KitSound Flair Universal Rechargeable Wireless Portable Speaker – A Stylish Bluetooth speaker!

Having read some of the reviews i can’t understand why this unit has had poor reviews, sound quality is excellent with plenty of treble and deep bass. I can only say to the other reviewers that have left bad comments, that they might need to check their settings on their devices, by no means is this speaker bad. Kitsound make very good quality speakers in my opinion. Volume of 10 watts is pretty loud for such a small speaker and by no means dull or muted as one reviewer left.

The speaker comes in a small box, it’s made from a thick card and appears to offer plenty of protection for the product. As soon as you open the box and remove the speaker you can tell that this is a premium product. The box contains: ks flair bluetooth speaker, micro usb charging cable, aux audio cable. The speaker feels very solid and has some weight to it, the sides and back of the speaker have a nice soft touch finish (almost feels like rubber). The front of the speaker is made of a soft felt like material, it covers the whole front face and looks great. Due to its size and shape this is an ideal product to replace a kitchen radio/speaker. It takes up very little countertop space whilst still being able to produce a very clear and full sound. Due to the internal battery and rubberised carry handle this can easily be moved around your house or even taken outside. The back of the speaker has three ports, a micro usb port for charging, an aux in port and a headphone out port. These are all covered by a rubber flap to protect the connectors.

Absolutely fantastic value for money.

This is my second speaker from the kitsound range and i have to say i am yet again not disappointed – i wanted something to go in my lounge that was compact & stylish. This fits the bill perfectly. On opening the box, i was impressed with the look & feel of the speaker, the black plastic is that lovely tactile soft touch & the grey fabric on the front appears durable & looks good quality. The buttons are on the top panel and are really subtly done as to fit in with the speakers overall design. After a charge, i connected my iphone 6 with the speaker very easily and started playing my music – for a small speaker it packs a good punch. Excellent sound quality and goes to a good loud level without any distortion. Certainly just the ticket for what i needed for my lounge. Best of all with the 8 hours playback from the in built rechargeable batteries, 10m range and carry handle, it will be coming out in the garden & beach with me in the summer and most probably on my holidays. Highly recommended – 5 stars from me.

Considering this item was 89% off at the time of placing this order i am amazed. The sound quality is great as ive come to expect from previous kit sound products ive owned. I will be ordering more now that they are somehow 94% off.

Yet another great product from kitsound – really stylish, easy to use, well built and affordable. I was looking for a trendy speaker for my lounge – this fits the bill perfectly. Upon opening the box you are greeted with the speaker, charging cable and manual. You won’t be needing the manual as its really easy to set up. Straight away you can feel the quality of the speaker, the front is made up of a really nice fabric, that gives the speaker a real modern feel. The externals are rubberised and have a soft touch, it feels as though if you were to drop it on a hard floor, it wouldn’t obtain any damage – which is great for obvious reasons. The speaker comes partially pre-charged – i got about an hour or so out of it before it started beeping at me telling me to plug it in. Connect a device is really easy, simply turn it on, hold down the bluetooth button and allow your phone or tablet to connect. It works great with my iphone 5 and ipad pro – no issues whatsoever connecting them. The sound quality is great – its sufficient enough for smaller rooms, i would suggest getting a slightly lager speaker for larger rooms, but this is the same with any speaker.

  • sound quality is very nice max volume is very good if you are using
  • Good build quality
  • amazing

This is a good sturdy unit with relatively good sound quality unfortunately the bluetooth did not work on my unit hence the ratings.

Wanted something that was modern and would look nice in my living room so that’s the main reason i bought it, wasn’t really expecting it to sound so good too, nice punchy bass, would definitely recommend.

For the money this speaker is brilliant.

Sound quality is very nice max volume is very good if you are using it inside like the kitchen or bedroom, however if using it outside like around a campsite at a festival (which is why i bought it) then max volume is surprisingly quiet in comparison. Battery life lasts about an hour and half on max volume.

I am really impressed with the kitsound flair. I’be been looking for a bluetooth speaker for ages but to be honest with so many on the market, i didn’t know where to start. I wanted to give a honest review so maybe i can help someone who was in a similar position. I’m not going to lie, the price was a big attraction with the flair. I googled around about because i’d never heard of the make and was a bit worried it would be one of those companies that only sells on amazon or ebay. (it’s not- they’re legit)i ordered it on mrmop’s prime account and it arrived the next day (cheers amazon)the box it arrives in is a nice sturdy thick box which makes it look like a quality product before you’ve even unboxed it. It comes with a usb charging lead (although you’ll need an iphone plug thing if you want to charge it from the mains) and a aux-in cable and a user manual. The speaker itself is a solid little thing, and feels well made. It’s got that nice soft plastic feel to the handle and operating buttons, and the coloured part (mine is blue because it was cheaper for some reason) is a nice fabric. It comes partially charged so you can have a play straight away but it recommends a full charge before proper use.

Features of KitSound Flair Universal Rechargeable Wireless Portable Speaker with Bluetooth and 3.5 mm Aux-In Cable – Grey

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