Lava Brightsounds tooth Speaker : Ideal for brief outdoor excursions

Appears terrific but does not sense as good as photos could possibly suggest. Sound is okay, only foundation is a bit weak. Would invest a bit a lot more and get a reduced finish product from one of the substantial close brands.

I wish the link noise was quieter. I program to obtain an additional as a gift.

I will commence by stating i did not order by way of amazon, but from my regional gadget shop. Very well ended up to start out this speaker packs a good deal of punch for a fairly lower cost. Pairing to my s6 edge took all of 3-4 seconds and was greeted by a ping sound to confirm all was connected. I have managed to get around eight several hours playback from a full demand on the developed in battery which is very remarkable observed as my cell phone had to be place on demand in that time lol. The led mild is a nice very little contact, ideal if with mates in the yard. I struggled to get the speaker to distort to be honest even at complete volume it continue to handled bass/treble reasonably perfectly for a 5 watt driver. Would advocate would make a great existing for any individual else much too.

Key specs for Lava Brightsounds Bluetooth Speaker with Lamp for Smartphone – White:

  • Bluetooth and 3.5 mm aux-in connectivity – stream your own music, podcasts and other content from any smart device with either a wireless Bluetooth connection. This means you can listen to your own library of content or stream from the likes of: Spotify, TuneIn,, Deezer, SoundCloud, PocketCast. Alternatively you connect via the 3.5 mm aux-in connection for non-smart devices
  • Dimmer controlled night light – the bedside companion with a cool calming glow. Designed for kids rooms or camping trips
  • Rugged design – robust construction and IPX4 water resistance makes BrightSounds designed for camping or occasional outdoor use
  • Colour choice – the Lava BrightSounds is available in two colours, white or teal

Comments from buyers

“Impressive beast, Nice, simple, fun., Great sound quality for the size and price, been using this for the last few weeks I like to think that the components that make for bluetooth , Handy, but not the best speaker, light and sound in a single neat package”

Vivid sound is a fantastic descriptiin. Good clear audio even a larger volumes, the light-weight is wonderful aspect when chilling out outside in the evenings.

Mild and seem in a single neat bundle. This is a neat blue tooth speaker combined with dimmable led gentle. This is aimed at the camping brigade, and would be perfect in out of doors situations when light-weight and audio are required. It is splash evidence from all instructions which indicates it should endure getting caught in the rain (but not submersion) it has a type of rubber deal with for carrying or probably extra probable handing it up. It proved incredibly easy to pair with my moto g and e telephones, and has a respectable blue-tooth selection also. Output at five watts is not enormous, but cranked up it puts out fairly a impressive sound. Totally lacking in bass, but that is to be predicted (it truly is not a bose). It employs a neat cone within the upper mesh chamber which directs the seem from the speaker in all 4 instructions. The quantity controls and on / off light change (just maintain it down for a couple seconds to step down the brightness stages – adopted by stepping up). I like that this is supplied with mini usb charging cable, in addition a 3.

Oh, this is such a excellent plan. So numerous goods today appear to be the remedy to a problem no one particular has asked, but this is completely practical, attractively developed and appears very very good excellent. I’ve been employing it with my kindle fireplace and it is an absolute breeze to established up. First of all demand up the battery applying the usb cable, which i did as a result of our personal computer. The original demand took a couple of hrs and lava promises this will very last for nine several hours. As soon as charged up it can be all set to use with possibly an aux-in cable with your tablet or mobile phone or, as i did, by means of bluetooth, which could not have been a lot easier press a button on major of the light and then permit your unit to lookup for bluetooth units, decide on bt lamp and which is it- you happen to be connected. I have used it to pay attention to spotify and bbc iplayer and it actually could not have been more simple. In my viewpoint, for a five watt output, the audio is great and much more than loud sufficient for the two the rooms i have made use of it in, a person which is about 9′ x 9′ and the other which is about 13′ by 13′.

One thought on “Lava Brightsounds tooth Speaker : Ideal for brief outdoor excursions

  1. Whilst browsing at the most recent ideal home show, my fiancee and i came across the lava accessories stand. The good looks of this speaker caught our eye immediately so we went over for a closer look. It is a really attractive unit light for its size and the built in lamp provides a lot of light yet does not dazzle. The young woman who was demoing pumped some music through it at our behest. Unbelievably the speaker was decently audible even with all of the background noise and hum of the show. However, the real omg moment was when we got home. We made the bluetooth link with one of our android phones, pressed play, and boom. Clear and relatively weighty, the sound was fantastic and unexpectedly loud. While the music played we looked at each other, then back at the unit, then at each other, grinning ever more broadly. After a number of happy expletives we decided that with christmas approaching, we’d win the kudos competition if we made gifts of these to some other family members. We were due to be back at the show the next day so we visited the stand again and bought another five.
    • Impressed at the price i paid but the strap has broken after i only 2 weeks of use. The strap broke after 2 weeks of light use. I bought these as the white one was on offer for £25 great product for that price, as others have said the sound is a little tinny but was great during fireworks and has proved useful when the car stereo broke.
  2. This review is from : Lava Brightsounds Bluetooth Speaker with Lamp for Smartphone – White

