Juice 2×3 W 1500 mAh Bar Bluetooth Portable Speaker – : Just what I was after!

Had this for sometime now as i always like to see how things go. Like the sound, i use it with my ipad mostly. Battery life is ok but not great. Pros: nice sound, lightweight, easy to use, picks up wifi easily, small size. Cons: charge lead far too short that’s why it only got 4 stars, its only about 400mm long and really needs to be at least a metre but a 1. 5m would be better, you can then charge it and use it, as it is i have to be near a usb socket ie computer. If i’m at my desk its no good as the lead does not reach to a mains socket. It does not have an auto off, so if you leave it on the battery runs out. If it had the little blue light on the top instead of the back to remind you it’s on then that would be an improvement. Apart from that i’m pleased with the juicebox – depends how long it lasts as these days these sort have things have a built in obsolescence.

Fantastic and such great sound quality. Would definitely recommend :).

Got this on special offer, easy to pair and good sounding, used on holiday and in the garden, plenty loud enough for my needs, no complaints for the price paid.

Bought as a christmas gift for my granddaughter. She was delighted with the sound quality. Would recommend this product.

Brilliant size to fit in your bag and great quality music. Ordered it and came 3 days later.

The range isn’t that fantastic and there is a static noise when charging it and playing music simultaneously.

Great sound quality, light weight and defo worth the money.

Very nice little piece of kit which broke my heart to break open and gut for parts for my sons gcse product design project. Very hard to break but worked really well when transferred to a new container.

I take it every where with me. On holiday abroad or just when off to the caravan.

Really great sound for the price you pay.

Not enough bass, too much treble for young ears. Connects easily and cable that comes with it is useful. It’s just not as good as others i have purchased for the same price.

It’s okay and does what it says on the tin. Certainly a great gift for the younger members of the household. Especially because of the colours which it comes in. But there’s a slightly more enhanced one by sainsbury’s with extra controls (pause, mode, next track, last track etc) for about the same price. The grown-ups got it and the children got the juicebar. . And if they’re happy, life is a little easier.

Exactly whatnot wanted, amazing size sound quality is okay i guess but the battery life is exceptional.

Good sound and great little speaker.

The best budget speaker i’ve ever bought. Only problem is when its connected to my phone it always says battery 30% no matter how long i charge it, but it feels like im getting more than the 30% battery life that my phone thinks the speaker has.

Love this very loud and have quality and bass.

Listen to it everyday using my ipad, phone or laptop.

It provides big sound for such a small speaker.

Fab product – husbands christmas present – he loved it.

Sound better than i expected for £16.

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Juice 2x3 W 1500 mAh Bar Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Black
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