JAM Trance Mini LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker : Nothing special

About average audio quality. Good volume, can get quite loud. Average interface/ease of use. Lights are pointless, fairly dim, don’t work in time to the music. I don’t even think they’d keep a kid entertained. All in all, would not recommend.

– build quality and features -solid build quality with a rubberised coating. Looks and feels really nice. You get 5 hours of playtime with 3 hrs of charge time. The speaker comes pre-charged but how long that charge lasts will depend on how long it’s been in storage at amazon. The speaker comes with usb charging cable, micro usb one end and usb the other. It’s quite a short cable at around 12 inches long. The jam trance speaker has an aux in port and can also be used as a speaker phone so switching from music to talking is seamless. The speaker has in built voice prompts to guide you through its functions. It comes with a little metal tool (similar to the iphone sim card tool you use to pop out a sim card). If you pop this is the small hole behind the flap on the side of the speaker you can change the language of the speaker voice prompts.

Jam Trance Mini LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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  • 36 LED programs – enjoy your music in a new way
  • Rechargeable – up to 5 hours play time
  • Rubberized exterior – soft-touch silicone body
  • Voice commands – audible confirmation of all functions
  • Speakerphone – move from music to calls

Just opening the delivery packaging and seeing the encased product for the first time makes the buyer automatically think – this is qualitythe speaker comes in a solid, clear plastic case with a magnetised card half-cover which one can open up. It comes with a ‘test’ bar on the top of the case so that the user can see the lighting effects even before opening. Once opened, the speaker enthuses quality again. It’s solid with little ‘give’ on the speaker/lighting enclosure. Turn it on and it speaks to you and tells you that’s what you’ve just done and that it’s pairing. My grandaughter has the jam trance plus, which, in my opinion, is a superior product in that it has a far greater volume and variable tone. However, the tone is very good and the volume would certainly fill a bedroom. The lighting is, as with the ‘plus’ extremely good. There is the added feature that, when connected to a phone, it has a speakerphone facility allowing the user to move from music to calls and back again. Very nice but not quite a 5 star rating more a 4.

Funky little bluetooth speaker, with a nice light show for a teenager’s bedroom perhaps. Lasts for 5 hours, which is perfect. Pretty easy to set up and nice to hold – rubberrised black cube. On the whole, very cheap and cheerful.

I use the jam rewind with my phone and the jam xt with my tablet when in the kitchen or lounge but i wanted something a bit fancy for my mancave or to take to places. It’s another bluetooth speaker with jam’s usual clear sound and good bass but this one has a light show on the front. The nifty little plastic box (which even has a push button tester on it to check out the lights before you’ve even got it out) contains the speaker, instructions, a pin to change languages and a tiny micro usb cable for recharging. From the box this little speaker is ready to go to work. Hold the power button down to turn it on and then go to your phone or tablet (or bluetooth enabled pc) and choose the device from the bluetooth menu. Once paired and blasting out your favourite tune, you can press one of 3 buttons to change the effect. One button will change the brightness, another the pattern and a third will change the colours.

Jam Trance Mini LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker : Jam were a company i’d not come across until a few months ago, when i got their jam heavy metal stereo bluetooth wireless speaker. This is brilliant so i was excited to see what the smaller and cheaper trance mini sounded like. This speaker has some very good points. First of all; it’s really easy to get out of the box. The packaging is nice and easy to open – usually electronics packaging takes three hours and a chisel to get into. This is very well thought through. The speaker itself has a pleasingly rubberised coating. It makes it feel more robust and, strangely, friendly. Bluetooth connection is very easy. The lights are ok, but clearly a little gimmick.

My daughter loves this, great sound.

A rubberised covering protects it on the sides and it’s got a tough plastic back. It fits in your jacket pocket, and it’s loud enough for a kitchen or living room, etc. Plus loud enough for small gatherings outside as well. It’s an easy way to get music from your smartphone in the car, for example if your car stereo doesn’t have an aux in or phone connection, and is loud enough to listen to even when driving. It’s also loud enough to listen to in the shower (although it’s not designed to be waterproof so try not to get it wet). Lights are pretty cool, and can react to the music playing, they have 3 levels of brightness and can be switched off all-together if you want the battery to last longer. They also let you know how loud you have the speaker, with more appearing to fill the speaker when you turn it up using the speaker controls. You can also choose the colour of the lights. The speaker has an aux in so you can use it for other devices that don’t have bluetooth, such as a laptop.

Jam===i’ve had a jam speaker before jam rewind bluetooth wireless speaker and unfortunately that wouldn’t pair unless it was plugged in. ) although the sound was fantastic. So i’ve approached this with a little bit of a negative bias. Sound======it’s small but loud enough to fill a small garden or large bedroom. Lights======if it’s dark they are fine and distracting. For a summer bbq or a teenagers bedroom this will be fine. But for anyone outside that group its appeal is limited. Pros=====very well packagedvery easy to set upfor its size the sound is really goodgood brandreasonably pricedgood for holidaygood for bbq5 hours batterycons=====the lights suit teenagers onlyi’d like a longer battery but it’s okoverall========a nice little bluetooth speaker.

This is a good little bluetooth speaker. It has a lot of power considering how small it is and manages to produce a big sound, although the bass is slightly lacking. The overall sound quality is good, it’s better than other bluetooth speakers i’ve used and is much better than my phone speaker. The finish is rubberised and i feel like it would be ok if dropped or used slightly roughly. The mesh protecting the speaker is strong, although a few bits of dirt have got trapped in there, but they will come out with a bit of effort. The buttons are also underneath the rubberised surface, meaning dirt won’t get in them, and they seem responsive and are easy to use. The lights are bright and have 4 intensity settings if you want to save battery or are in a dimmer room. The patterns are ok – honestly i was expecting a little more as a couple of them seem to be quite generic and non-responsive to the music. The patterns that measure volume seem to do it to an absolute value – so if you speaker is turned down low they barely respond beyond the first bar, and if it’s up very loud they will just solidly be on, as the sound never drops below the threshold – however this may just be me misusing the device as i can’t imagine the designers intending this. As far as making it a ‘party’ – the lights are certainly fun and give an extra dimension to the speaker, although they struggle to fill a dark room and the novelty wore off relatively quickly.

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