HP NQ576AT LCD Speaker Bar – Good office speakers

I purchased this speaker bar to accompany a recently purchased hp monitor. The unit is easy to set up but it only fits certain types of monitor, which didnt include the one i had purchased. That was a minor quibble, but the main issue was that the sound quality was remarkably poor. It was very quiet and rather tinny sounding. It’s a nice idea, but badly executed and probably not worth the £[] i paid for it.

The bars fit to hp monitors. As i had dell monitors i had to cut small bit from the plastic hinge to fit it. Quallity is good for day to day office applications.

A great speaker with good sound quality. Not too good on for bass but will compliment a set of external speakers very nicely.

Don’t plug into hp monitor sound but connect to pc. Ok for pc sound and skype etc as long as you’re not into loud music. Neat and unobtrusive on hp monitor.

  • Nice idea but poor sound
  • Good office speakers
  • Good for looks, not great for sound
  • ok but needs addtional connection

HP NQ576AT LCD Speaker Bar

  • NQ576AT

I bought this item for a family member and they are very pleased with it. Fits neatly under existing monitor. Sound quality more than adequate for casual tv watching. Had to buy additional cables to connect it to the freeview box, but all in all, a good buy for the money.

Ok but needs addtional connection. I bought this for my hp lp2475w and thought they just needed a usb connection to work but they require you to connect the speaker cable with it i. The usb cable also have a speaker cable attached 3. 5mm speaker/headphone jack once connected you can control the volume using side volume button and switch it off, also has a headphone jack on the side. A usb powered speaker needs to have a built in dsp (digital sound processor) so it is really just plug and play with just the usb connection. To me it still does not sit right with the lp2475w monitor and makes a hissing noise while its on.

Good for looks, not great for sound. Sits well and designed for the screen but the sound quality is not great as it doesn’t have a great watt output, it is ok for a small quiet room.

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  1. This is a nice tidy piece of kit. It fits neatly on the bottom of my screen and does away with all the speaker cables that i had previously. Does not go very loud but suits me when playing music and is most adequate.

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