Logitech Z333 Multimedia Speakers – For the price these are pretty incredible.

Good sound, was expecting better, buzzing noise when turned “off”. When i saw the other reviews for this i thought this seems like a winner for the price (£40 at the time). The sound quality is good but not as great as i was expecting, the subwoofer is fairly large, i like my bass and have this turned up all the way, and doesn’t have much more bass than my old sub which was a lot smaller and wasn’t turned up all the way either (was some old speakers from an old pc, not a proper branded speaker either). My other niggle is when i turn it “off” on the wired remote there is a slight buzzing sound coming from the speakers, no idea if this is maybe a fault with just mine or just how they are, it isn’t a massive problem as it is connected to a multiway and i generally turn this off at the mains when i am all done. It would be nicer if the remote was wireless as others have mentioned however i believe this is an option for a higher level model, i guess you pay for what you get.

We had problems with several sets of another model of logitech speakers, but so far these have worked very well and my son reports that the sound is better from these too. He connects them to his laptop or phone to play music.

Very good for a reasonable price. . Excellent set of speakers, sound really good and the desktop volume knob is an added bonus.

The sound quality is amazing. The fact that you can regulate the subwoofer. The sound quality is amazing. The fact that you can regulate the subwoofer power is a good functionality. The only issue is that i cannot put the subwoofer directly against the wall because all the cables are placed there, so i have to leave some centimeters of space in between. That could be solved in future models.

  • Logitech Z333 – Brilliant for the price.
  • Decent for the price.
  • A great set of speakers and base sub.
  • Amazing for the price, great base
  • Good sound, was expecting better, buzzing noise when turned “off”
  • Outstanding sound!

Logitech Z333 Multimedia Speakers

  • Multimedia Speakers with powerful sound and deep bass
  • Front-facing subwoofer with 13-cm driver for deep, rich bass
  • Wired control pod for easy access to power and volume
  • Multiple connectivity inputs
  • 2-year Limited hardware warranty

Wowi just watched the opening to war of the worlds. These speakers pull you into the scenefor under £50, these provide fantastic sound and represent great value for moneyi simply cannot wait to watch some of my favourite movies with thesethey totally transform watching a movie at home into a cinematic experienceawesome.

For the price these are pretty incredible. . The midrange sounds are clear, rather than sounding muddy like many cheaper sound systems, while the bass is great at accentuating songs rather than overwhelming the rest of it. It comes in a neat, sleek form-factor with a small footprint and really handy audio controls in the form of a little wheel with a headphone jack for easy access. Totally, wholeheartedly recommend these.

Lovely sounding, deep bass and handles high volume well.

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    I recently bought these speakers to replace a a set of logitech x-210 speakers (2. 1) i bought whilst i was a university student. For the most part they did the job and gave me 6 years of good service (hence returning to logitech). I work as a professional musician so can be quite fussy when it comes to speakers so was looking for something with a good sound on a limited budget. These speakers are a marked improvement on what i owned previously. I tested these speakers using music from a variety of different genres including grimethorpe colliery band, dr dre, system of a down, stevie wonder, count basie, scooter & bach. The subwoofer provides a full powerful sound, the smaller speakers provide a good mid and upper range without sounding tinny. The ability to set the bass level on the subwoofer is great as it allows you to set the balance for what you want. To be honest, i found having it around 75% full worked best of me, although levels may differ in different environments.
    • Great product, was surprised at the power and quality. Great product, was surprised at the power and quality of the sound. Old usb speakers went straight into the bin.
      • I bought these as a christmas gift to be used on a desktop pc. The sound on them is perfect for gaming, listening to music or otherwise. There is a knob on the rear of the subwoofer to adjust the bass level and also a control pod which can be placed on the desk for quick access to turn the volume up/down, plug in headphones, or turn the speakers on and off. These have been in use for just over a week with no problems so far – i will update if any arise.
      • These speakers are a great gift for money easy to setup and have the most amazing bass i’ve ever heard there was only one problem which was that the audio jack cable could off been a little longer. The volume control station is amazing and a little bigger than expected unfortunately i don’t know what delivery was like as i received these as a present. In conclusion these have amazing power and are 100 percent recommending these to everyone. If i knew these where so good i would of paid about £90.
  2. Got this as a present, the best speakers for the price, totally recommend them. They are very loud and have great deep bass and clean treble.
    • Only had a quick test of these but the quality sounds great, even when attached to a phone with the standard jack. They also look good and the build quality is excellent. I look forward to hooking these up to my gaming comp.
      • Tried to buy the previous model but was discontinued a matter of days before i went to make purchase. Was directed to these instead, and boy i’m glad i was. These speakers are incredible, and especially considering the price. I have used an older set of logitech speakers for a number of years and have done me very well so was hesitant to upgrade, but the increase in quality is so noticeable. Would recommend these any day.
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    Drum monitor excellent purchase. Great 2015 christmas present, i am using them as a drum monitor and play along to live music through my tablet. Using broom sticks with my acoustic kit. Very amazing a great stage presence and looking forward to my fave music drum sessions. Bass sub woofer at ground level next to my hi hat stand.
    • Bought for our history group, good sound, as much base as you would want. Arrived on time, appear to be good quality.
  4. This review is from : Logitech Z333 Multimedia Speakers

    Works really good and looks brilliant. I tried at full volume, my neighbours are not happy when i’m doing it haha. As quality-price is the best deal.
  5. This review is from : Logitech Z333 Multimedia Speakers

    Great sound when turned on, no distortion, crisp sound and bass will piss my neighbours of for days. However there is a high pitched noise that the subwoofer emits when turned off. This might be a defect with my set but it does not bring the product down to far.

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