    Brilliant speaker for its size. More than enough sound for any medium to large room, i was surprised at how well it performed. The light is a great addition although it only provided background lighting and is not enough to loght a room on its own – nevertheless a good touch. The controls are easy to use and bluetooth pairing a doddle.
    • I bought one about a month ago and me and my boyfriend are obsessed with it. The sound quality is amazing and we can just carry it around the house for listening to whilst washing up, working out or when friends are round. The product looks really smart too and the light up function creates a really nice lighting for the evening, i would definitely buy again.
      • I will start by saying i did not purchase through amazon, but from my local gadget store. Well were to start this speaker packs a lot of punch for a fairly low price. Pairing to my s6 edge took all of 3-4 seconds and was greeted by a ping noise to confirm all was connected. I have managed to get around 8 hours playback from a full charge on the built in battery which is quite impressive seen as my phone had to be put on charge in that time lol. The led light is a nice little touch, ideal if with friends in the garden. I struggled to get the speaker to distort to be honest even at full volume it still handled bass/treble fairly well for a 5 watt driver. Would recommend would make a great present for somebody else too.
  3. This review is from : Lava Brightsounds Bluetooth Speaker with Lamp for Smartphone – White

    Bright sound is a good descriptiin. Good clear sound even a higher volumes, the light is nice feature when chilling out outside in the evenings.
  4. This review is from : Lava Brightsounds Bluetooth Speaker with Lamp for Smartphone – White

    Looks great but does not feel as great as pictures might indicate. Sound is ok, only base is a bit weak. Would invest a bit more and get a lower end device from one of the high end manufacturers.
    • Sound and light in perfect harmony.  i loved this lantern/bluetooth speaker as soon as i got it – it’s really nicely designed and made and, as you can hopefully see from my video, incredibly easy to use. You can have the light at different levels and pair to your phone to stream music/sound and answer calls if you wish. The brightsounds takes a few hours to charge via the supplied cable and then you are good to go. I’ve found it does last for a day of playing back music, as billed and have no doubt too that it the lantern would last for ten hours. If you don’t want to pair via bluetooth you can use the supplied audio cable to attach to any device. I’ve found it easy to pair and control volume, advance tracks from the simple controls. There’s no indication as to how full the battery is but there is a tone to alert you that you are running low. Sound wise – well it’s plenty loud enough at 5w and i haven’t experienced any distortion. At 19cm high by about 9cm it’s pretty transportable – the handle is really strong and tactile.
      • A simple bluetooth speaker with a light – great for those summer evening outside. . A bit more than a novelty item, but not muchlots of pluses. It connected easily and seamlessly by bluetooth to my iphone 5. The speaker sound is perfectly respectable if a bit light on the base, as you would expect for something in this price range. It is light-weight, with a convenient handle. The light is bright at the top setting and can be varied. A charge lasts a long time – plenty for an evening of music. It is easy to operate, once you have figured out how to use the + and – keys to vary the light (hold the light button down at the same time), vary the volume (hold the button for a second) or change music track (quickly click the button). The main downside is that i have not used it as much as i expected when i got is a couple of months ago. It has been a bit cold for evenings outside.
  5.  the video pretty much says it all. The sound was recorded with a tascam dr07, which has better sound fidelity than the lava, so if you are playing the video back on decent speakers then you will get a good impression of the sound quality at the end of the video. Sound is about as good as the sound from an average tv: a bit bass/treble heavy and lacking in mid but ok for a portable device (‘ok’ because thats the exact response curve from most small speaker systems). A few additional points:there were absolutely no problems connecting to the phone via bluetooth. Unless you don’t know how bluetooth works and have never done it before on your phone, you should have no issues. Bluetooth only works if you are playing back music or internet radio from your phone. If you want to play from terrestrial radio (i. Fm radio) from your phone, you have to use the supplied wired 3.
  6. This review is from : Lava Brightsounds Bluetooth Speaker with Lamp for Smartphone – White

    This would be great for camping, or just sitting in the garden on a summer evening. I’ve linked both my phone and ipad. The light is bright enough to read by and the sound is clear and quite impressive. I feel that the design could be more stylish as it is rather basic.
    • Its bigger than we thought from the. Its bigger than we thought from the pictures but then again i dont think that matters to much. Heavier than some similar speakers but then again not really a need to carry it around. It did everything it claimed it would. Great sound, easy to use and set up which for me is a must ( not technically minded ) and lasts on battery power for a considerable time. Ofcourse depending on how you use it the longer it lasts. Looks cool very retro camper van look which i think more than works in its favour. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product.
      • Ideal for brief outdoor excursions. This is a very useful way of listening to your itunes library and the like while enjoying a summer evening. Its very easy to operate as a lamp and/or bluetoooth speaker, with a simple button for turning the light on and off. Its a reasonably bright light, but its more suited for brief use than as a lantern which would of course deplete your charge more quickly. The speaker is easy to connect to bluetooth or the aux cable and the controls are well explained in the instructions. The speaker is relatively loud, with good sound quality and the charge lasted long enough for me to get pretty cold before abandoning the garden. While it would come in handy for for camping the length of charge time would probably be an issue, probably better for picnics or just in the garden.
  7. Been using this for the last few weeks i like to think that the components that make for bluetooth. Having been using this for the last few weeks i like to think that the components that make for bluetooth speakers have fallen to the price that manufacturers can experiment with niches. The lava brightsounds that led to this speculation is an interesting combination of camping lamp and bluetooth speaker. You can stream music to the bright sounds from your phone over bluetooth or the included stereo lead. The brightsounds charges using the included usb micro cable; but you will need a usb charger as that isn’t included. Connecting from my phone it appeared as a device called bt-lamp; there is no code you just power it on and connect to it from your devices bluetooth connection. I had no problem connecting to it from a windows phone lumia, apple iphone or android running samsung galaxy. The sound quality isn’t bad; being so small the sound is all midrange – treble but its 5w does a pretty good job filling a small room and even at full volume there isnt any distortion. The battery life is pretty good; as a speaker it lasted a full work day on a moderate volume, after a nights charging albeit without the lamp on. The bluetooth feature also includes a handsfree speaker mode; which pauses the music off if you are using bluetooth.

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