Great sounding set of speakers.

Rarely in life do you get wow moments but when i clicked play on spotify and these kefs jumped into life did i feel it. The sound quality is astonishing, and i mean astonishing, i would say the best music sound i have ever heard. It was crisp and danced in your ears and really was something rather special to the point i called my neighbour in to listen as well. They are very well made (as you would expect) and very heavy (around 20kg) and they look amazing, yes sure they are expensive but reassuringly so and just blow cheap speakers out of the room. Strongly recommended as the best set of speakers i have ever heard.

Superb audiophile active speaker system for an absolute bargain price. To start with these are in a strange place in marketing terms, they are really much too good to be termed “computer speakers” but they seem to be being marketed as such, hence they are met with comments of “too expensive” or “really huge” or both. They are truly jawdroppingly good active hifi loudspeakers, entirely capable of replacing a medium quality separates system. I have had some half decent kit in my time, totalling several 1000 gbp’s of investment back in late 90’s early 2000’s before family commitments took me away from my hobby. I had my eye on these since they were announced back in 2013 and finally got the funds together to invest in a pair. I have had mine for around 2 weeks and can confirm that the x300a’s offer a really high quality audiophile listening experience. Siting:they work exceptionally well (beguilingly) on a large desk. I find they are best on some books and bricks to raise them by about 8 inches off the desk so the tweeters are at ear level. I have tried them on stands, but actually am preferring the intimacy of the desk set up, sitting about 24 inches from each speaker and with the speakers around 3ft apart. I have yet to really test them on the stands, but they are not suited to long term use in my living room on the stands, so i’m a little restricted to the desk use at present.

If you want a pair of these bad boys it would help if you were really serious about your hi-fi. Firstly, these are expensive. Secondly, they are also huge – well, for desktop speakers they are – so only think about these if you have a big desk or proper speaker stands. Having said that the build quality is outstanding and the finish is slick & stylish. Of course, none of this matters if the sound fails to live up to expectations, and these are fantastic.I’m not an audiophile but i don’t have to be to appreciate the almost completely distortion free sound and wonderfully balanced tonal spectrum.

  • In a class of its own!
  • Amazing set of studio monitors
  • Worth EVERY penny: music like you won’t have heard it before (except live).
  • Nice oddities 4.5 Stars rounded-down due to limited inputs.
  • Excellent sound with a few issues
  • KEF X300A. Best Of Breed!!

KEF X300A Wireless White

  • High fidelity design
  • High definition sound
  • High simplicity
  • Hi-Fi your computer. Now in wireless.
  • Listen to your music the way it’s meant to be heard

Wonderful sound but limited connection options. Some of the picture on both the amazon and kef websites are a little misleading, and give you the impression that the x300as are fairly diminutive speakers; my advice is to remove that thought from your head straight away. The box the kefs arrived in had a label with the word ‘heavy’ stuck to it, and carrying it from the greenhouse (where the postie had conveniently left it for all to see) i could see why, as each speaker weighs about the same as a baby elephant. Opening the box and taking each speaker out almost resulted in several more strains; i don’t know what gubbins lies inside the kefs but it probably has something to do with black holes. Don’t get me wrong, i like weighty, but you will need to find somewhere solid to put these things. Once out of their cardboard prison, the kefs look great, in a slightly military sort of way. The sides have a brushed gunmetal grey finish that i’m in two minds about – it does look clean and modern but it also looks slightly out-of-place on my almost exclusively brown living room furniture. There’s no fabric covers on the front so you can see the cones in all their glory, with the only slight disruption to their dark lines being a single, tiny status led on the front of the left speaker. On the rear of the left is a three-pin power port and a mini-usb port, together with a power switch, a stereo jack input, the usb-in port, a switch to set between desk and stand mounting, and a volume dial. On the rear of the right speaker is a further power port and mini-usb port, and a dial to control the balance.

Excellent sound with a few issues. The first thing you notice about these speakers is the size. Each speaker is 280mm tall x 180mm wide x 243mm deep in size (according to the kef website) and they each weigh 7. Marketing the speakers as being for smartphones, mp3 players or even pcs is ridiculous. I have mine on my pc desk and they look a bit silly, almost as tall as my 20 inch widescreen monitor. They are however immaculately finished, the cases made from brushed gunmetal grey aluminium, the front of the units dominated by the speaker cones and free from buttons and dials, only a tiny green led glowing on the front of the left speaker to indicate that the power is on. Each speaker requires power, and standard pc-type “kettle” cables are provided, one per speaker. It does seem excessive that you need two mains sockets just for speakers, and i’ve had to move a few things around to accommodate them. Inside the box you also find two usb leads, one for connecting the speakers together, the other for linking the left speaker to your computer (everything connects via the left speaker), plus two foam bungs for adjusting the bass output, which is useful if like me you have the speakers situated close to a wall. The left speaker has a volume control on the rear, a power switch for the system, and a 3. 5mm jack socket for plugging in a phone or mp3 player, but the cable isn’t supplied, surprisingly. Connect the speakers to each other, plug them into the mains, and switch them on.

