Lenco GRID-7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Pink : Five Stars

I ordered 3 of these speakers 2 f of them were exceptionally good. Only one had a fault which was returned and refunded promptly by seller. It is very good value at the reduced price as the kit is quite heavy and sound quality is good.

Best bang for the buck speakers out there. They’re loud, the battery lasts forever (and takes forever to charge too, but that’s the trade-off), and they’re super easy to use.

Great speaker for the price.

I managed to order one of these in an amazon warehouse deal, where it was for a bit less than £16. As with some other speakers i tried, the initial impressions were pretty good. The unit is rather hefty, looks good, has some interesting extra functionality, also comes with a carry strap. However, i ended up returning it. It was able to reproduce some deep tones. Sound output as a whole made it seem as if it were coming from somewhere rather deep inside, muddying clarity of mids and treble in many songs. It resembled some sort of a ‘hall effect’ you can turn on in some dsp software affecting sound output. I could still immerse myself in the music played, unless clarity was necessary, and for £16, i was considering keeping it in hope that perhaps ‘burning it in’ would clear the sound up a bit and that i’d be able to use it when reading something, using the usb output to power a usb led lamp. However, what tipped me in favour of returning it, were the sounds it made upon startup and other occasions. A voice announced what just happened at maximum volume regardless of what the actual volume was set to.

Pretty good speaker for the money. It’s well built, quite small, and sound quality is good considering the size.

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Lenco GRID-7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Pink
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