KitSound Pocket Hive Universal Wireless Bluetooth and NFC Portable Speaker Compatible – Three Stars

Really clear reception my grandson was over the moon.

Having owned this speaker for a few weeks now i can safely say this is by far the best blutooth speaker in its catagory. I tend to use this style of speaker often whilst cooking in a noisy kitchen, as a teaching aid for music playback and also for listening to music in the garden. I have previously used speakers from ‘phillips, sony and bush’. This is just a completely different kettle of fish. The quality of sound compared to other similarly priced units is very noticable. Bass response is clear and never distorts even when pushed to the limit. Trebbles and mids are punchy and and balanced with the bass well. The fit and finish are second to none and the unit feels like it will outlast any rivals especially with the bespoke carry case. It also looks classy in black. Connectivity could not be simpler.

For it’s size and price a great speaker. Here are the specifications for the KitSound Pocket Hive Universal Wireless Bluetooth and NFC Portable Speaker Compatible:

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    by entering your model number.
  • High sound quality from 50 mm drivers and 5 W of power
  • Hexagonal passive bass radiator providing deep and well-balanced sound
  • Bluetooth and NFC one touch pairing for multi-connectivity
  • Wired or wireless connectivity: Buddying system available to boost sound even further
  • Up to 10 hours of play time and carry case included

Brilliant little speaker, powerful and long charge. Easily portable and comes with carry case.

The best speaker for it’s price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Hive Evo raises the bar for all portable speakers. Quality!
  • Exceeding my expectations
  • Excellent sound

Excellent sound , compared to a well known brand of speaker i paid nearly 4 times the price for.

Very good sound, easy to carry around.

I came to the kitsound pocket hive while searching for a speaker that allowed me to listen to music in my old car. Outside of the work that owning a vintage car creates i also run a company that uses advanced 3d sound to create immersive experiences, so i spend my days listening to some of the worlds best loudspeakers money can buy. Well, i’ve had the pocket hive speaker for a little over a year now and am still loving it. It does what i was after and this speaker allows me to easily listen to music at decent volumes and quality straight off my phone or ipod. The battery seems to last brilliantly, and at present, after running it for about a year, am charging it after about every 12-15 hours worth of use – running off bluetooth. I find the design and usability to be very intuitive, and taking and receiving calls, as well as skipping and pausing tracks is simple, and something i can do without looking while driving. Sound wise i like it – it’s tuned with a good amount of clarity across the spectral range, making it surprisingly punchy and clear given the size. You don’t get the volume out of something like the minirig, but it’s more than ample (i’m more often turning it down than up) and bass wise it works well as long as placed on a solid surface. For the price i think this is an exceptional speaker. Compared with my partners sony bluetooth speaker (which a similar price and size) the pocket hive blows it out of the water on all fronts.

 the kitsound pocket hive is a really nice looking portable bluetooth speaker that was sent to me for review. It’s smaller than you’d think looking at the photos, standing approximately 8cm tall, and unlike the typical cylindrical or rectangular design adopted by manufacturers the world over kitsound have opted for a hexagonal shape. It has a really nice matt finish, one that is rather strokable and gives this pocket boom box a premium feel. You charge via usb, and next to the charging slot are 2 x 3. 5 sockets, one acts as a line in (e. For use with mp3 players that don’t have bluetooth) the other acts as a line out, something not especially common on portable speakers. The line out gives you the option to plug a second speaker into the first, for example a second pocket hive. Pairing with a mobile is made really easy with the inclusion of nfc, just tap your phone on the nfc tag and it asks if you want to pair with the speaker. If you don’t have an nfc enabled phone you pair via the traditional bluetooth settings menu.

Very impressed with quality and volume of the sound you get from the size of the item.

I was lucky enough to receive one of these fantastic looking speakers for review and boy does it impress from the word go. The packaging is so nice, you don’t want to damage it, let alone throw it away and the unit itself comes in a really nice carry case, which is like a hard sunglasses case – and not just the unit, the charging cable is also fitted neatly into the case in a separate area, neat. You will be surprised at the weight of this thing, it’s not so heavy you wouldn’t carry it, but it’s heavy enough that it feels like it’s got a bit of meat to it unlike the feather-light units you find in stores all over the place these days. This is a proper piece of kit and you can tell that the manufacturer has made something that fits the ‘evolution’ title it’s been given. The sound is awesome for a small speaker, even at low volume there is noticeable bass and clarity in the vocal elements of songs. As you’d expect, connectivity is a breeze and there’s a little tone to let you know when it powers up and down. I’m a bit of a sucker for good build quality and this has it. The metal finish is beautiful and the hexagon pattern is used cleverly back and front. There are no dodgy edges, crummy plastic bits or flimsy structures – just pure class. The other colour option looks just as good as this one, so either choice you will be really impressed with this speaker.