I went through audioengine a5+s and the kef eggs before i just decided to pay out for the x300as. I kind of wish i had just got these from the start. If you are looking to buy some new speakers,don’t require bone shaking bass and have the money,. They certainly sound leagues better than any of the other speakers i tried (and they both sounded great to me to start with). As expected, they have a similar clarity and brilliance as the eggs, with a much more rounded, punchier sound. Bass is solid, though doesn’t go quite as low as the a5+s. Overall the sound is balanced, complex, dynamic (and makes me smile). Negatives for the x300as are that there is no sub output, which might not be good enough for some and also the 2 supplied usb cables are both only a few metres long – i brought a 5m cable for the speaker connection for about £5, so not a big deal. Unless something goes bang i doubt i will ever need to buy desktop speakers again.

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    Very good speakers, very clean and transparent but there is pretty much no deep bass at low listening levels in my room and seating position. Maybe its because im used to my full range high end system or harman kardon go play which leads the way when it comes to big bass from small woofers (harman kardon atlas woofers are outstanding) but apart from my bass gripe they do sound fantastic. Dont expect deep bass notes unless you really crank them up then they will sing at the rated frequency response. If you like anything that has deep bass at low listening volumes i would think twice. Im keeping them because i appreciate the clarity and balance which is what they excell at, they sound stellar, the clarity and detail would cost 10x the price to achieve in a full set up with good bass so i think they are a great value. These really do dissapear and create a great soundstagepeople on here have over exsaggerated quite a bit so i thought i would set the record straight.
  2. This review is from : KEF X300A Wireless White

    I was astonished by the articulation and clarity of hese small loudspeakers. Even though the bass in the specifications is limited as would be expected from such small boxes it seldom feels lacking unless playing organ music and similar. It is however absolutely essential to have the axis of the tweeter at ear level if listening in near field conditions. The dac converter inside is just magnificent, easily matching the best stand alone ones in the higher echelons and with studio master high resolution downloads these really come alive and give my main system a good run for its money. I can but only applaud the kef genius here, these are truly a bargain.
    • Just upgraded from b & w mm1s. At first i was really underwhelmed before realising that you need to change the speaker settings to 24 bit, 96,0000hz. I have to say i was then completely overwhelmed. These speakers simply blow you away with a lovely smooth bass and sparkling treble. They can be played pretty loud with no distortion. My videos and tunes now just sound divine, absolutely 100% recommendedhad to return these as for some inexplicable reason they stopped working. It would appear when the wireless takes priority it knocks out the usb connection and i could not get usb back. A real pain and people at kef realty have no clue how to help. You cannot easily get the speakers back to a factory state and you cannot turn off the wireless in the speaker.
      • If you are in the market for computer speakers. Or wireless speakers to use in another set up in your house look no further than the kef x300a. Compared to most computer speakers these are expensive i would agree but what you are getting here is a proper speaker with innovative design that is more than up to the job of conveying any genre of music in extremely high quality. They have more than adequate bass extension too so you don’t have to worry about looking for a subwoofer to underpin their performance. They look wonderful, particularly in the linear white i have. I am using them hitched up to my imac 27 inch retina display and they look like they were made for each other. Make sure you size up your desk or computer stand before you purchase because these are quite big for computer speakers and very heavy. I am convinced that is what helps them produce such sublime sound, their solidity.
  3. This review is from : KEF X300A Wireless White

