KitSound Hive2o Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker : Nice sound and design – dreadful packaging

My daughter is a pt instructor so needs a great quality sound, she is over the moon with the whole package. Very solid sturdy speaker with an amazing sound even when played loudly she previously used beats and said this system is just as good for a fraction of the price.

I bought this because the old stereo in my car is linked to the car’s on board cpu and cannot be easily replaced, nor does it have an aux input or bluetooth. The kitsound hive makes for really easy streaming from your phone/tablet and it’s surprisingly loud. In a normal house room – it’s very loud. In the car with road noise around i find i generally need it turned up almost to the max. Overall the sound quality is very good. The charge last’s well – and it re-charges from a standard micro usb input.

KitSound Hive2o Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker with Call Handling Function, Blue

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  • KitSound ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker also has an ultra-waterproof IP67 rating, and works for up to 30 mins underwater
  • Play and listen to your favourite music all day with the Hive2o’s 8 hours play time
  • With stereo pairing you can join two Hive2o speakers together; mix, match and choose your style from our great range of colours
  • The Hive2o can handle your calls as well as the water; now you don’t ever have to leave the music to talk to your friends
  • The Hive2o Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker comes with a clever passive radiator; now you can kick back and listen with better bass

This really is a great bit of kit () especially considering the cheap price. It’s really solid with a nice smooth texture and quite a weight to it – if certainly feels very well made and seems much more expensive than it is. It’s also really easy to use, pairing is a breeze especially with nfc and unlike some bluetooth devices it just works first time every time. The controls are solid, easy to use and allow skipping of tracks, volulme control, play/pause and also works with a phone call. The aux socket is a welcome addition for devices that don’t have bluetooth, or for quick playback from a friends phone for example. I’ve yet to run the battery down, but i used it for a good 5 or 6 hours and the battery status led has still not gone to red which means it’s less than 30% so the stated playback time of 12 hours seems feasible. Then of course there’s the sound, which lets face it is all you really want to know – for the size it’s by far the best sounding device i’ve heard. It’s quite loud, crystal clear at all volumes and has surprisingly punchy bass along with clear higher notes without sounding tinny or otherwise washed out. It copes well with almost all kinds of music i’ve tried including heavy rock/metal, generic pop and classical, as well as voice and/or youtube type videos. It’s never going to compete with a proper speaker, but it’s easily as good as similar devices that cost 2 or even 3 times as much.

Speaker has a nice sound quality and plays amazon music ok over bluetooth, but amazon echo voice stutters over bluetooth and only works correctly with a direct cable connection.

This speaker surprised me as i thought it would be bigger than what it is. But when i started playing music out of it, the bass is rich and the sound is just fantastic. Great value for the price, highly portable and comes with all the cables you need and a handy carry bag. Very impressed, kitsound have done well with this product.

Love this kit hive to play my music from phone to speaker. I only wished i had internet where i go so i can take it with me everywhere.

Absolutely love these speakers. My friend had his similar bose speakers with him and i did a comparison between the two. Honestly, the sound is clearer within the kitsound hive speakers and the bass pump is so good for such a size. The price is superb and you get more than what you pay for quality wise. Do not be afraid to buy it, the biggest difference i felt between the two speakers were that the bose speakers had a slightly (very unnoticable) stronger bass kick and the grip within ks when you place it on the table could be a bit better when on full volume, because on heavier bass tracks it starts moving a bit. But that is not a big problem in my opinion. You save a fortune and get excellent quality.

Easy to connect via bluetooth, the sound is perfect.

The sound is great for the price, quite a but of bass and mid range is good for this type of small speaker, quite a full sound for a tiny box. Feels nice, and very simple to use/connect as long as you don’t have an iphone4 like me, i use a wire for that but connects with ipad and androids fine. The packaging is completely over the top. Plastic box and taped weird places to cardboard, on a par with printer ink blister packs, why do they do it?.A complete nightmare so if you are thinking of trying it before you give it away as a present, forget it. You will destroy the packaging getting into it and then will have to keep it. So this one is mine now despite wanting to gift it. If they did a redesign on the packaging it would be great, it needs to be more environmentally friendly and customer friendly.

This little speaker fills out a large room with a solid, responsive clear sound, making household tasks and spotify streaming very enjoyable. Taking this on holiday is a pleasure due to its solid construction and small size. It also benefits from a large battery and micro usb charging, which you can do whilst you listen to music.

