House of Marley Bag of Riddim 2 – Bluetooth Speaker Portable Bamboo Audio Sound System : Brilliant sound, brilliant sound machine

The bass is great and soud quality.

Wow – excellent sound, brilliantly built and convenient carry bag. I was after a speaker that i can take to the beach and away on trips with friends and was recommended this by a friend. It comes with a really well made canvas bag which fits the speaker nicely and supports you when carrying the speaker which is big and pretty chunky. It states 10 hours play time but it’s much longer than that when played at a normal/mid level. The construction of the speaker is of high quality. The brand boast of building it from sustainable material which is a great message and shows that it has been thought about by brand. The bluetooth range is very good (around 30m) and includes and integrate aux cable if you want to plug into your phone. Sound wise it is well worth the money – it can get very loud with no distortion and provides very good baseoveral a cracking (large) bluetooth speaker that is portable. It also looks stunning in and out of the house.

Oddly says battery is low after a short time but seems to last a long time after that.

This is house of marley bag of riddim is awesome. Beautifully packaged in a nice cardboard box, it comes with a universal power supply , with 4 x plug types; – 3pin uk, 2pin europe, 2 pin usa, and another 2 pin that i don’t know. As pictured the front is polished high quality solid bamboo and so is the back. It sits on two rubberised feet. T also comes with a hardy removable carrier bag. Once fully charged the lithium ion battery can last up to 10hours. On the top panel are the turn on buttons, blue tooth light and a plus and minus sign which actually when pressed skips to the next track or back to the previous track on your device. The connection to blue tooth is very easy once turned on, the blue light comes on and find it on your device and pair, once paired the voice that tells you it has turned on will also confirm it has paired. Use the volume on your devise to adjust the volume.

  • Love it!
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  • Great sound quality and attractive design

House of Marley Bag of Riddim 2 – Bluetooth Speaker Portable Bamboo Audio Sound System + REWIND Fabric Travel Bag, Faceplate, Aux-In, Easy Charge USB Port, 10 Hrs Play Time Battery Life

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  • 10-HOUR BATTERY LIFE: The Bag of Riddim portable audio system is powered by an internal 10-hour lithium ion battery. When you need to recharge, plug in the provided charging cable and the battery will be fully charged in 4 hours time.
  • SUPERIOR SOUND: Bass ports extend the frequency response of the driver, increasing the efficiency of low frequencies, giving you a true bass sound.
  • BLUETOOTH, USB CHARGING PORT & AUX-IN: Connect wirelessly for superior portability with Bluetooth technology (15m range), at home or on the go, Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless transmission from hundreds of devices. Use the integrated USB port on the front to charge other devices and an aux input allows for use with devices without Bluetooth.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Made from Marley’s exclusive REWIND Fabric, Bamboo faceplate and Recyclable Aluminum, the Bag of Riddim speaker delivers solid performance without sacrificing great-looking design.
  • REMOVABLE BAG: The Bag of Riddim portable speaker includes a custom removable bag with shoulder strap, handles and convenient front storage pocket. Great for sounds on the go.

Whilst searching for bluetooth speakers i thought long and hard what was needed almost bought the ones that had 1000+ reviews saying how amazing they sounded. Decided to go into a local store first to have a listen and it really made me wonder what some people define as good. In the end i took a gamble on this speaker. May not be as portable as some out there but it serves the purpose for me which is using it between different workshop locations. All i can say best purchase i have ever made with it surpassing the quality in sound and punch of more well known brands triple to four times it’s price. It’s only downfall being larger in dimension which doesn’t phase me as it’s like a good old boombox. If however you are after something with no depth, no punch and quiet be warned this is not for you.

