König Piano 4 : This has really good sound quality and can go very very loud

An impressive bit of kit- great sound with bluetooth connection. Considering this at the budget end of the market this is quite impressive. First of all it’s feature-laden and easy enough to place say at the bottom of a reasonably sized tv/media stand and it can be wall mounted too if you need that option. It has a really good finish which makes the soundbar look a lot more expensive than it actually is and it matches my toshiba tv perfectly but of course that’s a variable for other people. The big, grandstand feature though has to be it’s bluetooth capability. I found this straightforward enough to set up and extremely effective. You can connect up to seven devices to it and i found it a seamless process. The sound quality was top notch too with the six speakers producing a crisp, manageable sound range. You get the leads you need too to get you started. Difficult to find faults really- perhaps the instructions could be a bit clearer but just put a bit of time aside to work through them and you’ll be okay.

Good value piece of kit that has improved the sound of the lcd tv 200%. Optical cable socket not over secure, but good enough since it won’t be moving. All told very happy with it and recommend it to others.

Good sound with some great connections at the back please. Good sound with some great connections at the back please note some high end sound bars at twice the price do not offer thisthe bluetooth feature v4. Here are the specifications for the König Piano 4:

  • Six-speaker soundbar to connect TVs or receivers and provide the ultimate home cinema experience
  • The AUX input can be connected to smartphones, tablets or notebooks to serve as a stand alone component
  • Features Bluetooth version 4.0.
  • Cables Included: AUX, Optical, HDMI, AUX to RCA, EU/UK power cable
  • Connection: AUX 2x, Optical 2x, HDMI 2x

Excellent product, good replacement for pc speakers. . Bought this to replace my pc speakers (4. It feels solid and well built and the hard plastics do not ‘creak’ like some cheap products do. Set up was simple; just a plug and adaptor and it came with all the connections you need. I was sceptical at first as i attempted to plug the optical lead in and nothing worked. 5mm audio lead into the front of my pc and that worked and so did the supplied hdmi cable connection (incidently the hdmi cable has a right angle ‘folding action’ which allows you to save space behind the speaker and butt it up against a wall). I paired my samsung note 3 with the soundbar and that was also very easy and worked as it should. Sound replication had crisp and clear treble with good bassy tones however this was at a mid range volume.

A quality and value solution to poor tv sound. I recently installed a comparable soundbar from a major tv manufacturer for my parents and was therefore pleased to try this version from konig for comparison. This hav sb-500 soundbar is a single piece unit measuring 80cm x 9cm x 8. 5 cm and has 4 upper/mid-range units with 2 sub-woofers delivering up to 60w rms. The sb-500 does not have a separate sub-woofer box or satellite units. The up side of this approach is there’s no satellite speakers to find room for and cables to trail. To me, this is the sort of solution that will make good the inevitably tinny sound from today’s wafer thin tvs but stops short of going down the route of a home theatre installation. The soundbar looks well-made and is finished in piano black with a black mesh at the front through which you can glimpse the profile of the driver units etc. Its low profile design isn’t too intrusive and its rubber feet make sure it remains in position. The first thing that is encouraging is that in the box you get everything that you actually need to get going – the soundbar, a power cable, remote (with 2 aaa batteries), an optical spdif cable, audio cable, rca cable, wall mount plus mounting screws etc.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Low budget, high quality sound.
  • A quality and value solution to poor TV sound
  • Konig Piano Bluetooth Soundbar
  • Makes sound sense.
  • easy to set up and gives much better sound quality
  • Excellent product, good replacement for PC speakers.

My concerns on the hav-sb500. . A must buy even with issues. Read on?i thought this be a good buy, i wished i’d listened to my friends. From that day i got the sound bar i got problems, i knew by the reviews issues can accrue. Nothing like i experienced, i got no sound what so ever from the unit, people will say this is an unfair review but i’m being honest. We eventually got sound but only by the bluetooth, headphone jack nothing by hdmi, optical cable’s this is the reason why i wanted this model hav-sb500. At leased i had sound now, but not the way i intend. I even sent an e-mail to konig for help as the manual was next to useless. Its been 3 days since, i have now got full sound through hdmi, optical, aux and headphone jack. Not due to konig e -mailing me, just by thinking logically it must be the leads supplied; it was.

