KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Light – Won’t hold its charge

Wow finally a blue tooth speaker that sounds amazing , so far i love everything about it and will be buying a second soon.

After a lot of deliberation, i finally bought one of these. As expected, the build quality is superb and the sound is outstanding. Unfortunately, as time passes, better and cheaper speakers are available.

Well-made with crystal clear sound.

I don’t like boomy bassy speakers, which seems to cover most of the bluetooth ones i’ve heard – until this one. It has a good balanced sound. I normally listen on a stereo separates system (nothing fancy, but reasonable good sound), and this little bluetooth does a good job in comparison, eg when away on holiday. I just wish i could afford two of them and get a stereo sound.

So much better than my old bt speaker but cost twice as much. Solidly made and also quite heavy that means you may not want to take it with you if traveling by plane. However, the performance is sparkling for such a compact speaker. It is easy to pair and thereafter can be linked to your devices easily.

Brilliant and great build quality.

  • For the size, a really great speaker!
  • Amazing speaker 5* product backed up by 5* service from KEF
  • Superb; the little wonder is very capable and can also get very loud!

Impressed by its sound and design, really like it.

This speaker punches well above its weight for its price and size – amazing sound and portability. I’m buying another one to pair with.

Really like this kef muo speaker. Out of the box it feels heavy and exceptionally good quality, what you’d expect from kef. The sound out of the unit doesn’t really disappoint either. The mid-range is good and clear but the treble could be a little more responsive and crisp. Nice punchy bass, which at full volume, does make the device vibrate a fair bit. One small design flaw that i can see (which is why i haven’t given 5 stars) is that the rubber feet on the bottom are not long enough. Therefore the unit can be easily rolled over when sitting flat. A simple extension of the length of the feet on your next production run could help solve this small issue. Having said that, this speaker is amazing and i use it nearly every day, mostly in the garden throughout the summer months. Thinking of buying another one to create stereo sound in the living room for parties etc.

This is a fantastic unit, the sound quality is superb and in my view worth every penny.

Read a lot off reviews as we all do when looking at such a large selection off portable speakers ,i withered it down to three which met my needs and the kef looks and high rating for sound wonit for me and iv had it three weeks and the sound quality no matter were i have it is amazing nottoo basey just right ,so easy to set up from iphone and ipad.

From the manufacturer

‘Of all art, music is the most indefinable and the most expressive, the most insubstantial and the most immediate, the most transitory and the most imperishable. Transformed to a dance of electrons along a wire, its ghost lives on. When KEF returns music to its rightful habituation, your ears and mind, they aim to do so in the most natural way they can. .. without drama, without exaggeration, without artifice.’ Raymond Cooke, KEF founder

KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

KEF, one of the originators of British Hi-Fi sound, has for over 50 years pioneered award-winners from professional studio monitors, to the legendary Reference Series and the recent ground-breaking MUON, BLADE and LS50. No other brand can equal KEF’s Hi-Fi pedigree.

Every KEF speaker, large or small, epitomises the seamless integration of innovative engineering and outstanding design. The MUO Speaker is no exception.

Designed by Ross Lovegrove and engineered by KEF, MUO is packed with innovative technologies to deliver uncompromised KEF quality sound when you’re streaming music wirelessly from a computer or mobile device. It packs a punch out of all proportion to its size.

Design by Ross Lovegrove, sound by KEF

It’s no coincidence that the MUO echoes the sculptural form of KEF’s iconic MUON speakers, because design guru Ross Lovegrove teamed up with our engineers on both. Using premium quality materials throughout, the unique and satisfyingly hefty structure they developed eliminates unwanted cabinet vibration – all you hear is the rich, breathtakingly detailed output of the drivers. The shape itself has been expertly designed to allow optimal sound projection into the room.

Uni-Q Drivers

Thanks to a clever new compact version of KEF’s legendary Uni-Q ‘point source’ driver array and a powerful new bass radiator, the MUO fills the room with stunningly accurate sound whose HF definition and LF extension far exceed the limits of ordinary portable speakers.

Pure KEF sound streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth aptX

Along with the sophisticated digital-to-analogue converter and other high order internal components, these innovative drivers are mounted within an immensely rigid inner moulding encased in an acoustically inert aluminium shell. Streaming your tracks via Bluetooth aptX, you’ll be astonished by the sweet, natural treble, fluid midrange and clean, tightly controlled bass.

