Libratone One Click Wireless Splash Proof Bluetooth Speaker – Graphite Grey : TOO – Portable, easy to use, good sound.

I have used this speaker for a number of weeks now (i own the cloudy grey one style option), and i really do love it. The rubber has a lovely soft feel to it, and the fabric seems very durable. Overall, it feels like a very high quality item. Also, it has a good weight, without being too heavy. The sound quality is excellent (i also really like the 360 degrees reflector meaning the sound comes from both sides of the speaker). I haven’t downloaded the libratone app yet (however, i will, as i want to keep the firmware updated), so i am literally plugging it into my phone and playing music at the moment, with no fiddling with the sound. It’s very easy to connect to devices via bluetooth (i use it with my samsung galaxy phone), but if you don’t have bluetooth enabled devices, you can also connect it via an aux cable. I do think the sound quality is very slightly better if you connect the speaker to your device via an aux cable rather than using bluetooth, but i believe this to be the case with any bluetooth speaker (i use the anker 3. 5mm premium auxiliary audio cable (4ft / 1.

I really like this item and in terms of quality of sound, portability and ease of set up, this is a five star item, however, compared to some of the competition, even allowing for the build quality and sound rendition, it could be a little more affordable. 00 as at 17th october 2016)i received the too variant in grey and it now sits on my bedside table. I generally use it for linking into my blackberry passport via bluetooth (so easy to set up) my new kindle fire 8′ or my ageing ipad 2; there is a libratone app for both android and apple appliances and i have tested both and they are easy to set up and use. Sound is the key element to consider i suppose and in this case, i found the sound rendition to be very good and well up to the standard of a similar product we have purchased from teveco, which is not as well made but is over £60. There is no question that the libratone is a better made item, but sound quality is very similar. What the libratone has in its favour is that you can actually link two items together, therefore you can have the playing back the same sounds in more than one room; whether that would be useful for most people i am not sure, particularly as this is a portable item. Part of the reason that i have deducted a star is that the too comes without a charger; it does have a cable with a micro usb cable and the instructions state that a ‘good’ 5v usb charger is required to charge the item. Whilst i don’t need yet another charger, i have numerous chargers which have an output of circa 5v, but they all have a different output.

Libratone are onto a winner bluetooth speaker here. It’s packaged extremely well. Reminiscent of unboxing a new iphone. This copies the entire experience down to the minimalist user manual. However the boxing isn’t the only place it shines. The unit itself is a lovely fashionable green colour. I’m not a bright colour person, but i would have no issues turning up with this device under my arm. The unit itself is covered front and back in a nice caribbean green cloth. The outsides are a thick scratch resistant rubber. There is a touch sensitive button on one side of the speaker that you can use for volume control and play/pause.

The design of this is fabulous – it looks classy and more expensive than it is. The build quality is solid and high-end. The packaging is apple style and it would make a terrific gift to an apple-style loving friend or relative. The sound is generally good in the higher end, and it really works well with a ipad (or any tablet but i tested it with the ipad) if you’re watching videos or catch up tv. Battery life is good, connection is a 2 second job. A couple of gripes one large and the others small. It doesn’t come with the charger it needs – it does come with a usb cable – but it states that it needs a specific 5v charger. It charged fine with my ipad charger but took ages longer than the specs suggest it would with the right charger. At over the £100 price point i feel it should have had the wall charger that they want you to use – it would only have cost a small amount to include it but costs far more to buy one separately and it’s very annoying and spoils the premium feel of it for me at least. The other small gripe, that may in fairness just be a personal preference is that it doesn’t do well in the lower bass registers so the sound on some films and all rock music is just.

What a beautiful and versatile little speaker. It is packaged beautifully – very much like an apple device, with everything neat, tidy and organised – with clean lines and beautiful design. It links seamlessly by bluetooth to your device, whether it be tablet or mobile and, thanks to its downloadable app, it plays your music wherever you are – or allows you to talk on the phone. I love that aspect of it as it allows hands-free conversation and you can hear everything clearly. It works really well with my phone and my ipad and it is great to be able to access your playlists wherever you are – and share your music with your friends. I am no expert on speakers but i find the sound excellent and very clear. The options for hanging your speaker up are great as well – from the top with a hook or handle. My only issue – and it is the reason for the missing stars – is the difficulty involved in removing the pads (on side or top) – and replacing them with the fittings for the handle and/or the hook. It is, to be honest, a complete nightmare. I was afraid i might damage the unit trying to get them out (which ended up happening) but in the end i had to dig them out with a (blunt) knife and had a monster of a job getting them back in again.

