ILuv ttoth AUD Mini Speaker – Great speaker for the price!

Great speaker for the price. 95 in the us, about the equivalent of £10) this is a brilliant speaker. I wanted a small speaker to take on my travels that wouldn’t take up much space, would fill a hotel room with sound better than the built in speakers in my phone/table but didn’t cost a fortune, as it would need to cope with a busy lifestyle that put at risk its longevity. This speaker weighs far less than an iphone 5 but still packs a pretty big punch. Having easily paired it with my phone through bluetooth i was initially disappointed with the sound at what i thought was maximum (based on phone volume) but then, when i pressed and held in the volume control on the speaker, it suddenly jumped up to a volume well exceeding what i thought possible from such a small and light unit whilst not distorting excessively. Sure the sound loses some fidelity at maximum volume and doesn’t have a huge amount of bass but then i wouldn’t expect it to perform as well as a premium speaker that cost more than 10 times as much and is larger. I am yet to test the longevity of the battery but that doesn’t matter to me (others have mentioned 3-4 hours at medium volume, again good for the price). The fact that it has one along with bluetooth connectivity and will fit in my bag with minimal effect on the weight means this has hit the mark for me perfectly.

  • Great speaker for the price!

ILuv Bluettoth AUD Mini Speaker Black

  • Battery Powered