LG LAP340 SoundPlate – turns on again!!!!

Exactly what i wanted, sits nicely under my tv ,didn’t want loads of wires so this works well, connects over wifi or optical cable, sound is good and even better with cinema sound on. Only thing i don’t like is no onscreen display with remote, other wise nice bit of kit.

Only connects via optical but lg don’t include one on the box. Bought as a gift for my parents who love it but it was a good job i checked the box prior because they would have been disappointed on xmas day as lg do not include the optical cable in the box. Cannot believe how shortsighted and ridiculous lg are in not doing so – what next, buy your own mains lead???.

If it’d be 100£ cheaper, i’d give it 4 stars. My wife saw this in an interior design magazine, so i got this as we wanted to minimize all the cables in our living room. I was amazed how lousy it is for listening music, the mid range sound is terrible. When listing to big band jazz, the horn section almost disappears and sounds like it’s coming from inside a coke can. For playstation and movie use it’s pretty ok, although the casing rattles a lot for example in the opening flight scene of top gun. The speaker looks good and my wife is very satisfied that we got rid of the cables and home theater speakers. So to summarize:music playback: awfulps gaming: goodmovies: goodspousal approval: goodprice: too high.

Love this sound plate very good sound. Arrived in perfect condition easy controls.

  • My TV has never sounded so good!
  • Very Pleased indeed.
  • LG SoundPlate – Unobtrusive and effective
  • Perfect fit and good sound
  • LG LAP340 an amazing sound and well worth the price we paid!
  • If it’d be 100£ cheaper, I’d give it 4 stars

LG LAP340 SoundPlate

  • 4.1Channel 120W – The SoundPlate packs a powerful 120W and 4.1 channel system with built-in dual subwoofers.
  • Slim-base Design 35mm – This slim base-type speaker system enhances the TV viewing experience with immersive audio. Only 35mm in height, the stylish device is designed to sit unobtrusively beneath the television, saving the consumer space and bringing a clean, modern look to the living room.
  • Perfect TV Matching – Match with 32″ to 55″ TV but is compact enough to fit in shelving units or TV stands.
  • Sound Sync (Wired/Wireless) – The LG SoundPlate can be connected to the TV wirelessly through LG’s Sound Sync which permits wireless connection to compatible LG TVs or using a single cable if you prefer a wired connection.
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth is included as standard so users can stream audio from smartphones, laptops and tablets to the SoundPlate.

I’d tried a cheaper sound bar, but it wasn’t any better than the tv’s own speakers so i returned it. The soundplate was more expensive than an equivalent “home theatre” set, but i didn’t want speakers & wires all over the place. I installed the soundplate half-way through watching “the horse whisperer”, and the difference was amazing – i could actually hear the thunder rolling around the hills, and the breeze through the leaves of the trees – i didn’t know what i was missing before.In cinema mode, with the volume up, the bass is amazing (well, compared to what i’m used to).

Lg lap340 an amazing sound and well worth the price we paid. The lg lap340 soundplate is just an excellent piece of equipment which easily linked up and compliments our lg 47la620v 1080p freeview hd 3d led smart tv which it neatly sits on. There are a few pro’s and con’s to consider, such as it will never replace 5. 1 surround sound and you cannot adjust the bass or treble, but to be very honest it is an excellent sound when either blue-toothed from an iphone or ipad or just watching a 3d or normal blue ray film in cinema sound, it really does sound amazing. Because the subwoofers are built in the lg lap340 watch out for any vibration. We had to tighten the stand up and put small felt pads underneath blue ray player to stop this vibration and it worked. Also it did sync up to the lg tv remote control but if you are watching a blu ray film in cinema sound use the lg lap340 remote control for adjusting the sound. For us it is an amazing sound and well worth the price we paid. I hope this helps if anyone is considering purchasing one.

Nice sound and at over half the rrp a bargain. Nice sound and at over half the rrp a bargain. Not sure it’s worth the £350 it was originally listed at.

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    Lap 340 – don’t be deceived by soundplates. Brilliant piece of equipment. Adds so much depth to movies. Great as a bluetooth speaker for casual listening.
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    Nonetheless, this is a huge improvement on the tv. Just crank up the volume at the back, then let the sound take over.
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    May be worthwhile if you already have an lg tv and can get a deep discount. Good things – it mates automatically with my lg tv (no lip-synch issues) and upgrades the sound quality from poor to ok. It sits unobtrusively under the tv. It comes on and goes off with the tv. The tv controller takes over for volume, and the only use of the soundplate’s controller appears to be to select cinema sound for that viewing. Not so good – the sound quality cannot be adjusted – rather too much bass for my liking. Stereo image is not clear – you still need a hifi system for music. I bought mine from john lewis at a big discount as it was a display model. I doubt i would have paid the normal price for it, and would have gone for the cambridge equivalent instead.
    • Note that if you leave your optically linked lg tv on mute for long enough, the sound plate gets a little confused and you have to fiddle with the buttons to get the sound back, but it’s a minor thing.
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    Good value for the money on an amazon deal. Good value for the money on an amazon deal. Easy to set-up and makes a great sturdy base for my sony 40″ tv.
    • Nice sound and good size for my 40″ tv to sit on. When i turn the unit off,after less than 1 minute it turns itself on again. Any ideas to stop this happening.
      • Solid construction and looks good under the tv. Solid construction and looks good under the tv. I particularly like the bluetooth for playing background music at relatively low volume in our lounge. At higher volume the sound quality is distortion free but a little “bland”. The main niggle is the lack of controls on the machine itself and the “hidden” indicator lights, although the remote isn’t bad.
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    I bought this for my 50 inch lg tv which has stands at each side rather than a single centre stand. I’d looked at various sound bars but found that only the most expensive ones would be slim enough not to cover the ir sensor on the tv. This sound plate fits easily under the tv and between the 2 outer stands. The sound is impressive for the size if the unit and doesn’t distort when turned right up. The lg sound sync function works well with the tv and is very easy to set up using the optical cable provided to connect to tv. Bluetooth is also extremely easy to connect and use. Some people have complained about the lack of display to indicate current settings but there are only 2 or 3 and they are easily identified by the single led light on the front, anything more than this would spoil the look of the unit. The option to adjust bass / treble would be nice but the standard settings are good for the vast majority of tv/movie/music. All in all an excellent piece of kit for the price.
    • I was a little bit anxious about the level of base from something so thin. This sound base out preformed the a denon unit i was considering instead, after hearing music through it it sounded amazing and its so easy to setup.

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