Klipsch KMC 3 Music Center, I love its big juicy base heavy (not muddy) sound

Absolutely unbelievable speakers. . I simply cannot recommend these highly enough for the sound these things produce. I never normally write amazon reviews but i was skeptical buying something so expensive with cheaper competitors such as the bose soundlink series. For me a portable speaker is to easily take it places, which sure enough it is just grab it buy the handle its not heavy and take it anywhere you like. I’m not so much bothered about using it places where there isn’t a plug socket handy so the battery thing doesn’t affect me too much but it would have been 5 stars if the batteries did last which really, they don’t. It can be a pain after an hour or so on just under full volume the standby light starts flashing and the bass disappears until you turn it down, which is very annoying. But if i’m honest that can be glossed over because the hour or two you get are frankly glorious so be prepared with batteries or just find a plug socket. This thing has fuelled a party of just under 100 people in a massive venue over around 120 square meters and people still have to go outside to use their phone, yes, its very loud. Anyway in short, quality and volume i would give a 100 stars if i could. Otherwise if you need to use them outside without a plug socket for hours on end i would still recommend these and tell you to find a plug socket.

Very bass intensive, but meets my needs. After a lot of research i chose this because it met my needs however it does have its problems. I use the speaker in my bedroom so i don’t really care for portability. The reviews all said that the speaker was too bass-y which i thought i could live with, but it is actually very bass heavy. The speakers are much louder than i expected which is great but i would like better mids and highs. It is very good sound quality for an average music listener like myself. The reviews also said the remote was rubbish, this is true, it is beyond rubbish to be honest but i placed it in a cabinet which seems to be improving the receiver. The controls on the unit are pretty rubbish too. The volume indicator could be a bit clearer. Also the fact i have placed it in a cabinet means i can’t see the top of the device so it would have been nice if there was an indicator on the face of the device to show if it is on or off, maybe even a lit-up klipsch logo.

Ghetto blaster for the digital age. In many ways this reminds me of my wonderful 80’s ghetto blaster – it’s a similar size to the compact one i had, it’s smooth, curvaceous and jet black, but more than that – stick in enough batteries and you can go out and about anywhere you want with it. This is the 21st century take on the classic – now it streams bluetooth from whichever device you want to pair it with, the sound it really amazing – so clear and so juicy and if you want it loud, it can handle it without breaking a sweatthis really is a sight for the eyes and a joy to listen to – we had a very successful garden party serenaded by the music from my smartphone – which otherwise would have been overpowered and even if you could have heard it, it would have had that tell-tale tinny quality of a phone trying its hardest, but not really hitting the mark.

Have been using this for two months, and so far works great. I connect my laptop, tablet, or phone via blutooth when necessary, as well as connect my tv via provided 3. I know that there are some more professional sounding items out there, but to my ear this could not be better. Very rich sound ith great bass and high pitched notes and everything in between on any volume.

Good sounding speaker,but oh so heavy,not portable at all, needs so many batteries which also add to the weight.

Klipsch KMC 3 Music Center – White : Thumping bass and crystal clear but why not rechargeable?. Switch it on and connect your phone or mp3 player via bluetooth and you are off. The sound quality is very very good with crystal clear highs and mid range and a very powerful bass tone. (too powerful in fact – every device i used i had to turn the bass reducer on at all but the highest volumes. ) the volume is more than loud enough for any room or garden party. Connection is as good as any other bluetooth link, with just the occasional drop out or problem connecting from every device i used. Build quality is very good too. It feels incredibly sturdy, as should any portable device. It is also reassuringly heavy (which could be a downside if your party is a long way from the road). And it comes in the strongest box i have ever seen.

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    I bought these for home/bedroom use, aware they’re effectively like the ‘boom boxes’ of the 80s and 90s. But this is a completely new level of sound. Outdoors, at the pool, the eight d batteries can liquefy a toddler’s kidney at 20m. I brought them to ibiza and utterly ruined the neighborhood. On the mains, they’re louder. At lower, more reasonable volumes, the bass is probably a bit too heavy, but i don’t mind.
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    Amazing sound system for the price. I’ve owned bose docks and heard various sonos and other systems. I wanted a stereo that would work as well in the lounge as outside and support airplay and something larger than my regular jambox for portable tunes. Unboxing experience on this is great. Clearly thought designed into the packaging. The unit itself is very stylish, even more so when turned on. Took it outside to my patio and fired various tunes through it. It’s loud with a suprisingly wide soundstage for it’s side.
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    Very good for the price, goes pretty loud. Low distortion, even at high volumes. Easy to connect bluetooth or aux cable. Fairly light and portable without batteries, i only ever use it off mains so can’t comment on battery life or related issues. Only gripe is that it only keeps a single bluetooth device in memory at a time. This isn’t a problem when just using my laptop, but if i want to connect to a phone or something then i need to re-pair it from the speaker too. The remote is pretty crappy, but not really a major issue.
    • The klipsch kmc 3 is excellent. The box it comes in gives a clue to the quality inside. The sound quality across the range ( bass to mid to treble) is extremely good. I have no idea what the what hi-fi review team were listening to who only gave it 3 stars but for pure sound quality (rich and clear) it should have been 5 stars. I also listened to the jbl model they recommended but the klipsch definitely out does it and at the time the klipsch at £139 is only £10 more. I would have given 5 stars overall but as reported in other reviews the remote control is very hit and miss but controlling the kmc with my iphone gets round this. Bluetooth works great and no real discernible difference from playing music whilst connected with an audio cable.
      • For my purposes something needed that was very portable,. For my purposes something needed that was very portable, i would have found this unit a bit too heavy to carry in a bag.
    • Had a klipsch before but not this model. Had a klipsch before but not this model. Blue tooth cable and usb connections make this very useful. Going to buy another as the sound is as good if not better than bose.
  4. This review is from : Klipsch KMC 3 Music Center – White

    This is the second klipsch system ive owned, these are grear, deep punchy bass, works fantastic, imo sounds better than the bose equivalent i tested.
      • I am a great fan of klipsch brand and have owned their 2. 1 speakers called promedia 2. I moved to a different country hence i had to sell them off. This time i wanted to buy something more portable but without compromising on the sound quality so i started my search for good wireless speakers. Visited currys and took a demo of various known brands like bose, beats, jabra, jbl, sonos, panasonic to name few. None of those speakers impressed me with their bass response and sound clarity. They don’t carry klipsch product line. Then i read lot of positive reviews about kmc3 and went with my gut feeling as i knew klipsch will never dissapoint me with quality. And i must say i did the best thing to go with these amazing speakers. What an amazing bass response coming from such a small box. The bass is well controlled even at very high volumes and never distorts. The overall sound is so warm and soothing to ears that i eargasm everytime i listen to these magical speakers.

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