KRK10S G2 Powered Reference Studio Subwoofer – Perfect complement to monitors

High quality sound from a high quality sub. I matched this with 2 krk rokit rp6’s g2 and i am very happy with the connectability and sound output.

Great sub, i have got it set up with my krk rokit 8’s and have no complaints. The options for set up you have between this sub and speakers is perfect for my needs.

Sounds good with my mackie monitors. Delivered on timeonly negative- had to buy a connection cable separate. Only came with a power cable.

  • Perfect complement to KRK monitors

Perfect complement to krk monitors. I was very happy with just a pair of krk rokit-5 studio monitors, but finally decided to add a subwoofer. I should have done this ages ago – krk10s g2 has very rich bass, low noise and very good connectivity options (make sure to use symmetrical cables). Build quality is awesome and design perfectly matches the monitors.

Really good sub, complements my krk vxt6 monitors really well and adds a good deal of low end. Definitely able to hear whats going on when trying to mix down tracks that have a lot of sub bass in them.

I bought one of these to go with my 2 krk rokit 6 monitor speakers. These 3 are easy to connect together, you just need rca to rca cables to go between the sub and the monitors, and rca to your choice of attachment (eg. 5mm etc) depending on your input device. The adjustable frequency and volume on the back of the sub enable you to properly adjust your sound to the room you care in and the variety of inputs (balanced, unbalanced etc)and the phase switch etc really let you fine tune your sound. For an affordable sub-woofer that has strong, clean, crisp bass i highly recommend this.