Kensington FX500 Speaker to go – used for many years a brilliant speaker and works with any phone or ipod

Great sound and handy for travel. I got this today after humming and hawing about what speakers to get for my new ipod touch for the holiday. Went with this more because of the way it was packaged. I am really pleased with it, very handy. It has a little arm on it so you can stand it up. I was really surprised at the quality and there is no distortion. The only downside is that it is just a little to small for the ipod touch to fit in the front see-through pouch. I don’t have a problem with this though as i would just keep it inside and let the tunes belt out. In comparison to speakers i have had in the past the quality here is superior.

Small enough to pack in your suitcase and not weighing much they are ideal for holidays abroad. Sound quality is ok, not fantastic, but for the price, you can’t grumble. Really glad i purchased them.

Has been very useful and is easy to use. Well recommended for holidays, easy for travel.

This does exactly what you expect, protects your ipod from water (don’t expect to be able to submerge it though). I bought this to use in the bath and wasn’t expecting great sound. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not audiophile quality, but it is over and above what i would expect for a product of this type and price. Batteries included to boot – can’t go wrongnow on my third one us these (not faulty, one dropped in the bath, ipod survived perfectly, speaker sadly not. The other was chewed by one of my dogs when she was a puppy), also bought one for a friend. Find it surprisingly easy on batteries. I use rechargeable and will use it everyday for weeks without needing to change batteries. Even though the price has increased somewhat since my original purchase, i would still by again to use with any device to be used in the bathroom, especially if that device doesn’t have bluetooth.

  • Great sound and handy for travel
  • Kensington Speaker
  • Pleasant Surprise
  • used for many years a brilliant speaker and works with any phone or ipod

Kensington FX500 Speaker to go

  • Ultra-durable case protects your iPod or MP3 player while it plays
  • Easy access controls on outside of case
  • Super-thin compact design – ideal for travel
  • Convenient built in stand
  • Integrated dual speakers for loud, clear stereo sound

Used for many years a brilliant speaker and works with any phone or ipod. Great used it for many years and still going strong.

Good sound, protects the ipod so can be used as a carrying case. Only negative is its advertised as weighing about 450g, ideal for traveling, it is in fact 1kg so there are a lot lighter ones available.

Bought thses speakers to take on holiday.

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    I bought this for going on holiday and it has been a great buy. The speaker is flat panel style and has a nice stan arm that allows the speaker to stand upright oo it can also be carried using this. My ipod zips inside the unit and the controls can be accessed through the see through panel on the front. This means that slashes of water cannot hit the ipod inside. Mind you any player can sit inside this as the design seems to be universally suitable.

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