JAM Audio Daze Speaker – Pocket disco.

This is about six inches tall, and makes a decent fixed/flashing light show. Nothing special, but fun in the corner of a room during a house party. The sound is ok, great for pop music, but not for hearing the nuances of a symphony orchestra or string quartet. I like it, and have and will use during house parties.

There’s not much subtle about this little speaker, but it is brilliant, literally and figuratively. Super easy to use and packed with disco funkiness it’s a lot of fun and ideal for an impromptu small space party. The thick plastic faceted top houses a set of led lights that have three strength settings that range from subtle and dim to all out disco. Not only that, but the leds rather coolly respond to the rhythm of the music and change accordingly. You can either stand it on its cushioned base or you can hang it from the detachable wrist band loop thingy, but if if don’t want the disco lights, there is an off setting. Sound wise it’s reasonably loud for a small room, but given its size it’s never going to be exactly deafening. That said it packs a punch for its size. It’s a good balance eq wise, but to give it more base it can be stood on a box, or some other reasonant surface. For me it’s just about right. There is a volume control and pause button on the unit, even a bleep when it reaches max volume, but personally i controlled it more from my phone than the unit itself.

Great little speaker with good clear and loud sound definitely packs a punch for its size. The lights flash at different speeds and it is really easy to connect to your phone or ipod etc. Your phone even rings to the speaker. Here are the specifications for the JAM Audio Daze Speaker:

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  • Transform any room into a dance floor with the Jam Daze Audio Speaker.
  • Create an instant atmosphere with the speaker’s built-in multi-coloured light show and great sound!
  • The lights change and move to the beat of your music, making every day feel like a party.
  • A removable tether allows you to hang the Jam Daze Audio Speaker upside down, allowing you to project the light show to make an illuminated dance floor.
  • With a 10 metre Bluetooth range, you can connect your Smartphone, tablet for up to 5 hours of play time. The Jam Daze Audio Speaker also features a speaker phone to make it simple to switch from music to calls.

The lights are really bright and move to the time of the music. Connects to phone via bluetooth so easily and quite loud.

The jam audio daze speaker is a very compact, well made device. The built-in battery takes up to 2 hours to charge for about 5 hours use. It is charged through a supplied usb cable from a pc or usb charger (not supplied). The speaker is basically a black cylinder with a transparent plastic dome on the top; the inside of the dome is multi-facetted. Power on (switch on the bottom) and multi-coloured lights flash inside the dome and are projected around the room. Controls for volume and incoming phone are around the bottom of the base. As soon as power is on the jam audio daze searches for a bluetooth player; pairing is automatic and very speedy. Range is perfectly adequate, if not huge. I’ve connected to an ipod, a windows phone and an android tablet, all without problems. But what makes this little speaker so different, is that there is a tether supplied which can be screwed into the bottom of the base so that it can be hung from a high point.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice item.
  • Home Disco
  • Love this speaker!!!

I bought the speaker from a shop yesterday and i am in love with itgreat sound quality and good bassthe lights make this product a must havethe only down side was that the charging cable that came with it didn’t go in properly. If you have a smart phone or tablet, use that charger and it will charge just fine. The cable was the only reason i gave it a 4 star, but apart from that, amazing speaker.

When i was offered the chance to review this product, i requested it, thinking the company had designed a speaker with a funky multicoloured gem on the top. The product arrived, boxed brilliantly in see-through packaging, with the promise of a light show on the side of the box. It turns out these speakers have a built in disco light on the top of them – it is completely not what i was expecting, but hey. The speaker is about the size of a can of fizzy drink, and it’s a tiny bit lighter than one, too.It’s black with a pleasing diamond pattern on the side, as well as the big multicoloured gem on the top – it looks like something out of the crystal maze. I set to work, getting it to charge straight away, using the provided usb lead and my phone charger plug. To get it to charge, you need to flick a switch on the bottom. Which made the most ridiculously loud noise i have ever heard – which indicates that the item is charging. I didn’t like that – thought it was a bit pointless myself.The speaker also comes housed on a blue table, and has a strap thing to hang it upside down from the ceiling.

The jam audio daze speaker gives big sound for its size. Was expecting some awful tinny sound from it but was surprised how warm the sound was with great audio quality. I love how this speaker can be easily carried around so ideal for trips away with no worry about power leads etc as a simple usb charge will do you. A good couple of hours of use from a full charge i have been getting. Simple to connect to via blue tooth or you can also use a jack input onto the unit if required. Simple function buttons on the unit too make is an easy speaker to operate. The disco lights are a fun feature with several different light settings including one that changes to the beat of the music you are playing. The lights are actually quite entertaining in the dark to say it is only several led’s. You can of course have them disabled. For a portable speaker with good sound & a decent price then you won’t go too far wrong with the jam audio daze speaker.

This is a great little gizmo. A speaker with built in disco-lights that project a light show onto the ceiling. It’s about the size of a small mug. Nicely made matt black plastic. Sound is ok/adequate; not much bass but quite clear/loud with minimal distortion at high volume. It’s about what you’d expect for this price point. Love the light show that times itself to the music. When dark it gives a decent enough disco effect to a small room. You can turn it off if you don;t like/need the lights. Perhaps a little more variation in light flashing would be good. Overall it’s quite good fun, decent quality, and reasonable sound.

