HMDX Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker – : I love this little pocket rocket!

Bought two, one for myself and one for my 85 year old mother. She likes music, she’s got a tablet and there’s nothing on the tele. She’s getting a lot of enjoyment from it so far. I haven’t used it so much only because im busy with other things. Perhaps 4-5 times, when i have felt like dancing. Sound is reasonably loud and of reasonable quality. Obviously you will never get he sound quality of a proper system. What this does is project otherwise fairly low sound of a tablet outwards, so that you can hear around a room, or somewhere else in the house.

What can i say about this great little jam bluetooth speaker. I wanted a piece of music equipment to play with my mp4 player and looked and bought a two speaker unit and a woofer attached thinking that this would be ideal. When it came was useless so i sent it back to the manufacturer. I decided to buy this jam bluetooth wireless speaker with recommendation from my grandchild who said it was good,. When it arrived i thought this is not going to work due to its size. But all i can say is its brilliant the sound you get from your mobile phone on bluetooth is fantastic, the quality from my mp4 player not as good but its fine for the background music i need and it takes up so little room which is going to be ideal to take with me. I cant believe that the quality and the price of this little speaker is so perfect. I would recommend anyone to give this a try out.

I know there are more expensive and better rated alternative bluetooth speakers out there but i’m just too tight to spend £100 for what i perceive (rightly or wrongly) will be a marginal difference over a product that’s less than £20. So, after reading the reviews of the jam bluetooth wireless speaker, i plumped for one of these little babies. I bought it for occasional use when we are away from home because i have a decent hifi setup at home, and my laptop speakers are pretty good (and i normally use headphones anyway otherwise i get complaints from the television corner). It’s a very solid little unit, heavier than you might have expected i suspect that’s the rechargeable battery. After some time to charge it up, it connected first time to my phone, and within seconds, i was pumping very acceptable sounding music into the room. I’m of a generation where it’s considered rude to blast out your music or gameplay or “hilarious” youtube soundtracks to innocent bystanders (or byseaters if you are on the bus or train) – but this would be great for anti social idiots who want to do just that. You can either leave it connected to a charger for continuous use, or if you are on the move (for example in the quiet train coach on the edinburgh to london train) then you could just fire it up on the in built charge and you should get 2-3 good hours or unsociable aggravation out of it. Seriously, if used responsibly, this is a very good quality bluetooth speaker. The sound is really good and it is probably going to be a lot louder (and clearer) than you expect it to be for such a small (and cheap) unit. I think i made the right decision to purchase it, and while there are now many more similar speakers on the market than when i bought mine (some time back), i still think it holds up well.

The jam classic is a sturdy object about the size of a fist. There’s something rugged about this design. It gives every impression that you could drop it, trip over it, possibly even use it to knock a few teeth out of an alligator if you needed to, and it would probably carry on belting out your disastrous taste in music afterwards. You’re given two ways to play your tunes. For those of you who live in the 2010’s, it pairs happily with the bluetooth on your other devices. For others like myself, who haven’t quite got used to living in the future yet, there’s a reassuring minijack port on the side. The jam charges via mini usb and my only real criticism of this speaker is that the usb port feels a little loose. Despite its appearance, resembling the speaker version of a 2001 obelisk, there are actually five buttons on the jam classic. These are skip back, play/pause, skip forward and volume up/down controls. However, they are so discreetly tucked into the centre line of the speaker housing that it sometimes takes a moment to find the right one. Not exactly a disadvantage, but certainly a case of style over functionality. Noting that if i was an audiophile i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t be blasting 90’s punk rock out of a portable speaker, i am however, impressed with the sound quality. For something this size, the jam manages bass very well, and that puts it in my good books. Loud enough to annoy the s**t out of your neighbours at a festival?. Loud enough for 20 people at a beach party?. No, get a decent rig you cheapskate. I bought my jam three years ago and it’s still going strong.

  • I love this little pocket rocket!
  • what can I say perfect.
  • Buy it, you won’t regret it

Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker – White

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  • BLUETOOTH: Connect wirelessly with any Bluetooth device in a 30-foot range. AUX-IN PORT: Cord it up and listen on any device – Bluetooth or not.
  • SPEAKERPHONE: Answer calls directly from your JAM Classic speaker.
  • VOICE PROMPTS: Listen up! Your speaker tells you what it’s doing (powering on, connecting, etc.).
  • INCREDIBLE SOUND: Don’t let the small size fool you – this speaker kicks out massive sound!
  • PORTABLE: The JAM Classic can easily fit into a purse or backpack. RECHARGEABLE: Charge for 3 hours to provide up to 5 hours of play time.

I use this with my ipad and was surprised at how much sound this little speaker puts outit seemed to struggle when used in another room from the ipad, but if both are in the same room, this is stunning. Mine is the older version, but the newer ones can be switched to either left or right, so you can use two or more for surround sound. The tone is excellent, even better than my rather dated mini hifi.I play mainly classical music and i’m a big fan of pipe organ music, which sounds amazing through this little speaker, it’s like sitting in a cathedrali comes in its own little screw lid jar to protect it and it charges easily with the cable supplied. My only gripe is that the charging cable is very short, so it needs to be very close to the wall socket when charging. I like the fact that you can use it whilst charging and if i use it all day, i just keep it plugged in. For the price, it’s a real bargain and i highly recommend it. Please tick the box if you found this review helpful , thank you.

I seem to have a thing about bluetooth speakers, and now have one in pretty much every room in my house. Still, they’re so reasonably priced these days, it’s difficult to resist – and you can get a lot for your money. This jam speaker from hmdx (the electronics arm of the homedics brand, i gather) comes attractively packed in a plastic jar (jam jar – get it?) which is handy for storage, and includes a micro usb charging cable along with a 3. 5mm aux cable so you can use it with non-bluetooth devices if desired. Battery life is good – i found that the advertised 4 hours was about right – and the sound quality is incredible for such a small unit. This is a great speaker for any small to medium-sized room and would also be great for caravanning or holidaying, and at this price point would be a great gift idea for a music-loving friend or family member.

I honestly cannot believe how good this thing is. I wanted it for my workshop and needed it to be bluetooth so both my daughter and i can connect via phones. Turn it on and it says “charging” (literally, it talks). Switch your bluetooth on and it says “ready to connect”. Took longer to get into the packaging than it did to get it working. In my workshop, which we use for woodturning so it gets very dusty, i just put it in a sandwich bag. It’s roughly the size of a jam jar. The sound is unbelievably good, really crisp with great bass and it works flawlessly. Connection distance is maybe 30-40 feet. It dropped out when i went in the house this afternoon and i’d guess the distance from the workshop as around that.

Chatty “powering on” “ready to pair” “paired” “powering off” verbal feedback. You might get irritated by this, but i am fine with it. Nice sound, fills a 9m x 9m classroom easily. Could go to bigger rooms, and is fine as background music in a church.

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Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker - White
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