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Love this little system, great sound, the flashing lights on the speakers really add to the look, still need to learn how to use all the functions, just not had the time, but what i have used has been great.

People please be careful as to buying such dear products as this. I ordered this item and was left with no confirmation to order. And they passed the blame on to lg as amazon didn’t have the item in stock. Phoned lg and sorted it out in no time. But apart from that i’m really pleased with this hifi system lg are amazing. My life long ambition was to get something as loud as this. And it’s absolutely slamming banging. I don’t think i’ll ever get a chance to turn it up to it’s full capability. It’s so loud i can’t even turn it over 10 lol.

This is an awsome hifi, very powerfull and great base, good lighting effects too, make sure you get the right sizes for this, its not small . Ive purchased a dab radio to go with this, it was the only thing i could find wrong.

Key specs for LG LOUDR CM8460 2,750W Hi-Fi, lighting, DJ effect w/subwoofer – Black:

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  • Thunderous sound: Explosion of sound, an IRDA amplifier and heavy duty speaker construction deliver massive output wattage for your sound system; blast your audio experience into another dimension with a sonic spectrum that will blow you away
  • Bass reflex: Even deeper bass, this design utilises sound from the rear side of the sub-woofer to increase efficiency at lower frequencies delivering a deeper level of bass than previously possible; bass bangers have never sounded so good
  • Auto DJ: Ideal for parties Auto DJ seamlessly blends each song into the next from a connected USB stick; keep the tables turning for an enhanced party atmosphere
  • Bluetooth: Play your preferable music from your Smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device on your LG LOUDR system by wirelessly streaming via Bluetooth

Comments from buyers

“This is a Beast & Most Defnitely Loud enough.
, amazing!
, Mediocre

Sounds good when running hard wired, on bluetooth too bass heavy, but still sounds good.

It’s loud and large in size, looks good but. Very minimal so if your looking for them beats with loads a base this ain’t it.

I am actually disappointed with lg seems like they just make things to fill market with junk. . System itself is okay providing you live in detached house and planing to plug it into tv or some sort media centre. Oh yes i also would not call it dj system as you cant even plug in headphones for pre listening tracks?.Anyway i won’t comment on sizes, but one grip to speakers: top drivers are uncovered so if you have small kids watch out so they don’t damage them by forking with something. Lg could at least have designed removable mesh/grill covers. Cables : yes very short and with plugs?. So be prepared for some diy if you want longer cables made up. (shame on you lg)materials used : cheapest – feels like cheap china make. I mean you really expect person to be standing with his phone by the system all the time or you think somebody will leave phone on deck?. I don’t think so, and biggest problem that once you go away to another room (10cm wall 1 meter away) audio keeps breaking up. . And lg call this party system. System should have wifi receiver to stream at higher ranges or be connected to home wifi networklcd display- pfff still feels like i am in 90’s when it was cool to see some scrolling digits.

Beautiful piece of kit, i love itbluetooth connects without issue, usb was a bit difficult to fit at first but it works wellim not using it for parties but a personal system and for me its perfect.

The best £400 i’ve ever spent my pre conception of poor sound quality was unnecessary worry.

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LG LOUDR CM8460 2,750W Hi-Fi, lighting, DJ effect w/subwoofer - Black
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