Great but responds to other device’s remote controls. I love the sound output from this, i have used it on bluetooth, optical and aux connections (all the cable are supplied making it easy to play 🙂 ) for ease of use, despite lack of detailed instructions, and sound i’d give this bar a 5. However it has a huge issue for me in that it responds to my remote controls for now tv, freesat (humax) and my samsung tv. For example using the 0 on my samsung remote changes the input channel used by the soundbar whether or not it is connected to the tv, hence when changing channels / selecting programs on any of the mentioned devices i lose sound and have to re-select the correct input. Worse if i use the hdmi inputs and connect to the tv via the hdmi out then using the humax remote (or the now tv remote) loses me sound and vision as the soundbar changes it’s input channel. Note that none of my devices responds to the soundbar remote it is a one way issue. Amazon were great and sent out a replacement but it now seems that the issue is with the design as the new soundbar does exactly the same. Note that despite the above i have decided to keep the soundbar as i like the soundi now only use one of the optical connections (connected to tv)and bluetooth for music and accept that i lose sound and once i have selected my channel / film etc then i need to use the sounbar’s remote to reset the input channel.

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  1. This review is from : König Piano 4.0 Bluetooth Soundbar – Black

    Good value for money, obviouly at this price you cannot compare it to a bose, but it really does enhance the sound from films and singing artists etc. The optical cable supplied in the box is 2nd rate, very poor, wont hold its connection. They could charge just a couple pounds more and box a decent cable.
    • 20 plus pages of safety instructions and not even 1 page on how to hook the unit. Do not buy this product until paper work improves.
  2. This review is from : König Piano 4.0 Bluetooth Soundbar – Black

    Easy to set up and gives much better sound quality. Easy to set up and gives much better sound quality than my panasonic viera. The kit comes with a myriad of cables and connectors so should provide you with multiple ways of connecting. Build quality is good and it also comes with a wall bracket. Mine is mounted on this bracket above the tv so the sound bar does not block any of the remote sensors for the tv sky box or dvdvery good value for money.
  3. This review is from : König Piano 4.0 Bluetooth Soundbar – Black

    Replaced my 5. 1 surround sound set up. This is a very impressive and versatile speaker for the price. It’s primary purpose is clearly to use with tvs which typically have rather weedy audio reproduction (usually the almost inevitable result of flat panel screens not being able to house decent-sized speakers). Actually that’s not always the case: my sony bravia sounds fine as it is, however the tv i use for gaming (an led toshiba) has very thin sound – so much so that i had rigged up a creative 5. 1 surround sound system to it to compensate. Whilst this was a huge improvement (producing thunderous bass yet still managing to produce a reasonably balanced sound throughout the range) it was still – like all similar systems – saddled with the reams of unsightly cabling that they require, worse, even though the surround sound effect was excellent when the speakers were correctly positioned, the practicalities of arranging them this way often prohibited this (so they were generally position near or to the front of the tv hence significantly diminishing this effect). Anyway, to cut a long story short i set up the konig sound bar to compare and contrast it with my existing 5. I wasn’t expecting much but i was hoping that if it was anywhere near the quality of the creative audio i might well consign all the separate speakers and wiring to the loft (or find a good home for it elsewhere). In short the sound the konig produces in view of its dimensions is excellent.
  4. This review is from : König Piano 4.0 Bluetooth Soundbar – Black

    This has really good sound quality and can go very very loud. This has really good sound quality and can go very very loud. It took me a little while to work out which bit of cable to plug into which input socket on the tv. Well actually i had to get someone to help me. But they did it very easily. I love it now it is working. It doesn’t look intrusive, intact you can hardly tell that it is there until it springs to life. Very glad i had the chance to try this.
    • Always poo-pooed the idea of a soundbar. Either go with the speakers with your tv or a full blown surround av system. You won’t get any surround effects or a decent bass punch. I didn’t know how anaemic my tv audio sounded before the könig. The soundbar itself is a glossy black, about 32 inches long. It’s not that much of a dust magnet and feels well made. The box contains a wall bracket so you can mount it under your tv if you have that setup, and a selection of audio and video cables for all the connections on the soundbar (very helpful). There are instructions, but although they’re extremely basic, it’s not difficult to work out. On the right end there are four buttons for power, volume up/down and audio select. The remote has more buttons, but there’s no lights / display on it to show what you’ve chosen or sound level. On the soundbar itself there are lights to show what input you’ve chosen and a red led for power. An on/off switch rounds out controls on the back, so you can switch it fully off. In use, the difference in sound quality compare to just the tv was astonishing.
  5. This review is from : König Piano 4.0 Bluetooth Soundbar – Black