I use my pocket hive as a speaker for my phone and ipod for work. The pocket hive was recommended to me by a friend as a replacement for my old work speakers. The carry case is soft but robust enough to protect the speaker and has a handy little clip on it which is useful to hang it from a belt loop or rucksack. There’s a separate compartment in the top of the case which is big enough to house the 3. 5mm aux input cable and a charge cable. It’s small size makes it easy to transport and it takes up next to no room wherever i use it. It is so compact that it’ll be ideal to take to festivals/ camping/ on holiday this year. The bluetooth, once setup, pairs quickly with my phone and i use the aux input connected to the phone jack on my ipod. I haven’t had any high pitched buzzing as reported on earlier reviews but my phone automatically pairs even when i use the aux. The battery is as good as it says in the instructions and after an initial overnight charge i used the speaker for nearly two days without needing to recharge.

Everything about it will leave you very surprised.

I bought one of these to use with spotify on my phone, thinking if it was good enough i would buy a second o e to daisy chain together. After a week i bought a second one, these are great little speakers. My wife has a hive speaker but i wanted the portability of a pocket hivethe sound quality for something so small is fantastic, yes its not a hi-fi but i use itehike travelling in a noisy truck on the motorway and it still packs enough sound. Having the second one is just my extravagance but well worth it. I certainly recommend these speakers.

Kitsound hive evolution rechargeable bluetooth speaker with aux input. So, i already have a kitsound speaker which i use for work (the pocket hive). I also have some in ear headphones from the same company (euphoria in ear headphones). When i was looking for a speaker with more power, quality and reliability i went back to kitsound. The hive evolution comes with a great quality carry case, which has a storage compartment for the aux and charger cables. The speaker itself is comfortingly weighty and, i think, quite pretty. In the manual it says that the speaker reaches optimum effectiveness after a period of ‘running in’ but i think it’s pretty damn good straight out of the box. If i’m being super critical the sound straight out of the box does distort at around 75% maximum volume but that is neighbour worryingly loud. The sound quality is exceptional and i’ve listened to some live music (rodrigo y gabriela) and it’s like they are playing in the roomthe hive evolution pairs quickly once synced up and works equally well on aux or via bluetooth from my phone and ipad. Having listened to the more expensive equivalent bose speaker i can say that this one is at least as good if not better and for a fraction of the cost.

Arrived on time, good quality sound and volume. Got it in the sale, definitely worth £25.

Very happy with this 5 stars never had a better speaker than this for the money always get people saying wow that’s good for that size.

My kitsound collection is growing and this is my latest addition. It’s just what i’ve come to expect from this company, style, value and quality. It’s a nice size and perfect for travelling but it just has this amazing sound. My hubby has the larger hive and i discovered that they can be linked together to get an even bigger sound if i want. To be honest, i don’t think it’s really necessary to do that when indoors but it’s nice to know i can if we want to play music on family days to the park etc. I also like that fact that it has a sticky bottom. As i use it in the kitchen, on the work top, it doesn’t bounce around when the mixer is going full pelt.

 hey amazon people, check out the video of my unboxing of this product below or read on for my full review. This is undoubtedly the best portable speaker i have come across so far. Before this, i had a ks hive2 portable speaker and i still have this in my kitchen, but needed something with a little more oomph for the road. The hive evo has 20w of power compared to the 12w of the hive2 which i think is a nice step up in power. It also has bluetooth connectivity with nfc one touch pairing. The packaging is simply stunning. From the shiny outer shell, to the rose-gold main box, it oozes quality and even the inner part of the box, looks like a proper presentation box. No expense has been spared here. The box contents is all neatly packed away inside the included carry case which includes: hive evo, power adaptor with uk, us and eu plugs which makes is great for travel. Also included is a mini jack-to-jack cable so that you can connect to a computer or other device.

The first thing i noticed about the hive as i call it, was how impressed i was by the quality of the box it arrived in. As an apple girl i am used to quality products arriving in quality boxes. So, i set about taking it out of the box to find a really excellent quality jet black protective zippered hard case (in the shape of the hive) with an attached strong carabina so that i could hook my hive safely to my backpack when out hiking if i wanted to etc. I was loving these features before i even got to using the hive for the first timethe hive comes with its own built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery and comes complete with a usb charging cable that you can charge your hive with via a usb port on your computer or via a usb wall charger. I’ve charged it up by both methods over the past few weeks. It takes around 3 hours to fully charge the battery and you can see that it is in charging mode when the led indicator light flashes red. To let you know its fully charged, the red led indicator light will go out. You can connect to your mobile, laptop or tablet easily via bluetooth or the included 3. 5mm audio cable and i have tested and used this unit liberally with my ipod classic, iphone 5s, ipad 4 retina and macbook pro retina, it worked brilliantly with all and no problems pairing at all with anything. Hubby has also used this with his ipod nano but had to connect via the audio cable as his ipod does not have bluetooth.

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