My son says this speaker is amazing, he takes it everywhere with him, he loves it. My daughter had a beats pill that broke after a month of use and was ‘temperamental’ to say the least. This seems sturdy and built to last.

Bought as a present for husband. He loves it, sound quality is excellent, it’s portable and easy to use.

I wasn’t expecting much at this price (£38) but it’s reassuringly heavy, worked perfectly out of the box and sounds much better than something this size should ever sound . It’s never going to have a lot of bass but there’s much more than i expected and the sound is reasonably well balanced, not sounding too sharp in the mid range and having sufficient treble to sound natural but not shrill. I use it for watching catchup tv on my iphone and ipad and for this it’s ideal, could also be used in the bathroom as it’s battery powered and so suitable for listening to music in the bath/shower.

Only just received this and totally blown awaythis is an initial opinion and i will update accordingly after a few days. Bought this item mainly for streaming music via my echo dot and it paired within seconds. The build quality is top jolly, it looks and feels sturdy. The buttons are responsive and have a satisfying click when pressed. I have owned several speakers and this runs rings around everything i’ve ever heard before. It has a satisfying bass without being too heavy, mid range isn’t overpowering and treble is crisp and clear. Maybe reggae fans would like a little more bass but i find the balance perfect for a mix of music. (bass etc could easily be enhanced using an equaliser but i find it just fine). (i find that setting the speaker to max and setting the dot to 50% is more than adequate for use in a bedroom)haven’t tried using the input cable for wired reception yet not tried using the smart functions (google now) as i’m using it with alexa but will update review accordingly. Update:can only give top marks for this little beauty, it’s got brilliant, well-balanced sound that can handle everything from reggae to classical to speech really well. Reggae is particularly well presented with good bass whilst not being overpowering. As i write this i’m listening to bob marley in my back garden and the sound is sublime.

My car stereo broke due to loom problems so was stuck driving a car with no music, so decided to invest in the hive 2 so i could bluetooth music from my phone. It works brilliantly, it just sits on my dashboard pumping out music, and when im parked up i just slip it into my pocket and away we go. An excellent speaker for under £50. Has some weight to it too so you know it has excellent build quality.

I own both this wireless speaker and the newer hive evolution. I would not compare them as they are different generations and the evolution wipes the floor with both volume, quality and a deeper bass. However the hive2 is a solid product, a great speaker in it’s own right and definitely for the price worth buying. When in ‘slave mode’ via an aux cable from the other hive it’s volume is not too great and it does not add too much in combination.

Small with a nice rubberised finish. Sound quality comfortably exceeds computer or phone speakers, but obviously not anway near hifi standard. A couple of niggles, there is some extraneous noise when music isn’t playing but is not obvious when music is playing. The other issue is that if you have more than one device paired it holds the pairing after the first device is shut down and refuses to connect to the second device. The first device has to be manually disconnected. This happens both on my speaker and my son in law’s. He in fact was on the verge of returning it as technical help at kitsound thought there was a defect.

For the price you really cannot fault this product. Bought as a present for christmas i was worried that at the price,the quality wouldn’t be very good but i have been pleasantly surprised as it easily outperforms others at its price range. Its portability is another very useful feature, it being wireless & bluetooth means you can take it almost anywherewould recommend.

A brilliant mid range option with good sound quality and volume range. I’ve not been disappointed and would recommend to all who want to take the melody with them without hitting the wallet to hard.

Although we have a dab radio in the kitchen it does not have any way of playing from other sources. So we decided to get a bluetooth speaker. The sound coming out of this device belies its diminutive size. It’s easy to pair with devices and pushes out a remarkable clear, bassy and wide sound. The battery life is good too.

This bluetooth speaker is great. The sound is amazing for a speaker that small and it can be quite loud at max volume. It’s quite heavy so it feels sturdy and won’t move from where you put it. The battery life is really good too. I’ve had it for ~3 months now and i had to charge it once even though i use it almost everyday for ~20 minutes. The only reason i’m not giving it 5 star is that there’s quite a bit of static noise at low volumes. It was quite bad with my galaxy s3, but even with a more recent phone (htc one m8), there’s still some static. Once you turn the volume up it’s better but it might be more annoying if you listen to quieter music. All around, it’s great and for the price, i can’t ask for a lot more.

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