Logitech Z-906 5 – Fantastic soundjust one thing

I don’t think these are made anymore, but should be. 1 systems have tried, including kef. Easy setup, great bass, easily adjustable levels with a bit of common sense. Logitech have good after sales support, they seem to keep a stock and just send a new part if (rarely in my experience) something fails.

I bought this with the intention of using it for my gaming pc and xbox 360, and sometimes my tv. I use both of the digital optical cable inputs to connect my pc and xbox into it. The package also includes the 6 channel pc sound card cables for people who want to use them. I have mainly used the system so far for my pc and the sound quality to me sounds brilliant, obviously not the best compared to ever other system, but so far i have no complaints. I have decided to upgrade the sound on my pc by buying a dedicated internal sound card just to get that little bit extra out of the system and my pc. After running tests using the windows sound properties, the bass seems quite powerful. I can stand outside, quite a considerable distance away and hear the thunder effect from the sub. And the test sounds from the surround speakers as well. (not too sure my neighbours will approve on that last bit though)the control unit is very easy to use and i prefer the orange lights, than the standard blue you find on other devices.

Firstly, i would like to keep the review short, i do not want it to end up like an essay. Loli have previously owned the z-5500 which in my opinion are legendary. Thus, i was in 2 minds whether i should go with the upgrade. As the z5500 are perfect as every 1 who owns them would agree. But i am a new gadget enthusiast and i decided to take the plunge. The z906 similar power of 500watts to the z5500’s and the new mature look, and techy design was too appealing. However once i connected the logitech z906’s up (recommend toslink cable). I was blown away with the sheer quality of the sound. Every single vocal can be heard, and every single beat, accompanied by the perfectly balanced bass notes.

Firstly, i never bought or liked the z-5500 (although i have heard and felt it many times) for the following reasons: well documented design flaws and unreliability (pod malfunctioning, fuse blowing, popping problems, only 1 optical input) and the completely over the top bass. Everyone likes good solid bass, but too much of a good thing is just too much. The z-680 already had this problem, but overall it was a better product than the 5500, certainly more reliable. To start with: it looks good, in my opinion a lot better than the 5500, i hate cheap looking shiny stuff. It also has better connectivity, but admittedly still not enough (i want more optical ins and hdmi would have been nice, it’s 2011 after all), and most importantly it sounds better. It may not seem as loud as the 5500 at first because of the less overpronounced bass floor, but let me assure you, it is more than loud enough to cause major room shaking if needed (and you can turn it as good as all the way up without distortion). The bass is of a much more restrained and balanced nature, not the quality of a “real” high end subwoofer of course, but respectable nonetheless and certainly very, very present if needed. The highs and mids are less drowned out by the bass which adds to a more natural sound and improves the staging and thus the positioning of sounds, which i find very important. In my opinion this is the most important quality of any surround system: to make you feel that things are happening around you, to draw you into the action by placing you in the middle of it, not to cause premature hearing loss. As regards the lcd debate: you don’t need it. The remote and the pod are well designed and look good (to me). The lighting on the control pod could be a bit less obtrusive though, especially the power led, but this can be easily overcome, get creative (no pun intended)for my uses, i. Mostly (console) gaming and some movies in a small to medium sized room (32″ screen 5-6′ from the hotspot), it’s a perfect solution. For a pc, i consider a system like this to be complete overkill. Music lovers should look elsewhere, but i take that as a given for any one of these systems no matter what brand or price. Buy a decent stereo and experience how music should really sound with a fat amp and 2 (or 4 if you like) big old time speakers. As for reliability: too soon to tell, my set has worked flawlessly so far, let’s hope for the best given logitech’s less than stellar reputation in this respect with the 5500, not that it ever impacted its sales.

  • I had the Z523. This Blows it out of the Water.
  • Powerful AND Sensible in one package
  • Superb Cinema Sound in a living room, but watch the running costs.
  • PlayStation 4/XBox One Setup.
  • I’d buy these speakers again!
  • Excellent Audio Quality – Minor Technical Gripes

Logitech Z-906 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

  • 5.1 PC speaker
  • THX certified
  • 500 watts
  • Home entertainment speakers: bring your music, films and games to life
  • Wall-mountable satellites, ported side-firing subwoofer, easy-to-read control console

I have to say these are by far the best speakers i have ever invested my hard earned money into. They have great bass which does literally shake your floors and have amazing sound quality. If you are looking for surround sound speakers or just speakers to listen to great bass songs with, then i suggest you buy these. The packaging was good and they arrived on the specified date and in prestine condition.

Absolute pleasure on a budget. I have used these for over a month now and they have been great so far. Installation is easy-peasy (i am good at diy so also managed to hide the cables under carpets etc easily. It was up and running in 10 minutes. Once installes, as a test i played my blue ray copy of casino royale and randomly selected a scene. The sound of car crash brought my wife running down to the living room. The bass on some rock cds on higher volume (not full, could not dare to turn it all the way up) rattled the windows, and yet the sound was very clear. The preset effects are good and really change the sound. It also has input for more than five sources so i have connected my tv, blue ray player and sky box. And you can switch source with the remote – very easy. Even my wife uses it with confidence. Yes – its not better than the top of the range or £1000 plus systems (onkyo, yamaha), or bose v35, v25. But this is only £250 and is a great value for that price, absolutely amazing. And the difference between this speaker system and the ‘big boys – onkyo or yamaha’ is not very apparent for normal home use.