Libratone one style wireless bluetooth speaker – cloudy greyin the box. The speaker comes in very stylish packing. The speaker is one of the best builds (without spending silly money) i have seen for some time. It has a degree of style with its understated design. Nothing what so ever to fault here. The drive units are twined so you get the sound in 360 degrees. It has a usb charging socket and a jack line in. These are push button on the top of the unit these are on and off, forward and backwards for song selection. Libratone have gone for quality in the design, everything about this speaker is nice, it feels good, looks good and sounds good. It has both bluetooth and wi-fi connection and it is very easy to setup.

A straightforward, easy to connect bluetooth speaker. Sound is really good – fills my kitchen easily. I suppose it’s not cheap but it feels really solid and long-lasting.

Only states android and iphone on packaging, but works with my windows phone. Sound quality when playing music is epic. Sound quality when using interactive features over bluetooth (cortana) not so great. Sounds muffled and hard to understand. May just be the way the assistant works over bt but it loses a star for me. Was charged on opening, and lasted almost its full advertised time. And does feel rather light, so it really is ideal for travel usage.

This is just a beautiful product – seriously stunning looking. A huge amount of bass gets pumped out of this baby. While i’m not a bass ‘n’ beats kind of guy, it adds serious weight and gravitas to any style of music. The mids are very satisfying too (no mud) and there is enough sparkle in the top to make for a smooth, refined listen. Set up is super easy and you can tune the sound to your hearts design within the accompanying app, which is a nice enough feature. That rubber strap makes it easy to carry wherever you need your sounds and the splashproof design means i can listen to the radio in the bathroom very happily. In terms of design aesthetic, build and overall audio quality at least, i’d say sonos should be looking nervously over its shoulder. I have a few different wireless/bluetooth speakers (from sonos, sony, panasonic and bose) in the house and for the price, this beats all the rest of them hands down.

This is a well-made, sturdy speaker. It’s easy to use straight out of the box and the bluetooth feature means no messing around with wires. I find the battery life more than adequate and i like that you can connect it, via bluetooth, to other speakers to create a bigger sound. It’s a very bright colour so might not be for everyone, but i quite like it. I can also verify the splashproof status – i took it on holiday with me and it got wet by the pool (i’m not that annoying person. It was a private villa haha) yet still works just fine. All in all i’d definitely recommend it, although it is a tad on the pricey side in my opinion so loses a star for that.

For the sheer size of this unit it is very impressive. The bass is acceptable given its size but when you move away from it past a meter or so it’s fairly non bass music you’ll hear. It’s ideal to take anywhere with you and the battery is very long lasting, it came with 88% life in it and after 10 hours use required its first charge. Connecting the unit for the first time was a doddle via bluetooth and also easy using the libratone app for ios (even ios 10). Overall for the size this is very impressive, a bit more bass and this thing would be 5 stars.

I love the sound quality, and my younger brother has been eyeing this up and saying how great it would be in his kitchen, so it isn’t just me. I think the price point is fair given the market and the quality of the sound. As another reviewer mentioned, it can be hard to get the bluetooth connection to work, but after some initial issues, this seems to have worked out just fine, but this is one of the reasons for 4 rather than 5 stars. Another slight issue, is that there is no carry case, apparently if you want to transport this safely you will need to do so in the original box, which isn’t massively bulky, i grant you, but still no the most efficient space-wise. Given the price point, and that other similar devices tend to come with a travel case, this does seem like an omission. But overall, very happy, and good value for money in my opinion.

Apart from the price there is little i can fault this portable bluetooth speaker forthe sound quality is amazing. It has 360 degree full sound built in and noise reduction. . I have used it with both my iphone and ipad and it is easy to use – the instructions on set-up are easy to understand and operate one you have downloaded the app for your device. It is a handy size of about 12′ x 4′ and is not too heavy to carry around with you in a bag. Each charge lasts about 12 hours of continuous play although i have managed 14 so far without recharging. It would be great it if came with a plug charger rather than just a usb cable. The packaging is really good a strong white box that i am using to transport it in – and the speaker is solid and well constructed. I do thing it is slightly overpriced compared to other on the market at over £100. And a plug charger would be nice.

If you can get past the ghastly colour (thankfully it is available in other colours), this is a good solid wireless bluetooth speaker. The sound is loud and very full, real hi-fi quality. It was also simple to set up; it paired immediately, and connected without a problem. It is an added bonus that the handle can be positioned in various ways; there are extra pieces in the package to assist in this. One slight drawback is that, unless you are using the hanndle to hang the speaker up, it needs to be balanced rather precariously on its side, to give the full benefit of the fine sound. Even the slightest knock or vibration is enough to topple the speaker, and block some of the sound source. However, on my third attempted use, none of my devices could find the speaker, even after re-booting the devices, and fully re-charging the speaker. I have tried again the next day, and still the speaker is totally invisible to all my other devices. I can see from other reviews that another reviewer has had the same problem.

