HMDX HX-P205PK RAVE Wireless Rechargeable Portable Speaker – Pink, Ultimate easy-to-use portable Bluetooth speaker!

This is the best portable speaker i have come across in the last few years, chiefly because it makes my daughter’s phone sound like a decent music player. Her blackberry used to be a distorted mess of noise when she wanted to add some volume due to the awful internal speakers. Now, her music plays clearly and without distortion and i am really pleased that we’ve got this for our ears as well as hers.

This is a pretty good bluetooth speaker. Pairing is a breeze, and charging through the internal battery works really well. Hmdx know what they’re doing. As an old school hi-fi enthusiast, the sound quality is never going to match up, and even for a little bluetooth device, it’s borderline listenable (to my ears) to enjoy good music. It’s great for spoken word stuff though, which is how i use it, late in the evening. To the touch, the build quality and materials don’t feel up to the same quality as the range of jam speakers, also by hmdx. It is, however, solidly put together.

Talk about easy to use – right out of the box. Ready to switch straight on with the built-in chargeable battery, we were up and running with it in seconds, switching between several devices, sharing songs and generally having a lot of fun. On apple devices it’s just a case of turning bluetooth on and tapping the hmdx rave option, then you’re connected and ready to play. Charging is likewise very easy, with a supplied cable to plug into your iphone charger. For a small speaker, the sound isn’t too shabby at all – decent bass and the volume fills a decent-sized room. Very portable, lots of fun, especially at gatherings when a few of you have bluetooth devices – can’t recommend it enough as a pint-sized party piece.

Key specs for HMDX HX-P205PK RAVE Wireless Rechargeable Portable Speaker – Pink:

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  • A powerful speaker delivering clear sound
  • Connects wirelessly up to 10 metres away
  • Works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices: smartphones, tablets or use 3.5 mm audio output
  • Built-in rechargeable battery – up to 4 hours playback
  • Smart and compact design

Comments from buyers

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This bright and small little speaker has a great sound. Fully wireless and rechargeable which means you can take it around the house and listen to your music. Even though it is small its really loud and clear sound.

This is a great sounding portable speaker, works well with both bluetooth and the old fashioned way of connecting by wire. Really easy to set up and use. It looks pretty stylish, it is very pink though – shame it’s not available in other colours. It seems like good quality for the price as is well-made and pretty sturdy. My only complaint is the shortness of the charging lead, it is only about 20cm which doesn’t reach very far. This is no major problem, just slightly irritating. As with most things these days, you need to have a usb plug-in charger or charge it up via a computer/laptop. All in all, a good purchase.

This is a great fun speaker, my youngest daughter loves it, 1 its pink, 2 its wireless, 3 its amazingly high quality, what else do you need for this price.

I used this speaker with a google nexus 7. It was easy to set up over bluetooth – although the instructions failed to mention that a bluetooth password would be required (fortunately it’s the default, 0000). Once connected, it produces a good clear sound. I would have expected something a little louder – on full volume it is an improvement over the maximum volume of the nexus’s internal speaker, but not by a huge amount. I’d imagine though that with a smaller device such as a phone or ipod this speaker really would make a big difference.

Works great really loud daughter loved it great little gadget turned up before time stated very happy.

Excellent for the price i paid.

As other reviewers have said, this device is neat, well engineered, well made and easy to use. You simply connect to your mp3 player / smart phone / computer either through the aux jack cable provided or via bluetooth, and off you go. It’s vibrantly pink, which doesn’t bother me, but if you feel it would clash with your decor, there’s a grey version available as well. It has little rubberised feet so it won’t scratch your furniture. It’s surprisingly small, but produces enough sound to fill the average living room (or kitchen). I don’t know what more to say really. At just under £40 it’s not cheap, but i think it would make a lovely christmas present.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this was easy to set up and charge for the first time. It was quickly used with an ipad and the sound from the speakers was considerably better than i was expecting. Quite a decent bass to the sound. The unit has little rubber pad feet so it can sit safely on top of polished surfaces etc without the risk of scratching them. I am quite sure this item will get plenty of use. Pricewise like many electronic items you can shop around. I do not think it is overpriced. The pink colour of the unit is quite dark so not too glaring. The packaging was very sturdy and everything arrived in excellent order.

This is a bit smaller than i expected but it can still put out adequate sounds. I like the bright neon pink but it’s probably not to everyone’s taste. Might appeal to more people if it came in a wider range of colours. Arrived with a charge to get going and was up and running in a couple of minutes without a hitch. I’ve used it to listen to audio books when i’m in pottering around the house and considering the size of the speaker it puts out a decent noise. It’s more than adequate in my quiet house to listen to my stories. It’ll be nice when the warm weather comes around again to be able to take it out into the garden with us so we can share our tunes for us all to hear. It’ll make a nice change from everyone sitting around with their headphones on, each listening to their own individual music.

Bought this for my 10 year old daughter and she loves it, great present and it looks well sitting in her room.

The most noticeable thing about these speakers is that they are really very pretty. (you have to like pink though). They are smaller than i imagined from looking at the picture. This makes them easily portable. They are also easy to connect either with bluetooth, usb or auxiliary cable. (both types of cable are supplied). They will work with blackberry, phone, mp3 player, tablet or laptop. The sound quality is good especially considering they are battery powered speakers. They will be most useful for connecting to phones and mp3 players in order to get the most out of the portability. The overall combination of portability, sound, and appearance makes these a really good buy.

Found that windows 10 would not accept blue tooth on it ?.

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