    Worth every penny: music like you won’t have heard it before (except live). . I’m so blown over by these speakers that i don’t know where to start. I am accustomed to reasonably good sound (bose, sennheiser). These, even though they are supposed to be ‘computer speakers’, beat the bose wave system hands down. I have never had such clarity of sound, such balance, such dynamics except in live performances (). Even on old recordings (kathleen ferrier singing malher’s lieder) there is no background hum, incredibly purity, no blurring and perfect bass. They are powerful enough to fill a 40m2 room with no trouble and most importantly, no distortion. If you are a hi fi fan you’ll know how rare that is. It’s like rediscovering what music is. Whatever i play comes out way, way better than what i’m accustomed to.
    • Although not purchased direct from amazon, i feel it necessary to write a brief review of what are outstanding speakers. Having not purchased any kef gear since the late 80’s i came across the x300 wireless whilst searching for a good quality desktop speaker for my office. The price initially put me off, but as i had the option to return them i took a punt, and i’m glad i did. Setup up was straight forward enough, the on/off button is a little quirky, hold for on and off, but other than that, very simple. There is as stated a cable that runs between the 2, this really isn’t a problem as this is a desktop speaker made to be on your desk, i personally never saw this as an issue, merely a requirement to link the 2 speakers, what ever cable they used, they would still have to be linked?. These speakers are not designed to be 4 or 5 meters apart. They are desktop speakers??the build quality is as you would expect from kef, top notch, fit and finish is superb, with each speaker being reassuringly heavy, with there uni-q drivers they also look fantastic. So many people have commented on them, long before they have even heard them. Linking to my apple devices was simple using dnla or airplay (make sure your router is setup and you set it up on the wireless network, again very simple to do, but did need it plugged in to a computer to do it) all in all no more complicated than the usual iphone ipad generation of setting things up.
  4. This review is from : KEF X300A Wireless White

    Have moved to listing to music from my computer and was tired of poor sound. These speaker are expensive but well worth the upgrade.
    • Amazing set of studio monitors. First of all, let’s be sure about the your needs if you are considering these monitors. – produce sound / music- listen to almost highest quality music, exactly as the producers meant them to be heard like- want an active set of monitors (which means you don’t want to use them through an external sound card (well, not exactly, i’ll come to this point later on))- non-biased sound (some hi-fi speakers are biased towards specific genres)let’s start with connectivity:you will be able to connect your speaker to your devices using a 3. 5mm standard headphone jack. Or, you can use the usb cable to connect them to your pc/mac. These options are nice, if you consider other studio monitors; which will require an external sound card to connect to your phone/tablet/mp3 player etc. This means that these speakers are active. You can think about it as they have their own sound card built in them. And the better part is, each speaker has its own dedicated card, which requires two separate power cables in this case. This gives additional power to the speakers, since each channel (left & right) is processed on separate devices, without being affected by each other.
  5. This review is from : KEF X300A Wireless White

    Incredible sound, limited connections. Like others, i was expecting some mid-sized desktop speakers. Well, the courier wheeled the box in on a trolley. These are big, and very heavy. Marketing these as speakers for smartphones and mp3 players is ludicrous, and if you want to use these as desktop speakers for your laptop/desktop pc then you will need a seriously big desk. No, these are more suited to be placed on speaker stands and hooked up to a sound system or hd tv so that their (incredible) sound can fill a room. And there we come across a problem: connectivity. It’s easy to plug an ipod, smartphone, etc into these via a headphone cable and blast away some incredible sounds (to the quality limits of mp3 or flac, anyway). But if you want to hook these up to anything else – prepare to be stumped.
    • Nice oddities 4. 5 stars rounded-down due to limited inputs. . These are amazing sounding speakers which is, after all, the most important factor and why i have awarded nearly 5 stars. They are, however, a bit of an oddity in some respects and not without niggles. On first connection the clarity and stereo imaging of these things is truly alarming. As a bonus, they seem to get the most out of lesser quality sources. -using dab radio as an input extends the old adage to: “you can’t polish a turd. But you can sprinkle it with glitter”()i tried a variety of internet radio stations from ‘moscow deep mix’ to ‘baroque around the clock’ and ‘funky 4ss tunes’ and they all sounded crisssp. I ran a bass-test cd through the usb digital input and found a pleasing, smooth roll-off with no noticeable humps. And they do go down admirably low for their size. At one point i detected a rattling noise but it turned out to be some over-excited window putty.
      • Fantastic sound, but connectivity could be improved. Once you have got over the price of these speakers and ordered a set for yourself, the next thing you need to do is order a much larger computer desk. Well actually a large sideboard may be more practical. These speakers are big, basically standard hifi size, although the impression given by the photographs may have made you think otherwise. They are also very heavy, which is not surprising given the amount of electronics and technology packed into them. Once unpacked, they are extremely easy to set up and connect to your pc. They look good too, beautifully finished and extremely well built. The sound quality is just awesome, turning your pc into a top class hifi. There are a couple of minor downsides though. Firstly, each speaker requires it’s own power source.

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