Currently using it for my playstation via aux.

These speakers are ok – good sound quality, 10-12 hours of playback. . However, to describe it as ‘ultra portable’ is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion, when you consider that anker have a couple of speakers that are smaller than this. Not to mention a lot, lot cheaper. In the box itself, you get the speaker, a strap and ‘padlock’ style loop (so you can hang the speaker on almost anything – see the promotional video) and a charging cable. Considering the cost of this though, i was expecting a charger too. Connecting directly via bluetooth was simple, and i did not have any issues connecting via the app; but the reviews in the google play store would suggest that most people have had issues using it. You can change the volume using the touch-sensitive pad on the speaker or via the app. The touch-pad reacts well, as does control via the app. But sound – features aside, that is what a speaker is really about.

This is quite simply a solidly built and impressively sounding speaker with a handle so you can carry it around. It arrived really nicely packaged in a padded oval box which contained the speaker itself and a small manual and charging cable. It is simple to set up, but works better with the app (available for both apple and android) which means you can have a few radio stations and a facility to tweak the sound to your own preference. The 360 sound works well, giving great clarity and bass from such a (relatively) small speaker. The speaker is water resistant to a point but not suitable for taking into the shower with you and it has a nifty carrying handle to give you a nostalgic ‘ghetto blaster’ feel. The speaker has both bluetooth and aux connectivity and both produce quality sound.

Ever since a friend of mine turned up on a group holiday with a bluetooth splash-proof speaker, i have been on the lookout for something portable that also gives a lot of volume. The libratone one is perfect for this: it’s small and light enough to pack in a suitcase or in a bag for a day at the park, but big enough to fit a 3′ woofer and 1′ tweeter. Set up was incredibly easy; my partner and i were able to connect our phones at the same time really quickly with the touch of a bluetooth button. You can also set up the libratone as a trusted device, keeping your phone unlocked whenever it is connected to the speaker, perfect for easy access to podcasts and music players. The libratone app is free to install on apple and android devices and adds extra features, but isn’t essential. With the app you can vary the type of sound, so adjusting the soundscape for spoken word, classical music, pop and so on. You can also connect two speakers together via the app, but one speaker is good enough for me, as the sound it gives is perfect for use at home or in the garden. Podcasts come through clearly and music sounds vibrant and clear. There is a setting on the app to deal with music that is heavily compressed (so, in lower-quality mp3s for example). The design of the speaker itself is very clean, with minimal detailing and hidden connections for a small analogue jack and for the usb port for charging.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this libratone one speaker as i have never heard of the company. But, i have wanted a speaker for my kitchen for a while and one that was portable to let me take out on family picnics etc. Whilst the weather has turned and the family days out will have to wait until next spring when the weather improves, this portable speaker was rather tempting so i gave it a go. I am not overly impressed with the colour but it isn’t so awful as to put me off. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all and in the end i was more interested in its audio performance. Out of the nicely designed box i switched on the unit and within 1 minute my ipod had found and paired with it. Suddenly it was producing music. I had the free app downloaded shortly after too, but was already listening to music at this point. I was taken aback by its performance. The bass is rich and deep and the units volume control (swipe with your finger to the right to increase volume, to the left to turn it down) was soon in use to see if i could sense any distortion.

Powerful for its size – the modern equivalent of walking round the park with a boom box (this shows my age). A strong clear sound and rounded tone. Walked several metres away and the bluetooth still connected.

The marketplace is crammed with bluetooth speakers, but this one is a little different, built specifically for music on the go. The libertone one arrived in a simple white and minimal box, which is very apple-esque, an impression which is amplified by the similarly minimal instructions. Luckily the speaker almost sets up itself. It’s charged when you get it, switch on the power button and my ipad found the speaker instantly, there’s a double beep from the speaker, the single control button lights up and off you go. Volume is covered by a swipe of the control button, you can pause the sound with a single press and other than that the only gripe is that it took me a while to realise that the handles could be attached by removing the speaker surround to attach them – no instructions for that. As for the sound, it comes from both sides, so you will be standing it on end or using those handles, otherwise you are losing one of the key features. Sound is excellent, and for such a small box the sound really is impressive, and well up to the standard of the sonos speakers we have -plenty of clarity and depth even if it might not satisfy those who are addicted to bass. At £140 or thereabouts this is a very impressive unit, that can be used almost anywhere, because it’s splashproof and this has very wide appeal – by the way, the green version will not be to everyones taste, but it is easy to see.

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