Lanzar MAXP64 Max Pro 600W 6 – Quietly surprised

I wasn’t expecting much from these st this price point but i have to say they are very good, excellent build quality, sound great and aren’t as deep as i anticipated, fitted straight into the speaker recess in my rear door, very good purchase, i’m happy.

These subs are superb if your gonna fit them in your car doors like me. Dont over power them ive amped them using 90w rms per door and thats enough or your cook them. Pure bass just compliment them with some good tweeters,awesome dude.

If you want these to compliment the low low end, you need a fair bit of internal airspace, but if you want to add some punch to the mid-bass region they will do just that in an open baffle.

My surround sound system woofer died and oi bought this to replace it. I had to solder the connections but works great.

  • Quietly surprised
  • Nice mid-bass woofer.
  • Good for the price

Lanzar MAXP64 Max Pro 600W 6.5 inch 4 Ohm Small Enclosure Car Subwoofer

  • 600w Max Power
  • Non-Pressed Paper Cone
  • Specially Treated Foam Edge Suspension
  • 1.5” High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil

Much bigger than i expected, had a little trouble setting it up and it wasn’t as bassy as i’d hoped but i probably installed it wrong so it might not be the product at fault. If you know how to work it properly then i’d say it’s a great product on a budget.