I have to say i wasn’t quite sure about the rms power output, especially from the subwoofer. Having come from a background of amps and subwoofers in my old cars the 500w rms figure didnt jump out at me to be fair but the logitech z906 was the only surround sound system within my budget – and i thought it would match my pc and monitor, so i bit the bullet and shelled out for it. Wiring everything up was straight forward and the centre console is a nice touch, it couldn’t be easier to use, and you can adjust the setting across the room just by looking at the leds so no squinty eyes needed. Everything feels extremely well built, each of these speakers push out 60+w rms so there arent going to be cheap drivers or cones inside them. For their size they are extremely weightynow i’ll move onto the only reason i wrote this review – the sound quality and volume. Firstly, the clarity is second to none even at the top end of the volume. As for distortion – there is none, whatever volume you have it at. Onto volume, i would never have thought a 165w 8inch subwoofer would rattle my house, i once took the volume all the way to the top and to be fair it was mental. I knew the bass was resonating across the joists into next doors house so i turned it down, only for me to realise the youtube clip i had playing was on 20% volume so i think the only way im going to find out what this set up can really do is hope everyone in the cul de sac goes on holiday at the same time – if that happens i will update this review.

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  1. This review is from : Logitech Z-906 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

    This item works very well even turned up very very high its so boooooooom.
    • The bass is top notch, easy to use, easy to set up. No trouble whatsoever with this piece of tech, and the sound is wonderful.
      • These are very high quality speakers, the sound is very rich, even when at high volume there is no distortion, watching films with these speakers connected is as good as being at the cinema, the sub makes the whole house rattle, beware these speakers will go very loud :-).
  2. This review is from : Logitech Z-906 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

    No way to control bass separately. Bass is low by default in this.
  3. This review is from : Logitech Z-906 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

    Very impressed with your fast delivery i had ordered it quite late and i couldnt believe it when it arrived christmas eve. My son was delighted with it awesome product he says.
    • Excellent audio quality – minor technical gripes. This is very much a premium quality product at a premium price. My purchase was to replace an older version of the same setup from logitech, the acquisition prompted by the fact that the 906’s come with two optical s/pdif input sources, as opposed to the single in my older setup. The set comprises a sub-woofer [approx 30cm x 30xm x 30cm] which also houses the power amplification and to which all source audio cabling must be connected [important as you tend to tuck a sub out of the way – you will need suitably long cables]. The controller is compact [approx w:22cm h:7cm d:10cm – leave a little extra space at the back for cable bend] and the satellites are compact [h:16cm w:10cm d: 12cm – if you measure from the front-most to rear-most corners as they are raked back]. All units are extremely well made, fashioned from very heavy duty [and heavy] moulded plastics, speaker grills are metal and very well finished and generally fabrication is excellent. In terms of audio quality this system was a revelation. With music, vocals are lucid, open beautifully measured, instruments separate out and carry a good sense of timing. Unlike many pc speakers, this set open up the soundstage and allows a melody to breathe properly.
      • Would be 5 star if the cables were longer. Reason to buy: wanted a surround sound unit that i could play playstation and watch tv in surround soundreview: the item is exactly as seen in the pic. The cables for the front two speakers aren’t very long. The back two are quite long, i would say around 3. The back of the main unit has quite a few connections (see pic). One that you can connect to a pc, one that connects to a headphone jack and 2 optical cable connections. The bass is super loud, but you can turn off the base if you live in a flat or cant have a thumping sound. Using the control, you can also adjust the separate speaker volumes. For example, if you don’t have the luxury of being able to sit at an equal distance away from all speakers, you can adjust the speakers accordingly. If you have your sofa against the back wall with the back two speakers right next to you, you can turn those speakers down and turn the front the speakers up so that all the sound reaches you at the same level. The bit in the middle of the picture is the unit that displays the volume and input of the system. They have discreet orange lights that are bright enough for you to see, but distracting.
  4. Audiophile system at a pauper price. I picked this system up for 146 on the amazon lightning deal (159) with extra off for student discount. The lightning deal price was good, but the with student discount it was irresistible. Having had the logitech z506 already, i felt comfortable with logitech as a brand, but where the z506 are very basic and analog, these are highly impressive and customisable. The sound is far closer to altec lansing quality. The z906 console also allows for very easy levelling specific to sub, rear speakers, and front speakers. They’re hooked up to my ps4, xbox one, and computer, and sound great in games, movies, and for music. I opted for these over a hifi system since there’s no need for an extra box for amp/receiver, and the price to performance. If you’re looking for a great system that rivals systems many times their price, then buy these.If you can get them around 150 like me all the better ;).
  5. This review is from : Logitech Z-906 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

    My cat is running around the house like crazy when i play music on high volume, so it must be good.
  6. This review is from : Logitech Z-906 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

    I’ve got these rigged up using optical from my tv and saw an immediate improvement; there are sounds i didn’t know existed until now. The setup is probably on-par for a 5. 1 system; the good thing about it is the in/out-puts are clearly marked so wiring up was pretty easy. The base is lovely and deep, with the small speakers giving crisp high tones. I look forward to re-watching some of my movie collection through it.
    • Can recommend this enough for that dank azz trap muzic m8sreally good bit of kit.
      • I though logitech z506 were good. These speker system are unbelievably good, crisp clear base and sound. For the money its worth every pence . Deffenetly recomend it to everyone who needs proper sound system :).
  7. This review is from : Logitech Z-906 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

    I was concerned the bad would not be big enough for me, but that speakers are just superb. Bass, mid and trebles all come out sounding so crisp and punchy. Surround is well balanced for movies, and the individual levels of the channels can be adjusted to suit my setup. Couldn’t be happier with these.
    • Amazing qualitypros:strong sound and bass. Cons:the remote control buttons have a bit of a clicking sound by design but that’s very subjective :)would recommend and actually alreade have.

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