JBL Cinema SB400 Home Cinema Soundbar – Good Soundbar!!!

Great sound and very loud and clear. Connects to bluetooth very easy. The only problem is the cheap remote control that really is too small.

Awesome piece of kit,5 minutes to set up and away you go. Don’t waste your money on other brands when this gives you what you need in your home, perfect sound,perfect picture. 3 device’s connected by hdmi and 1 cable connected to tv,piece of piss.

Jbl sb400 120w wireless cinema soundbar and subwoofer. Upgraded to a new panny 50gt60 and as a deal with the wife said i would go from full surround to a soundbar. Well packaged boxes, which house a very quality product. Ok never going to get full surround sound from these like my old system. Very deep bass tones, clear trebles. Took some setting up with arc but got there eventually through trial and error.

  • Fantatsic productgreat sound
  • Connection matter
  • Good Soundbar!!!
  • JBL SB400 – Everything you could ask for
  • the part is super
  • The best soundbar under 500 pounds!

JBL Cinema SB400 Home Cinema Soundbar

Only lost a star because of the remote which is fairly naff and so small i keep losing it.

Information to all people in germany. The produkt was delivered to me with 4x power cables (2x with uk plug and 2x with german or europe plug) so you must not order aditionally other adapter.

Great soundbar, very powerful. The remote control isn’t great, however i programmed my sky remote to work with the soundbar so rarely use the standard remote. I did initially have lip-sync problems with my sony tv, however i read that changing the settings to ‘gaming’ would fix the problem and it did. Bought from richer sounds for £250.

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  1. This review is from : JBL Cinema SB400 Home Cinema Soundbar

    Excellent sound quality, so simple to set up and really good looking.
  2. This review is from : JBL Cinema SB400 Home Cinema Soundbar

    Check richersound for better price. Check richersound for better price. Just bought mine 29/03/2015 for £250 . 70% of cinemas using jbl speakers :-).
  3. This review is from : JBL Cinema SB400 Home Cinema Soundbar

    Really highlighted how poor my tv speakers are, easy set up and sounds and looks great.
  4. This review is from : JBL Cinema SB400 Home Cinema Soundbar

    I am buying this to replace the 10 year old 5. I can’t say it can out perform the proper surround system but it is not bad at all. Bass is sufficient and i found the sound quality is better when wall mounted.
  5. This review is from : JBL Cinema SB400 Home Cinema Soundbar

    The best soundbar under 500 pounds. If you are on a market for a soundbar and you can get your hands on this jbl sb400, don’t miss out. Forget about all sony, samsung or lg products, jbl is a differenf world. This model was nominated as the best soundbar under 500 pounds in uk and if you are lucky you can get it for 250 pounds. This is a real stuff, amazing sound and clear bass.
    • Read the other reviews for it’s technical excellence, they are all correct. I was so pleased with it i went out and bought a new lg 42″ 100hz tv to complement it. Here’s the funny bit; in a well known top-of-the-range hifi store buying the tv i asked to listen to the sonos sound bar with sub woofer (£1200) and the bose cinemate 15 sound bar (£550) when i said to the sales man that i’d just bought the jbl sb400 and i thought it just as good he looked around to make sure nobody could hear and said “yes, i’ve got one too and i agree but we don’t tell the customers here that” ha ha. I paid £285 for mine as the packaging had been opened. I also own a bose solo 15 soundstage (£400) which i now use as a speaker for my laptop :-)don’t be put off by the gripes about the remote, it is crap but it takes 30 seconds to program any remote to control all it’s functions so do that and put the supplied remote away in a draw.
      • Given the good reviews, i purchased this bar after my 14 month old lg version failed. That was actually a great sounding bar but given lg’s poor attitude to repair (“we don’t have any repair facilities in the uk, you need to contact a local repairer”) i refused to buy another one and looked elsewhere. The jbl had good reviews but on receipt i found the following issues which actually left me underwhelmed when compared to my old lg unit:- limited facility to adjust bass/treble – in fact the unit has poor treble and questionable sound-stage- very poor (tiny) remote control. Fortunately i was able to program another control to get around this- cramped hdmi connection on rear, particularly for table-mounting- boomy bass which is difficult to control – lots of fiddling with the bass volume and cross-over control on the sub- minimalist instructions but then lots of tech stuff seems to be like this these dayson the plus side, with movies and music, you can get a decent quality sound and hugely better than a tv’s on-board speakers. However, with simple speech, the response is somewhat constricted and doesn’t project very much presence. The lack of any real equalisation, exacerbates this and you don’t have much option other than to get used to it. I initially connected via optical but purchased a decent hdmi lead to take advantage of the on-screen display (this doesn’t work via optical) and hoping for a sound upgrade. This was not achieved but did result in some lag with dvd/blu-ray and the occasional loud “pop” noise when switching source. This is also quite disconcerting and, researching on-line, appears to be a “known” problem.
  6. I’m 101% happy with this sound bar. The sub kicks great and i have my bar on the wall under my tv, it looks great just remember to switch it over to wall mode if you do have it on the wall, the little controller that comes with it is nothing great but i have hooked my sky and tv remotes up with this you can have up to 3 remotes hooked up to it, i use optical cable but it has 3 hdmi slots. I would 101% recommend this item to anyone looking to buy a nice sound bar, i got this on offer from here at the time so was even more of a bonus.P&p was fantastic and very fast.
    • I bought this because of my past experience with jbl drivers in my capacity as a pro’ musician, jbl is a well respected name in the pa & backline systems, so the only alternative to this quality was a bose system, but they are expensive, so after giving my old philips 5-1 system to charity, i treated myself to this great less clutter system from jbl, simple enough hdmi leads (not supplied) connected to give you an outstanding cinema sound, you have to turn your tv volume down, the tiny remote is like a toy as other reviews state but does its job, i have the soundbar at the front with the woofer at the back on the floor, various controls are there to twiddle for your own taste in the sound you require, my system is great with my blu-ray player, but i am still trying to get my tv working through the system without the blu=ray player on, this maybe down to my tv source menu. The soundbar connects to the woofer via bluetooth, so you do not have all the wires & tiny speakers all over the place as the old 5-1 systems, all in all a great system, & a great price from amazon, & delivered on the very day they give you.
  7. This review is from : JBL Cinema SB400 Home Cinema Soundbar

    Fantatsic productgreat sound. I did quite alot of investigation into sound bars. Decided on this after reading other reviews. . And i am very happy i did. The sound is fantatsic and for £290 i paid from amazon it is great value. The only reason it is not a 5* review is that the control is very small and flimsy, which is a shame. You will be using it alot and it needs to be bigger and more solid.

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