    Ordered yesterday arrived today. It was purchased as a christmas gift for my husband and i thought it ought to be tested to make sure it worked. It will be staying put in front of the tvthe sound from the tv is great but i hadn’t banked on the great bluetooth sound from my ipod. I have put it through its paces with a range of genres and i love it. Pop, classical, opera and jazz all sounded fantastic. Hubby tried to claim ownership of the remote put i pointed out it was a christmas pressie and he can have control of it as of christmas day. I would recommend it as a booster to your tv sound or as a standalone speaker for bluetooth devices. Yes it is substantial in size, but it is a solid and robust piece of kit and i am more then happy with it for the price.
  6. This review is from : König Piano 4.0 Bluetooth Soundbar – Black

    Most users seem (quite fairly, i suppose) to be using this with a television. Personally, the only tv i have access to is in the communal area of my student house, so that’s not happening. Before this, i had an amazonbasics bluetooth speaker that i use with my phone and, more recently, sony smartwatch 3 to listen to music while at home. Hardly a fair comparison, i know, but that is the only comparison i can make. Unsurprisingly, this is incredible next to the amazon model. It’s probably overkill for my needs, but if you want something really crisp and frankly, awesome sounding, this is the soundbar to get. By comparison, other manufacturers seem to be charging a lot more for the same kind of quality. To me, this was an unknown brand and it’s worth remembering that a lot of the brands we as consumers know about and buy from have spent a lot on marketing to get that mindshare. That cost is built in to their products.
  7. This review is from : König Piano 4.0 Bluetooth Soundbar – Black

    The soundbar design is nicely done, and although it is big, it fits in well below/in front of my tv, so it doesn’t look too intrusive in the room despite its size. (there is a wall mount included in the package if you prefer to hang it on the wall)it is easy to install and that’s lucky because the user manual is fairly basic. There is an illustration with the numbers from 1 – 29 (all depicting buttons on the soundbar/remote) and then the next page provides the description of these numbers. Simple installation guidelines are provided for using the bluetooth function, but other than that you have to use the illustration and button descriptions to work out how to set it up, but as it is pretty self-explanatory, i guess that’s ok for most users. I started with the bluetooth setup and it was really simple: switch on the soundbar, set the source to bluetooth on the remote, and simply pair the soundbar with your phone or other bluetooth device like you would normally do. I then tested the soundbar with my tv. I had some problems setting it up with the rca cable, but the aux cable worked fine, so that’s not a problem. Inputs on the back of the soundbar are clearly marked which again makes for easy setup.
    • Somethings are really straight forward and easy to review and the konig piano is one of them – it’s a little gem of a sound bar. Performance is great and connectivity via bluetooth or wired is simple – just pair on bluetooth or plug in a tv and off you go. In the well-packaged​ box (see pictures) you get the bar, wall bracket, remote control and batteries, av cable, adjustable angle hdmi cable and optical cable. For the money, this is really exceptional value and i can safely say this as i also own another soundbar by a leading brand. How does it compare with the leading brand?. Well i’m not a professional and just enjoy music or sound like the next person and when i ran them together switching back forth i could not discern a difference apart from if the bass was set a little to high on the konig then it tended to linger slightly to long on the odd low note but that is such a minor issue that you should not be concerned by it as it is unlikely you will experience it without setting the bass to maximum. If you gave me the option of having to buy either of these two again then i would choose the konig.
  8. This review is from : König Piano 4.0 Bluetooth Soundbar – Black

    Konig piano bluetooth soundbar. This is a fairly large sound bar – it is a plain black colour, which matches most televisions these days and is easy to place on your stand, although it also comes with a wall mount bracket. The sound bar comes with a remote control (including batteries), a uk and euro mains lead, a wall mount bracket and wall fixings, a hdmi lead, an optical audio lead, a jack to jack audio lead and a jack to phone audio lead. If you are comfortable with installing new gadgets, i am sure you will find this extremely easy. Personally, i found the instructions rather unhelpful and had to enlist help from my teenage son. I am sure that most people will not have a problem, but i did think the instructions should have been easier to follow. I have never used – or even thought to use – a sound bar before. What it does is improve the sound quality from your tv – my sons especially liked the enhanced sound when they were playing games on their consoles. You can also connect other devices – laptop, smart phone or tablet – so you can play music via the speakers. In fact, you can connect up to seven devices to this and the sound quality is extremely good.

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