really like these speakers. The bass can sometimes be too much but it can be turned right down and the sound quality is fantastic when the bass is at a lower setting. However, after only 4 months of use i’ve had to get them replaced as the right speaker starts randomly making a loud static sound which can be heard when the volume is down/off. After paying good money for the speaker it is massively dissappointing to have to get them replaced under warranty.
    • Powerful and great sounding. Powerful and good sounding speakers. Handy to have volume and bass controlls on speaker.
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    Amazing speakers, a bit tinny with highs at loud. Amazing speakers, a bit tinny with highs at loud volumes but that is only on maximum which you can’t reach very often with rib cage rattling deep punchy bass.
    • This set is quite amazing both looking and sounding. This set is quite amazing both looking and sounding. I bought it to connect to my new imac and the sound quality is superb.

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