This is probably one of the loudest bluetooth speakers for it’s size but most amazing is the bass response. This speaker produces a quality sound with plenty of low end grunt. I do like a controlled bass heavy sound and the bor delivers it without distortion. This isn’t hifi quality but the sound is still smooth and very enjoyable to listen to. When used outside you do loose a bit of bass and it couldn’t keep up with a rather noisy party we had. However most people were impressed with the sound coming out of such a small box. I say small but the bor is rather big for a bluetooth speaker. If you can live with the size and don’t mind a slightly unbalanced sound the bor is well worth a try.

My teenage son loves this good quality worth every penny.

The marley “bag of riddim” is a weighty and superbly constructed bluetooth speaker offered at an amazon price that afforded a massive saving on headline retail the device has a superb range and is reflective throughout the frequencies. However it must be signaled out – it has superb low hz base tones. A delight on spotify though it handled all music applications well from both samsung s9 plus and iphone 8. It is intuitive to use and comes in a well structured bag that supports it on the move. I am well impressed with both the aesthetics and the operation.

Much better than bose, jbl or sony.

Firstly the sound from these speakers is amazing . Out of the box, nice deep bass and crisp clear high notes, the unit looks amazing and being made of natural products is definitely a bonus. It doesn’t even hold the speakers in, the speakers btw at the front of the unit are delicate and unprotected meaning you are hardly likely to swing the bag to any rhythm, more likely to put it out of sight/reach (which is where the bag has ended up). My second issue is the battery, allegedly several hours play from a 4 hour charge, yet after an hours use you are warned “battery low”. You cannot leave this unit for long without recharging, and i don’t mean while using it. If left charged but unused for a while, the battery discharges and you have to charge again before using it for long. Not sure how it works being constantly plugged in ?.Would this damage the battery for use off grid?so besides a silly bag, vulnerable exposed speakers and odd battery behaviour, i love these speakers .

Good sound , especially bass.

I bought this speaker in the christmas sales and my first impressions is that this is a very good and loud speaker, the quality is amazing and the bamboo face is very good looking. The sound quality is great with very loud bass. But, after about 10 minutes of first use i discovered that the right woofer was distorting and making a very annoying sound. I have overcome this problem by putting bass reducer on, but i have ordered a replacement (which was very easy) as the product was faulty. If anyone else has this problem then please do say so. But otherwise this is a very good sounding speaker. Would defiantly recommend but not at £250.

This is not only an aesthetically pleasing portable bluetooth speaker, but it does pack a punch with sound quality too. In fact i think it’s a little more volume than i needed, however i have given it a good test and it performs well at all levels, especially bass wise where past speakers i’ve had were compromised at large volumes. The riddim 2 is kind of like a portable ghetto-blaster with its carry bag, which is ideal for a beach bbq or taking down the park. Like most quality speakers it pairs easily and has a good connection range, it’s not dropped out as i’ve wandered away with my phone in the houselastly, the bamboo / fabric finish on the faceplate and body is really good – i was a bit dubious of the build being based on organic / hemp / recycled materials. Plus actually fits in really well with my kitchen which is a bonus.

 this is a nice loud speaker – which is what you buy this size for right?. Good quality and amazing look and feel. I did a little box opening review for those who are interested.

Speaker that comes with a strap to carry roundso good for the beach and the wooden front looks very classy. Sound is amazing and connects effortlessly unlike bluetooth speakers i’ve had before. I have no negatives to mention.

You simply place the bag of riddim near the computer or whatever device you are using and set that to bluetooth. A voice will speak and tell you when you are paired up. It took all of 3 seconds approx. The music sounds so good from these speakers. It’s been a while since i had a decent sound system set up and i usually listen through my small speakers set for the computer. The bag of riddum is bass rich but not too much. This is for all kinds of music and i have played different genres and really can appreciate the clarity of sound. Notes are more distinct, voices are clean sounding. You can listen to music you know well and hear sounds you have not noticed before.

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House of Marley Bag of Riddim 2 – Bluetooth Speaker Portable Bamboo Audio Sound System + REWIND Fabric Travel Bag, Faceplate, Aux-In, Easy Charge USB Port, 10 Hrs Play Time Battery Life
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