Logitech Clearchat Comfort USB – Value for money and good quality

Logitech clearchat comfort usb pro – headphones and mic. Extremely simple to install, use with skype and get excellent reception. The mute feature button is easy to use whilst in conversation.

Reliable, but uncomfy and a bit expensive. I bought these headphones about 3 years ago and admittedly they have served me well. Their durability has been excellent, although ironically it is a mechanical failure which parts me with these decent headphones- a wire breakage means i can hear but not speak. The negatives come with its fairly ugly design, the ear base being to small so it doesn’t cover your ear but rests on it; way too uncomfortable (you have to keep taking it off momentarily for pain relief) and for the price, i feel that there are much better alternatives on the market.

Took a little punt on this after seeing it first in pc world priced £24 then buying it here on amazon. First thing to point out is that its used only for skype and on calls that can last up to an hour or so. For this purpose it has been excellent with no discomfort or technical problems to report and with great call clarity through both the mic and headset. If, as some other reviewers have mentioned, it develops a problem then i will adjust my review accordingly but as for now it very good value for money and has covered its purchase price already.

Solid usb headset – designed to last. These are a good quality usb headset, which is ideal for regular skype users. It comes with an ample length sturdy lead, which allows for moving and reaching around when in use. The left sided microphone is strong and sturdy, and rotates around to the band for protection when not in use. Though it’s not adjustable, it still gives very crisp and clear speech. The ear pads are soft and comfortable, and the clarity is excellent for speech, and more than acceptable for games and music when needed. A solid remote volume control is built onto the cable, and clips well onto shirts without any snags. Easily the best headset i’ve bought so far, and at the right sort of money for the better quality goods.

  • solid USB headset – designed to last
  • couldn’t be better
  • Sounds Great, Feels Not-So-Great
  • Hassle free USB headphone for non adanved users
  • Don’t wear them for longer than an hour!
  • Logitech Comfort

Logitech Clearchat Comfort USB

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Good volume and seem decent quality. The only downside is that they are very uncomfortable. The name and description would suggest that you can have them on for hours and be fine but after about 10 mins the start to hurt the top of your head and then your ears. You can adjust then as in move them about on your head and that lets the other part of your head recover enough that you can put them back if that makes sense.

Functional headset with a couple of design flaws. I work from home, and use skype for calls for up to an hour each day. I needed a new usb headset to replace previous logitech model that had fallen apart after long service. Pros- good sound quality- easy (plug-and-play) setup on mac os- volume control on the cablecons- the volume control buttons are *very* sensitive, meaning just placing the cable on the table can push them- the headband is rather too springy. Even at its most extended setting it applies too much pressure to the ears, making the headphones uncomfortable if worn for long periods.

Logitech clearchat comfort usb headset. For this price, the quality of sound/use is excellantthe ear pads do not worry me, hardly any soreness, even over any lengthy period of use. I use this headset on skype, my cousin noticed immediately how clear it was. I had no problem with installation for win xp + win 7.

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  1. Good product, my computer had issues with microphone and speakers and now problem solved :-).
    • This quite some time ago – it is very comfortable and works well. Bought this quite some time ago – it is very comfortable and works well, both the mic and the speakers – still working working well after all these years.
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    Perfect for skype and facetime. Worked out of the box with both windows and apple machines. Audio quality is good, on both speakers and microphone and the best use for these is with applications like skype or facetime where the use of speakers might not be appropriate. That said, music quality is also perfectly acceptable and they are comfortable for extended wearing times.
    • This product arrived on time and the quality is great. Apologies for the late comment, this product arrived on time and the quality is great.
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    Value for money and good quality. Having used these for a couple of years now they are still doing the job well. I use them primarily for gaming but music quality is fairly decent. I regularly use the mic on teamspeak and have no issues with that either. The main reason i bought these over a dedicated gaming headset was to be able to hear external noise when gaming (young kids, etc). The usb connection is worn but does still work. Overall i’m really pleased with the headset and how long it’s lasted.
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    This headset is just what i needed and is very easy to use and i certainly would recommend to others.
  5. This review is from : Logitech Clearchat Comfort USB

    Using the headset almost every day. Watch movies, listen to music and skype perfectly well but obviously can’t match more expensive headsets for sound quality.
    • Logtect clearchat comfort usb. Logtect clearchat comfort usb,this was for my son,he has never complained and he likes the best,so i would say there hundred per cent good.
      • I have had a couple of these headsets they have good audio and very good microphone quality. One thing you must know is that the head set takes about 2-3 weeks to settle to your head. They are quite tight on till, you have had them for a while but they are worth the wait.
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    Good up until the warranty runs out. . I’ve had 2 of these headsets, amazing quality no background noise. But in about 2 years they fail, stop working, no power, mic is quiet or no sound. A long as you expect this to last forever get one if you need a quick fix.
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    The headset has lasted about a year of constant use for my home office use for calling customers over an online number. Earphones sound quality have been excellent, however, i was dogged by many complaints by the people on the other end of the line saying to quality of the sound coming through the mic was very poor & i am now looking for a better quality headset.
  8. This review is from : Logitech Clearchat Comfort USB

    I take away a star for every flaw. . I rate this headset 3 stars out of 5. The audio is top-notch, and it is relatively comfortable to wear. On the downside, the wires tangle rather quickly, and the microphone is very sensitive. If you are a pc gamer, your friends will likely hear you breathe down the microphone. On the whole, it’s worth a purchase as it’s cheap and the quality of the audio is surprisingly impressive.

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