Jam Audio JAM Titanium Rechargeable Portable Pocket Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker – Blue, Crisp and clear and loud

These are value products that sound good and able to fill most rooms. Connecting very easy and reliable.

Measuring at about 15cm by 3cm by 6cm (the by 11cm in the product description is the box size) this is a pocket sized speaker with power. The box includes your speaker, the cable to connect it to charge it (will work for 5hrs after you charge), and instructions. The linking to bluetooth devices is easy. I can see this product being ideal for teenagers so they can listen to music at going home time, or going about the streets with their mates, as it is very portable, although it is also perfectly usable indoors of course (and won’t get rained on indoors either).

Jam titanium pocket bluetooth speaker is a great product and i am pretty impressed with it. The unit comes well presented , looks good, and has a decent weight to it, it is compact, not pocket sized but great for a desk or for popping in a bag. The sound is meaty and has good volume, (the volume button gives a tune sound every time you press it but this is gotten around by adjusting from your phone control)the player could fool you into thinking that the sound is from a larger speaker, not one so small, it is good competition for the x mini but x mini can be picked up for cheaper price. In competition with x mini i would say x mini is better base than this, which i felt slightly lacking in that department. However this one is especially good on vocals, so if you like acoustic music it would be superbthe tones captured on a slow or especially clear vocal make you feel the singer is in the room, this is where the player i feel has a edge over x mini. Of course it is worth bearing in mind that this can receive calls which is not something x mini can. Over all i am pleased and if the price drops (from near rrp) will be especially worth its 4 stars.

Key specs for JAM Titanium Rechargeable Portable Pocket Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker – Blue:

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  • INCREDIBLE SOUND: Dual active and passive radiators make your beats sound amazing.
  • SLEEK METAL BODY: Blends perfectly with any decor. PORTABLE: The Titanium is about the size of a water bottle.
  • SPEAKERPHONE: Answer calls directly from your Titanium.
  • RECHARGEABLE: Charge for 3 hours for up to 5 hours of wireless play time.
  • BLUETOOTH: Connect wirelessly with any Bluetooth device in a 30-foot range as well as 3.5mm AUX-IN port.

Comments from buyers

“Five Stars
, https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00X7SIOFK/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_2
, Good value

Sound quality exceeded my expectations. This thing goes loud with little distortion.

Very happy with this bluetooth speaker, it has a good sound and fits nicely into my pocket, it works well with my phone.

I hadn’t realised this thing was so small, especially since it’s described as a ‘four-speaker system to blast out tunes big enough to get any party going’. I should have paid more attention to the word ‘pocket’. Highly portable, but big enough for a party?. Unless you’re partying in a phone box. It seems that every man and his dog are making bluetooth speakers. The market’s flooded with them, and at a much cheaper price than this. What sets this one apart is its faux-industrial design and decent build quality. It’s made of anodised aluminium with brushed metal finish, which both looks and feels very nice. The audio is good for a speaker this small. Lots of volume, but lacking in bass. I would recommend this speaker to anyone who wants something solid-feeling and not plasticky, small but eye-catching, with decent audio and the benefit of a lithium ion battery.

I got this for christmas and for the price it’s beyond amazing, goes super loud can turn up on phone and speaker. It lasts long 5 hours definitely. Even tested for my new years party with about 30+ and was brilliantly loud enough. I’m always using it and has great sound audio.

Battery life doesn’t last long always charging.

I really like this little speaker, although i think describing them as pocket speakers is a bit of a fib unless you have really big pockets and don’t mind sharp edges rubbing up against you. That, by the way, is my first and most serious criticism as it is a triumph of utility over design and its sound quality (for the price) is really rather good. I’ve tested it using rock, classical and acoustic music and it has risen to the challenge each time, but it’s real glory lies in the spoken word. I often like to listen to audible books when i’m driving or doing chores around the house and this speaker is a godsend for that. Trust me, listening to the sonorous voice of sir christopher lee reading tolkien is wonderful at any time, but through these speakers it makes doing the ironing, shoe polishing and washing up infinitely more bearable. The speakers on my laptop are also pretty puny but this speaker suddenly turns it into a first rate stereo. The instructions are really, really easy to follow even for a technophobe like me who views wi-fi and bluetooth as little short of witchcraft, and i had them linked to my iphone and playing music literally within a minute of switching the speaker on. There are thankfully few buttons to faff about with and thankfully no menus to scroll through, just on/off, play/pause and up/down. Charging up time is quite brief (about three hours) and playback time is about five hours.

I absolutely love this speaker don’t waste your money on more expensive ones this is very very good.

This bad boy has some volume for a bluetooth speaker. I have reviewed quiet a few bluetooth speakers for different manufacturers/companies and this one is totally the best so farin the box there is. 1 x jam titanium speaker1 x micro usb charging cable1 x instruction manualin fact everything you need except the gadget (anything with bluetooth capabilities) to link it topairing this speaker with my phone/tablet and laptop was literally a minutes work,if i as a 70 year old can pair this speaker and have it running in that amount of time (without looking at the instructions) then i am sure anyone cannow i am no audiophile by a very long chalk so i will not rabbit on about bass/treble etc. As i really dont know sufficient about it to discuss at length. To my ears the sound was simply the best i have ever heard from a bluetooth speaker. To my way of thinking, this little (15. 5 ) speaker has set a new benchmark in bluetooth sound reproduction. And unlike a lot of other similar products the volume is amazingly high. Hence i suppose that this is the reason why it only has a five hour battery life. . On the other hand it would be easy enough to leave it charging while playing simply superb.

For what they cost they are without doubt the best bluetooth speaker i’ve ever bought a.

Excellent sound from a small package.

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