Hyundai Multicav Surround Sound Speaker Set 1150 Watts MAX – I think they are better in producing cars

I have to say these speakers are awsome they go well with the sony amp value for money i recomend these to anyone.

I searched long and hard to find suitable speakers,and finaly decided on these. For the money these are incredible. The bass is nice and deep without distortion, the treble and mid range are well balanced and again do not distort (if used with common sense i. E not flat out)they easily fill a room with sound. I am a pro musician,and have worked with hundreds of sound systems and am very happy with these. Hope this helps you to decide.

Given the price i was worried that this impulse buy might not work out but i’m very happy with this speaker set. I haven’t really pushed them yet but for the money they’re fantastic. The frequency range and power is good although if you’re really into your films you might still need subwoofer. To be honest, they’re great without a sub so i suspect you’ll still be happy.

  • Great Hyundai speakers
  • A Pleasant Surprise
  • Cheap and sound really good
  • A 2-bed-semi audiophile’s guilty pleasure
  • Very happy with results for the price, but a little tweaking required
  • highly recommend it to

These speakers are great they give out perfect base response and top end. If your after a low price set of surround speaker then i go for these. If you like star wars then you will enjoy like i did there superp for 5.

A 2-bed-semi audiophile’s guilty pleasure. After a lot of self persuasion, i retired my 11 year old creative inspire 7. 1 system and creative dts-100 decoder. I hooked themulticavs up to my sony str-dh820 receiver and left the subwoofer off to see how they performed on their own. They have the warmth of 1970’s wharfedale floor standers with the refined tiss of wharfedale’s modern equivalent. They’ll play pink floyd’s wish you were here album with intimate clarity and warmth. Bjork’s homogenic is reproduced in all it’s surreal, dynamic brilliance. To really appreciate the low end frequencies you will need a good subwoofer. That is probably a given as you are looking at surround speakers. The depth of the sound will only be as good as the machine supplying your speakers. With the money you save from buying the multicavs, you can spend on a decent amplifier and subwoofer.

Features of Hyundai Multicav Surround Sound Speaker Set 1150 Watts MAX

  • 335W RMS total power output (3 x 50W + 2 x 180W) – equivalent to 1150W max.
  • Rear speakers suitable for wall mounting – mounting hardware not included
  • Removable front grills
  • Neutral design, blends in effortlessly with your existing equipment and furniture.
  • 2-way centre speaker with 2 x 10 cm woofers and a Neodymium Tweeters

These are not the best speakers on the planet however are pretty darn good. The old fella has built several sets of speakers over the years and is a proper audiophile with valve amps and all sorts. Anyway these are not a patch on them and i wasn’t expecting them to be, people with that standard won’t even look at these, so if you are looking you want something cheap that will do the job, these will, just don’t use the speaker wire that comes with them and use a half decent amp. Good amp and these will give good soundpoor amp and these (or any other speakers) will give poor sound. That’s how i see it any way.

Very happy with results for the price, but a little tweaking required. These speakers are great for the money. They produce a full range of frequencies really quite well. The tweeters in the towers have a higher frequency range than the ones in the centre and surround speakers, but working together, they produce all the frequencies that are required. On the set i have, there is a slight resonance around some of the mid frequencies, so i would recommend thinking about a graphic eq, or using the automated speaker setup function some amps have. I used the latter and have gained warmth & clarity and the bass frequencies provide a good amount of feeling without being lairy. (if you like lairy, then get a subwoofer. )in summary, i doubt you’ll find a better set of 5 speakers for this money, just be aware that a little tweaking may be required to get the best out of them.

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  1. I think they are better in producing cars. Disappointing sound quality. Too robust and it needs lots of space. To install cables is easy for the small speakers only. I am not happy with it at all.
  2. This review is from : Hyundai Multicav Surround Sound Speaker Set 1150 Watts MAX

    Cheap and sound really good. I decided to make my own system as i read that the pre built systems don’t normally sound to great listening to music, i intended for this system to do everything and i and thrilled with the results. These are loud, clear and look great which is great concidering how cheap they are :dif i could rate these higher then 5 stars i would as they are without a doubt an awesome purchase.

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