Smart Versatility

Synchronise a pair of MUO speakers for superb CD-like quality stereo reproduction or select ‘dual-connect’ party mode for large gatherings, so that everybody experiences the same superlative full-range response. Smarter still, MUO automatically optimises its output to suit upright or horizontal positioning, so you always enjoy the same remarkable acoustic depth and definition.


With most Android mobile devices, you can also benefit from the NFC ‘tap-to-pair’ function – just hold the device against MUO and they’re paired ready to stream your music in seconds. When not streaming your music wirelessly, connecting to any computer or mobile device via the 3.5mm Aux input is equally simple. MUO has a rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours of play time, and switches itself off automatically when not in use to prolong battery life.

Miniaturised Uni-Q

MUO features an ingenious miniature version of KEF’s greatest innovation – the Uni-Q driver array. Continuously refined over nearly three decades, this acclaimed technology delivers an astonishingly wide soundstage that fills a room with full-bodied, stunningly clear sound, and reproduces the higher registers with pinpoint accuracy.

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Sound quality good, handy, excellent toy.

Just works, greatsound, perhaps not quite as loud as expected, but great overall product.

Superb kef quality as usual.

Real hi-fi sound from a small portable speaker. Clear full detailed sound, excellent precise bass from such a small box. Solid build quality 12 hour battery.

Quality was very good,finish very good, sound quality excellent. Battery life was not as good as i had hoped though, mainly because i used it so much.

Great sound for a portable speaker. It sounds best to me stood upright everything seems to just balance better. Not too big for traveling – as some of these are.

Design by Ross Lovegrove.

Great sound and loud too but the pairing is awful. When both speakers are more than 3 feet apart they continuously drop the signal which makes it impossible to enjoy even one song in either stereo or party mode. When compared to the riva s there is no comparison on pairing or on sound quality. For almost £300 each i was expecting more.

I don’t have the terms of reference that some of the other reviewers have; only a friend’s jbl bt speaker. I love this product so much i bought 2 of them, so i can get true stereo out of them – no less than brilliant. You can really crank these speakers up, the presence is phenomenal, with little or no distortion at high volume. I am not an audiophile, however, what i can say is that they sound great, balance, poise, sound-stage, are all the terms usually applied to a speaker – to me the muo has it all. The build quality is superb. Love them, highly recommended.

Have loved kef since i’ve had a set of kef kit 3’s built for me many years ago. I was very happy to see that they have entered this market. I travel quite a lot and this was perfect for me. Clean accurate sound across the board.

A fantastic bluetooth portable speaker.

Lovely bit of kit, extremely well made and sounds very good. I would have been happy with it at full price but i’m delighted with it at the reduced price i paid.

Product is listed as wireless speaker with leather case only there was no leather case. I was dubious of this from the outset as the price is pretty much fixed wherever you look and the case is about £40 extra. So the speaker came without the case. I didn’t complain as the price was the same as the best elsewhere without the case but. . It is listed as a speaker with leather case so this should really be amended. Great speaker though as you would expect from kef.

12 hours playback time

Expensive but top quality sound & build quality.

I think this speaker is absolutely fantastic — sound quality is wonderful, and there is an extraordinary clarity to the sound, so i am hearing things i have never heard before in music i have played over and over again. I have a bose mini soundlink, and it is not a patch on this — the sound is muddy by comparison, and the base swallows up much of the rest. I know the bose is cheaper, and this is expensive — but it really, really is good and has already (i have had it three days now) given me a great deal of pleasure.

Excellent sound quality – clear, open, bass is surprisingly deep and tight (recommend using a decent cable if using the line in source, surprising how much bass response is lost with many of these cheaper cables). Good at the previous price of £249, bargain at the new price of £179.

I’ve lived with this product for sometime having purchased it from a store locally. I have to say it sounds really good reproducing my music playlist via spotify mostly. Nicely built – real weight and quality finish. Ideal also placing around the house as its compact size and sleek design make it look cool anywhere. Now the weather is getting better, i might try it outside.

Could be a bit more bass but im very happy with the purchase. Bose sound link mini is probably as good in my opinion.

Great speaker, fantastic sound and image, however i purchased 2 to gain the (superb) stereo effect and pairing them proves to be a bit of a mission every time – taking several tries and several minutes to pair them upon each use. I have tried to search in vain for any tips or to determine if i am doing something incorrectly. Sound – 5 stars – pairing two -2 stars.

