KitSound Ignite Mini Universal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Compatible : Sound great. I will buy another so before they run

Great value for money and easy to use also pretty good sound quality for a tiny speaker.

I was recommended a kitsound ignite mini by a friend who couldn’t stop talking about how good her new speaker was. Slightly, dubious about buying a product i hadn’t heard of before, i gave it the benefit of the doubt and trusted my friend’s enthusiasm. When i received it i was impressed with how sleek it looked and it’s smooth finish, however i didn’t think it was worth the build up my friend had given. I had used portable speakers in the past and generally had the impression they were a good idea but didn’t produce much. They were fiddley and a pain to connect and i usually gave up and put some headphones on or turned on the radio. To my delight the ignite was fuss free and connected to my iphone 4s within seconds. It was also easy to switch between devices which was helpful when my partner was fed up of ellie goulding on repeat. I was impressed with how loud the little speaker could go, although pushing it to the max decreased the sound quality a little, if you really wanted it that loud using the aux lead solved the problem. The ignite was easy to use and could be controlled by the buttons on the speaker or using a personal device (iphone) this was a helpful feature when wanting to message or use other apps whilst listening to music.

KitSound Ignite Mini Universal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android, Tablets and MP3 Devices – Black

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  • High stereo sound
  • Passive radiator for high bass
  • Connect wirelessly or with the including charge and aux cables
  • Play your MP3 files from a micro SD card
  • Hands-free call-handling capabilities

I bought one of these on a deal through tesco, whereby it only cost £35 of clubcard vouchers. I bought it to take on holiday / in the park / in the garden, and it seems to be the right thing for the job. Although i wasn’t fussed about appearance as it is likely to get chucked about a bit, it looks very smart and would blend in with a polished living room. Sound is surprisingly good for the price; physics will tell you that a little loudspeaker this size won’t put out room-filling sound, but in spite of this it does sound full and the bass can largely keep up at low to moderate volumes. As you push it to higher volumes, the bass wipes out a bit of the midrange so it sounds slightly more tinny. Only negative thing is the very loud ‘bloop’ when you switch it on, makes it impractical to turn on late at night or early in the morning if people are still asleep.

Perhaps a little bit small at first but great sound from such a little box. Connectivity is hassle free.

Stands on my bedside table and plays via bluetooth from my htc one. Gives a good sound and looks good and solid.

KitSound Ignite Mini Universal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android, Tablets and MP3 Devices – Black : Was brilliant at first, still works fine but the bluetooth function and controls stopped working after a few months. Luckily the volume can be adjusted through device plugged into it.

I bought this speaker during the black friday sale so bear that in mind. I really like the sound that it enhances. I connect it with my tablet and my smartphones at all times. It is way better than other products that i tested for the same price. Everything is very responsive and intuitive with this speaker. I hate to give it 4 stars, but the problem that i encountered is that it is very hard to connect to a normal laptop and i don’t understand why.

Great product for the money, very surprised.

Only downside is it needs charging through usb which can be a bit annoying.

I’d been looking for a speaker to use with my iphone 4, so the fact that it has both bluetooth and comes with an aux cable was ideal. I wanted something small as the main use i had in mind for it was days at the beach or to use in my car (which sadly doesn’t have a stereo. ) but i was so genuinely surprised by the high quality of sound that such a small device could provide, that i generally opt to use it at home and take it from room to room rather than messing around with sound systems. Its small size means that it is truly portable unlike some speakers that you’d need a backpack for alone. I love that it comes with a built in radio-which i didn’t actually discover until after i had bought it- such a bonus. The fact that one button controls all of its functions, with others to fast-forward/rewind and control volume, means that it’s super easy to use. I was also pretty impressed to find that it was compatible to use with my spotify account on my phone, i’m so used to having to go into the app to control it. It’s simple but effect packaging, without an excess of materials, is a plus for the environment which is always good thing for me.

