IK Multimedia Multimedia iLoud Studio Quality Portable Bluetooth Speaker For iPad & iPhone : Great speaker to combine with ipad.

Only a 4 on sound as on android there is a delay,when using microfone otherwise does what it says on the box.

So good i had to buy another one after my daughter kept ‘borrowing’ my original. Price second time around was great value.

Sound is good and quite bassy. Probably not the pure clarity you get with the bose but great volume and perfect for home recording set up with irig and things like garage band. Overall a cracking speaker for the price. This was my second one as the firts had to be returned as battery stopped holding charge. Early days with this one but so far so good.

I’d done a bit of research on portable speakers before buying this one and had seen good reviews alongside bad ones. What tipped it for me was the angle of it being created specifically for musicians. Myself being a guitarist and looking for something to use with ios apps was in need of something to accurately transmit the sounds of what i was using, hence this review is weighted towards it’s use in this area. I have been using ampkit and more recently bias and jamup pro so this is what i set about using. The first thing that struck me was how rubbish my own presets were on these apps as i’d created them on dynamic headphones rather than a more flat response system like this so points already for showing me up. It’s worth pointing out that your own expectations of the tone at this point must take into account that if you dial in something like a marshall stack, you’re not going to get something that sounds like a marshall stack through something like this. What you get is the sound of a digitally recreated stack, recorded with a digitally recreated microphone in a digitally recreated room, the signal of which is then fed through the speakers in front of you. Having recorded before with real gear quite extensively i have some basis for comparison and the sound that was delivered was very clear and showed up the nuances of the tone that the apps were creating, sparkling highs, some chunky bass and miss that cut through where it was needed. All in all it projects well and was chunky enough to deliver for general use. The amp responds particularly well to reverb effects and retains a big enough sound to make these effects cut through whilst retaining warmth and character.

  • I really like this product
  • Very good – has to be heard to be believed!
  • Nearly perfect

Multimedia iLoud Studio Quality Portable Bluetooth Speaker For iPad & iPhone, Black

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  • Frequency response 50Hz to 20kHz.
  • Four Class-D Amplifiers, bi-amped system.
  • Two way 2×3” neodymium woofers & 2×3/4” neodymium tweeters.
  • High performance bass-reflex port.
  • 1/8” stereo analog line input.

Had a feeling this speaker would be good, have used it with irig keys pro and various apps excellent,used it with amplitube also excellent, experimented with a bass amp in amplitube and connected an acoustic guitar reasonable sound, would even greater if ik multimedia bring out an acoustic app, if they haven’t already. To use with this speaker, it is a studio speaker so playback of recorded music is different, not bad but not audiophile stuff, it does what it’s meant for superbly and is vey well made, small, lightweight,and yes,loud.

This is probably the best portable bluetooth speaker i have ever bought or seen. I would thoroughly recommend.

You can even get a decent mix with these. Using it with amplitube however is not that great as the volume drops in and out for some reason. But the sound quality is second to none with a nice bass response. The amplitube issue is not a prob, as this was not the reason for purchasing the unit.

First things first, this speaker is amazing. I have been looking for a portabke speaker for a while now and this is the best one i have come across. While looking i have purchased the jbl xtreme, ue megaboom and the bose soundlink iii and none of them compare. In my room i use a bose sounddock speaker and the iloud easily compares in sound quality and loudness. Connecting to bluetooth is so simple and once connected it always automatically pairs up. The only bad thing about this speaker is that it came with a european plug and not a 3 pin uk plug, but other than that, this the speaker is so good. It is seriously a lot louder than any other speaker in its size range, would seriously recommend this speaker.

Extremely good quality and very powerful portable speaker. 5mm jack, bluetooth or direct 1/4 inch guitar (i use it with an electric violin). And if you have an iphone/ipad you add effects using the ik multimedia amplitude app. Only negative thing is does temporarily hiss a tiny bit for 20 seconds when turned on (i think it goes into bluetooth pairing mode which i don’t use. However for me this does not take away any stars, because it produces such an exceptional sound. Even it was twice the size i would be amazed.

