Klipsch R-112SW Amplifier, Licks hard and gets low

I have a barn conversion with a huge lounge full height vaulted ceiling 35 foot, this sub fills this room. You do not just hear this monster, you feel it. Pop some music on and boom it’s like night club, i really find it hard to put the power of this into words. Even on a third of its power it’s potent, it has huge punch and deeeeeeeeep, deeeeeeep, we are talking deep here, rumble. Literally if you really hate your neighbours, buy this.

I am very happy with this subwoofer.

Simply amazing build quality and sound quality. If you really appreciate music and would like to hear the best of it, then look no further, this is an awesome sub. Really powerful and house shaking low bass. With this sub in your house you can now understand what is hans zimmer really all about .

Comments from buyers

“Huge huge huge sound
, Really powerful and rich in low deep bass!

Wow does this sub kick hard and low. Quality is amazing and a steal for just £300.

Great subwoofer, really pleased with it.

Gorgeous speaker, great sound, great service, thank you.

These speakers are incredible. Just make sure you have enough of a room you are putting this speaker in because it rumbles my house. Best money you can spend on your system. Klipsch have mastered the all around speakers for music, movies or gaming. With the right receiver you cannot ask for any better especially at this price rage.

I owned this sub for 3 months before selling due a desire for variety and boy. This thing goes very very low and loud. Specifically tuned for deep powerful bass. I had the volume at less than 50% throughout and it hits hard whenever required both music and movies. The price i had dropped significantly in amazon. So if your looking for a powerful sub on a tight budget, this is it.

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Klipsch R-112SW Amplifier
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