I already have a kitsound mini cube speaker, which is a lot smaller than the ignite. But i must say that it kicks it’s ass. The ignite is ok, but i am a little disappointed. The cube sounds better due to the rubber base and the lower frequency output.

I have them in stereo and was so easy to configure. I have not used it for answering phone calls yet but everything i have tested works well. Battery life is good at present.

Great sound from this little boom box. Its for my kitchen and to take into my garden as well, really impressed for the moneyi’ve already recommended it to friends.

Back in 1986, mike ‘d’ diamond, adam ‘mca’ yauch and adam ‘ad-rock’ horovitz of the beastie boys told us to fight for the right to party. So, not purely to have a review title that rhymes this is truly achievable with the kitsound ignite. I recently purchased this portable speaker after my long-term relationship with my logitech docking station came to a sudden (and very sad) halt. I decided to ditch the dock and chose the ignite as i have a classic ipod with a 30-pin connector and an iphone 5 with lightning adapter so wanted something that would play music stored on both devices. Now, for my first impression: as many of you may have experienced, when buying clothes or techy devices online, you cannot easily judge size; so my first impression of the ignite was actually one of disappointment. I received the package and to my dismay, it was tiny. Thinking this was going to replace my now ex-logitech dock i couldn’t quite imagine that this was going to deliver. Good things really do come in small packages and i can safely say that this has not only replaced my logitech docking station in my heart. But has also left plenty more room on my shelfthe speaker itself is compact, matte black and finished with a retro front grill, complemented by the smart ks logo.

I like this kitsound ignite wireless speaker because it easily connected to my laptop via bluetooth and played music right away from my laptop. However, i do not seem to be able to get any bass sound from it which is quite disappointing. The sound seems like it is being played from inside another box or from behind a thick wall because it’s not the true sound of the music that is playing. I have another smaller bluetooth speaker which has provides a lot more bass and a deeper sound which was cheaper than the kitsound product but gives me a better sound in my opinion. I have been busy over the christmas period so i have not had time to experiment much with it to find out why there is very little bass sound from it. I will also email the suppliers to see if there are any tweaks that i can do to improve the sound in any way. There is also supposed to be a 10 metre range for this speaker but if i moved the speaker about 10 feet away the sound broke up and i found that i had to move the speaker to within 6 feet for it to play the music correctly. I am using a lenovo laptop which is fairly high spec and therefore i expect the two to work well together. I do like the look and feel of the kitsound speaker and it feels solid and well built and if the bass had been better i would have given the product five stars. I do hope i can get the bass sorted or i will be reluctant to use the speaker again and i will be disappointed and may consider returning the product to either amazon or kitsound because it’s not fit for use etc.

When i looked at the image i imagined it to be big – but its just bigger than your palm but plays incredibly great. The best thing about it is it doesnt need to be connected to main always. The battery longs for at least 6 hrs i think. Buy this if you need one just down next your bed and want to play anything from mobile or laptop using bluetooth (or line in if you want).

Best sounding speaker i have bought crisp sound with good bass for the size of it it’s great. Brought it on holiday and glad i did easy to pair aswell. I have this speaker two years now and i can hand on heart day it is waterproof to my amazement i found it buried in my shed in a bucket of water i nearly cried i presumed it was the end for little kit. But 2 days in the hotpress and it is working 100% no crackiling everything works no distortion. Great speaker for working in the garden and shed. Its waterproof for gods sake and it doesn’t say that on the box lol.

This was the third different speaker i bought of kitsound and love them allfor something that sits in your hand, incredible clarity and. Solid bass without being over the top and booming.

Just bought today, what a fantastic piece of kit. Can’t believe what output you get. Light, compact, and fills the room with sound.

This is the third kitsound product that i have bought. Yet again, i am staggered by the quality of the sound from something so small. These guys are real craftsmen.

Easy connection and sounds great. Tried it at work when were out in the sticks with bad radio reception and blasted metallica across the countrysideexcellent battery life too.

I will buy another so before they run out.

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