I am actually quite embarrassed as to how many portable speakers i bought before stumbling across the iloud, thank goodness for amazon’s amazing returns policy. I was after a portable speaker for my honeymoon and also for the occasional fire in the garden. I also work as a dj in some venues lacking monitor speakers so required something that sounded decent at reasonable levels. So my journey starts with the bolse bts12, a great little speaker for the money but just a little bit too tinny for my snobby ears. I love my music to sound as true to the original recording as possible, this is good for the size and is ok if you are on a budget. Next up was the denon envaya mini, this one really impressed me for the size and the stereo imaging out of such a small speaker is incredible. If i were very limited for space in my luggage and didn’t mind always listening at low levels, i would have held onto this speaker – it really does produce a staggering detailed sound. Unfortunately not loud enough for my needs and the battery was not amazing. Next was the turn of the bose soundlink mini ii. At first, i was blown away by the bottom end this thing produced – how can such a tiny speaker produce such deep bass?.

Greatly surprised how good this product is. For portable use you can use it to monitor tracks, on the downside it is a little too bright so eq correctly.

I’ve been thinking of buying this for some time. Now that i have it, it’s okay for taking outside. It’s great for devices with blue tooth attached.

Excellent, better than i hoped for and still working fine after 18 months.

Good sound quality and a good price.

Fantastic sound, so glad i went for this instead of a soundbar. It makes films sound like the cinema and techno sound like i’m in a club.

I really like this product, it is incredibly well made and sounds great, it is very compact, and a very good solution for those with limited space or who are on the move. It has a good flat response for monitoring purposes. I would say that it is not a replacement or total monitoring solution but an addition to ones monitoring needs. Saying that it is a great piece of kit, and i am very happy with it. It is certainly loud, and given its size its quite amazing. I paid for this and did not get any incentives to review.

Sound quality not as good as the braven 850, which is strange, considering this is sold as a portable ‘monitor’ set up for musicians. Don’t get me wrong its sound is very good, and it is very loud (as the name suggests), but there is better quality out there. I use this iloud in a school setting, assemblies and the like, and it performs very well indeed, and is easily audible above the children.

I’m not exactly an audiophile, but this speaker is great for normal use in our small apartment.

Simply the best sounding portable speaker i have owned , the rrp of £239 is not 100% accurate as most sites have it at £200 or there about’s but even at £200 its a great buy let alone £169 when i bought it. Damn the black friday deals as whoever bought it at £125 on that day got a complete bargain. Bass is low and not boomy or bloated muffled like some others and mids and treble just right, not used bluetooth on mine but wired in from my fiio x1 and equaliser turned off it seriously kicks all other competition in the price range out of the water and compares and even exceeds the sound quality of speakers in the £300 plus range. I have been using this speaker at work on my fork truck and the only downside is battery life as the name suggests this speaker does go ‘loud’ but at considerable battery drain with 3-4 hrs maximum at a respectable sound level. The best solution was to use an external battery pack 20,000 ma h which keeps the speaker going for 2 x 8hr shifts at work. One thing to note is that the speaker has a bass port at the back so when placed in a corner at home the bass sounds deeper than if you have it it the center of the room, place the speaker near to a wall and the bass kicks in.

It’s arguably one of the most expensive portable/bluetooth speakers you’re likely to come across, but it’s also the best. I decided to try it out on maximum volume to test its limits and very easily overpowered standard car speakers and regular speakers on both volume and bass. The audio is incredibly clear and precise regardless of what you play, the only thing i’d say is place it in a corner with empty walls as the reverb. Downside wise in my opinion it only has the one, and that’s that you can’t plug a guitar etc. Straight into it and have to buy an irig separately as an intermediary. Is it expensive for a bluetooth speaker?.

The sound quality in this device is fantastic.

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Multimedia iLoud Studio Quality Portable Bluetooth Speaker For iPad & iPhone, Black
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