This is quite a nifty little device with a decent sound for it’s size. I found that if you put the device on a table or box you get a better base sound. The lights work well and will be perfect for the balcony on holiday and the nice thing is you can turn the lights down as they are bright. The device is small enough to carry in a decent size coat pocket and being blue tooth it can be controlled from your phone or tablet. I find it a shame it doesn’t have a micro sim card slot but all in all a nice bit of kit well worth £15. 99 which is the cheapest i have found as they are charging silly prices on ebay.

I’m actually listening to music-a bit of ambient electro- on this jam audio daze speaker,as i write this. Unfortunately, not-as its main selling point suggests it should be used-as a wi-fi speaker connected via bluetooth to a device, but as my laptop doesn’t appear to have bluetooth, using an aux plug nicked from another speaker. Nothing exceptional, a bit of a rattle at certain pitches, but ok for general use listening to music or watching a video. The speaker came sitting on a plastic stand which looks like a table from a doll’s house. Thankfully you can detach it and throw it quickly in the bin. It looks much better free standing anyway. As for the flashing disco lights. What can i say, just what you want listening to a quiet bit of folk or classical.Again, thankfully, you can switch the disco lights off and just use it as a bog standard speaker.

Great speaker, compact and good enough quality for what it is. The lights give an added bonus, but can be switched off if not wanted. Overall nice little compact decent quality portable speaker.

Another great bluetooth speaker with added extras from jam arrives in the form of a disco ball-type machine, the jam audio daze. This little speaker is about the same size as a standard mug and contains a plastic dome on top, houses three different coloured led lights. The speaker has an on-off switch at the bottom, which also features a screw-in cord to hang the device from lights and make it look even more like a disco ball. The controls sit along the bottom half of the device, under the main black speaker area, and contain the micro-usb charging port (very small cable included), aux in for non-bluetooth equipment, bluetooth indicator light, a ‘star’ button to change the effects, volume up. It also contains a small hole for the microphone when taking calls. Simply switching the device on gives you an immediate burst of lights and a pretty noisy sound to tell you it’s all on. Pairing to an ipad and iphone was simply a matter of switching on the device then going to settings, bluetooth and finding the device there. It paired straight away with another noisy sound telling me it had worked. The lights continue unless you press the star button 4 times to cycle through and turn them off. The modes are all pretty similar to each other, with some making the lights all flash together while others give you different patterns. All told, though, it’s really easy to use. The sound quality is ok, considering this is a pretty small speaker, and there’s a lot of bass, but it does seem a little muffled at higher volumes. It’s not going to win awards for sound quality and probably won’t be any good in a large hall, but it would be fine for a party in a standard size living room. The lights cover a wide area, too, when placed on the floor and even more when hanging from the ceiling with the cord.

This is a very easy little speaker to set up, you just plug it in to charge for a couple of hours then connect via bluetooth and away you go for your own little party complete with fun flashing lights. I have connected to 2 devices (phone and ipad) at different times and it was quick and was both times. You can use it as a speakerphone that could be handy in meeting. Probably not with the lights onthe switching off of lights should be simple but there seems to be a knack to it; push the light button quickly and firmly to turn off and on but it doesn’t work every time. The lights do throw pretty patterns around a small room and this is a good, fun extra but the speakers are also a reasonable quality so it is not cheap lights gimmick but rubbish sound. I have used then for audiobooks, phone and music they are not tinny and have a good balance to them. The unit is small, compact and looks attractive not cheap.

An gimmicky speaker with a built in disco light that amused the kids for a while. It was quite colourful and would probably be excellent for an impromptu disco. Luckily, there’s a control to turn the lights down until they are off so you can just use it as a speaker. The sound is pretty good, with strong bass and more than enough volume to fill a room along with the lights. Pairing is quite amusing as the speaker emits a loud tune when you pair. If you want a nice sounding speaker that also acts as a portable disco, this is for youit came with a small usb cable for charging and a screw in tag so you can hang it from the ceiling – perfect for recreating the pink floyd concert experience in your living room.

Bought as a pressie for my teenage neice and she totally loved it.

This is a small but powerful little speaker. It does suffer with some distortion if you play it at full volume, when the bass distorts, but at up to around 80% the volume the sound is crystal clear. The disco light show is fun and changes along to the beat of the music you are playing, but does not seem to have an off switch so runs constantly as long as the speaker is switched on, yet the music can be switched off and the lights remainit is small enough to be portable and pairs very easily so can be stuffed into a bag and used to turn a casual gathering into a bit of a party.

Really easy to use even for this technology novice, dancing to taylor swift in my room within minutes, the music pumping out of the speaker, somehow, like magic without a chord between via bluetooth. Haven’t yet found a setting to turn the light off and just leave the sound running though.

Even allowing for its size, the sound is quite weak – i have had stronger sound from bluetooth speakers of the same size and smaller. However, they did manage to get a very sweet sound. It’s quite nice listening to classical music though i guess for the kind of party where you want funky lighting that isn’t the style of music you’ll have in mind. I have mixed views on the lighting. The effect is impressive and fills the walls and ceiling of a reasonably large room. However, there is no shielding and the brightness of the unit itself hurts your eyes in the dark. You may need to put it somewhere out of direct line of sight.

I like the product it is good quality for the price considering i paid €20, at the beginning i thought it was too small but it was power ,the sound is clear and lights are cool even if i don’t use very often, unfortunately the speaker arrived with some little scratches on top of the speaker where lights are, the rest is ok.

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