I have used various speakers from jawbone and beats. This was the first one that i bought from kef and wow it did not disappoint. I have owned this speaker since march but i always wanna use items before reviewing. This speaker has not let me down at all. The volume from it is fantastic the styling is amazing and unlike beats speakers the sound is not dwarfed by way to much bass. This has clear words when turned up to full and just the correct amount of bass to avoid distortion. In the box you get a well made metal speaker with easy to use buttons and easy bluetooth pairing. I had an issue with mine last month when it would not charge (had a blue light but yet when unplugged the battery died 2 seconds later) a quick email to kef on a friday, i sent it on the monday to them and it was back with in a week (got it on monday) with full email support all the way through. This was great customer service for the first time of contact with this company and was dealt with perfectly. I would happily buy this speaker again.

State-of-the-art wireless sound

5* for single speaker0* for any attempt to connect two without dropping out more than 3x per minute ->immensely frustrating.

I am not going to compare this audio masterpiece to a full size hi-fi loudspeaker, that would be pointless. It is a bluetooth device designed for portability and an addendum to any domestic situation demanding a small sound transducer. What a revelation this has turned out to be.I already own the bowers & wilkins t7 and have had on loan for two weeks the bang & olufsen a2 speaker. The kef muo easily trounces the lot of them no problem. Incredibly clear and articulate, and up against a wall the bass is unbelievable for a design as small as this. Voices, massed choir, solo piano and violin are remarkably accurately reproduced, popular music is equally well treated, this kef creation is beguiling to say the least. It refuses to lose control or get muddled up with complex musical passages, just gets on with the job and always brings a smile to my face and my ears are in love with it. A stunning bargain, buy without hesitation, enjoy.

I’ve had the kef muo for a couple of months now and, being a bit of an audiophile (or audiofreak as many of us border on i expect) bought it based on the what hi-fi review. First yes, it looks good but personally i wouldn’t go overboard about its looks – it looks smart and ‘professional’ if you can call it that, as something which would be bought by someone who’s more discerning and sophisticated in their tastes, but i wouldn’t imagine it would wow people rather than just elicit an ‘oh, okay, that’s nice’ if they noticed it at all. It’s about the length of an a5 book and about 1/2 the width in height and depth – weight is about that of a thick book that size. So, in terms of portability yes it’s easy to pick up and carry round the house or garden but might not be the best choice if you are aiming to travel with this in for example your carry on luggage for flights – possible, but you might find it eats into your space and weight allowance more than you’d like. As for the all important sound if you are thinking of spending this kind of money for a portable bluetooth speaker. This i know is a difficult one for us audiophiles as we can be tempted to spend a lot extra for something even if it gives us only a few percent increase in sound over something else, much like someone spending another £100k on a super car just because it goes 5mph faster than the ‘cheaper’ version. Value for money then is difficult to judge as we’re tempted to think ‘forget whether it’s worth it, just tell me if it sounds better’. I also have a bose soundlink mini and a ue roll so can compare to those two as well. So does it sound better than those?.Yes, it certainly sounds clearer without a doubt and in clarity unsurprisingly it goes ue roll, bose and kef in increasing order in line with their cost.

Bought as a birthday present for my partner. It is larger and heavier than i expected; very solidly made. It is very easy to set up and sounds fantastic.

I bought the storm grey version and it arrived on friday. First impression on opening the box: wow. The speaker is beautifully made, a little heavy but feels very very nice when you hold it. I connected to my iphone in a snap and was ready to go. Superb highs and vocals, but bass sounded hollow. Have now been playing my kef muo throughout the week-end. Speaker is well broken in and what a difference to bass. Not the strongest for a portable speaker. But more that adequate for my listening style.

Brought it primary for holidays. This speaker is immense, just listening to shine on you crazy diamond and for the size of the unit i did not expect such immersive sound and a bargain price too boot. Thinking of getting another for stereo playback.

Pure KEF sound streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth aptX

Great sound from a small enclosure. Neat and stylish toovery pleased with my purchase.

The kef muo would probably be out of place at a festival, or a camping trip, but is perfect for an afternoon in the park. The buttons are accessible and overall it’s really easy to use. I like how it looks good vertically and horizontally. It’s also louder than comparable speakers i’ve used, and the one that maintains the most clarity at maximum volume levels. Sound quality and feel are fantastic.

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