Logitech Z323 Speaker System – Perfect for my needs

Good replacement for standard computer speakers. Bought these back in 2011 & i’m still happy with them. Far superior to the speakers that came with my dell desk-top. But bear in mind they’re only computer desk-top speakers so don’t expect hi-fi quality, but they greatly enhance appreciating pv clips etc on you tube. The two small speakers fit neatly behind my flat-screen & the “woofer” box sits unobtrusively on a shelf underneath. Overall good value for money.

Great quality sound, decent subwoofer bass; fantastic value for money. . These are a fantastic set of speakers. I bought them for my computer, mainly for use listening to music; and i must say that these have the best sound quality i’ve heard in a long time. You could get better quality with speakers upwards of £60-£80, but for the price these are fantastic. I’ve read complaints about the lack of bass – this is nonsense, i have my bass dial set on half because anything more vibrates the entire desk. The dual driven left/right speakers are also very good, and having second speakers in the back, do give a more rounded output. 5mm connectors are brilliant, as i can play a different source, or output to headphones with ease without unplugging the speakers from my computer. They are not portable in the slightest as there is the fat vga cable and power cable to contend with to connect the right speaker. However, the overall full sound quality, adequately powerful subwoofer and options (accessory ports, bass dial, front volume dial) make these the best budget speakers i’ve owned.

Absolutely fantastic speakers. An astronomical leap from laptop to home cinema system basically. . Absolutely superb set of speakers for just under £30 i think when i went for them. Unfortunately tripped over the key cable when drunk as, i was a shambles that evening. The guys downtown that can fix anything said tbh it wud simply be cheaper to buy another set. That’s hard for me, with the env science background. And only seeing a damaged cable. Where it enters the one of the two speakers that the power cord fits, had it been a metre down the cable i’d have had a go myself of course but the tech eleccies are prob correct. All that is irrelevant if you tidy your room and keep yourself tidier than in was one boozy evening. Because i adored these speakers.

All round ok – not great sound quality. Had these a couple of months now, pretty good for gaming but not the best for music / watching films. Very bass heavy, low treble (without playing around too much)pretty good for price though.

  • Good Value Sound
  • excellent speakers
  • Logitech 2.1 Speakers Review
  • So powerful I think I’ll never use that much!
  • Great for price and size. Ideal for students
  • All hat, no cattle.

Logitech Z323 Speaker System

  • Features 360-degree sound, helps to project audio evenly in all directions, so you get an ideal listening experience throughout the room
  • Ported, down-firing subwoofer delivers bass that brings music, movies and games to life
  • One dual RCA jack and a 3.5 mm jack make it easy to connect a Logitech Squeezebox network music player, gaming console, DVD player or iPod
  • Integrated headphone jack lets you listen in private whenever you want

I did a lot of research before purchasing these speakers. I was tempted by the logitech ls21 because of the price (my friend has them and i know that they are extremely good value for money) but since it was my birthday i thought i would spend a bit more and i was not disappointed. The sound is very clear and they can make a huge amount of noise. One warning would be that the bass can be very loud – stuff rattles in the room when the subwoofer is on max – but it is perfect for normal listening and can be turned off completely if you are worried about noise complaints etc. Overall i would thoroughly recommend these speakers, excellent for a cheap to mid range purchase.

Looking for a cheap system to replace an ageing but high quality system that had stopped working. Looked a a few option this one met the money criteria and had reasonable reviews. Happy with what i got for the money. Volume control on the speakers and the bass control are a not very accurate the volume especially goes from quiet to loud over a small adjustment.

I bought these to replace my ageing logitech z640 speakers which i grew tired of re-soldering (they were 10 years old so did pretty well). These new speakers by comparison are pretty bad, mids are flat and peaks barely existent. I’ll keep them as they just about serve their purpose, dnb and dance is good but indie or classical and you’re gonna have a bad time. Games i would imagine to be ok too. Also, i’ve an average sized desk and the wires only just reach, something to consider. A fair price for some very average speakers.

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  1. Great sound with excellent base. Bought for my daughter who loves them. Great sound with excellent base.
    • The sound quality is pretty decent as long as you can find a sweet. For £25 delivered you cant really go wrong with these speakers. The sound quality is pretty decent as long as you can find a sweet spot for the sub, built strong and heavy too for the size.
  2. Best performance-price ratio. Pros:these speakers are amazing value for money. I bought them to use with my pc and i’m not disappointed at all. They have great power considering how small they are, and the sub woofer is much more powerful than i had anticipated. Love that the speaker has side inputs for other devices, for example my iphone and a headphones output which comes in very handy. I have tested all the speakers and sub woofers to ensure that they really do have air passing through them as logitech claims, which they do infact. 3 inches deep, the two satellite speakers are small enough to fit on my desk and take up little space.
  3. This review is from : Logitech Z323 Speaker System

    Superb works great with large screen t v. Works with large screen tv with no problems at all.
  4. This review is from : Logitech Z323 Speaker System

    Fantastic sound for the mobey. Sounds a lot more expensive.
    • Great sound for gaming & music. I have been using these speakers for about a year now on my pc. They have exceptional sound quality whether using them for music or playing games, i was particularity amazed at the sound quality when i was playing battlefield and the explosions just sounded fantastic. This great quality for such a cheap price- i wouldn’t get anything else.
      • Good quality sound but lacking in connectivity. Good range of treble and bass. An spdif unput would have been a nice addition though.

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