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I don’t usually bother posting reviews but i’m impressed enough with these speakers to do so. My old dell speakers broke after years of service and i initially wanted something similar to replace them but decided instead of spending £60 i’d splash out on these guys at £99. I’d read other reviews mentioning the sound quality and wasn’t that bothered because they’re only for the computer, but wow, they were right. A much warmer and more balanced sound than my previous dell speakers and the bass is both more pronounced but also less boxy. I’m not sure how to explain that, but it sounds more like a “traditional” stereo setup rather than the “heavy top end and heavy bass” which many computer speaker systems employ. I listen to both streaming lossless music, and everything inbetween, and it all sounds massively improved. It goes without saying that these things are much better looking than any other system i looked at, but they also feel much more solid and sturdy. Conclusion – if you’re trying to decide between the cheaper “regular” style of grey box computer speakers and these, you won’t regret going for these.

Once in a while, not very often, you buy a product that is perfect in every way and this is one of those products. I needed some speakers for my imac and the guy in the shop recommended these and said he hadn’t found better. Having got them out the box they look superb even though the design of them is a few years old they still look like something from outer space. They definitely look the business. Coupled with this is how they feel (this may sound odd) but they are reasonably weighty items that feel very solidly put together. The quality of the build is in my opinion excellent and what you’d expect i guess from the germans. In addition to this the sound is excellent, as another reviewer said i’m hearing things in the music i’m playing that i haven’t heard before. The sound quality is exceptional. Couple all this with an exceptionally low price when i bought them and frankly they are perfect.

Combine with a bluetooth reciver and this is brilliant-. Don’t forget the volume buttons on the stick for additional boost. Took me two weks to find them.

I’m using these straight out of the 3. 5mm monitor jack on my apple mac to listen to spotify whilst i work and mince around on the internet and the sound quality is very nice. Well made, not as classy looking as i thought as i think i expected glass not plastic but quite individual nonetheless. I replaced a decent pair of usb powered logitech speakers that i thought did the job well, until i plugged these in. I’m hearing different notes/percussion etc on tracks i didn’t hear before so i’m very pleased so far. Sound quality is clean, sub is ample. The speakers don’t appear to distort either at almost full volume. 1 surround system running off a digital amp so it wouldn’t be fair to compare to that, but if you’re on a budget and/or using with a pc you’ll be very impressed.

  • A great seller of a great product.
  • Superb sound quality, great price.
  • Have to say that I am so glad that I did

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III LED Desktop Wired Speaker System – Transparent

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They look great, sound great. My only issues with them is i wish i could turn off ‘stand-by’ mode – there is a 1-2s delay before they start to play again if no sound has come from your output for a while. The volume seems to always start off really low – i thought they were faulty for a while but they just needed the volume to be turned up – a lot. Love them though – they always get positive comments – sitting as they do in pride of place on my desk – inc the sub – to pretty to hide out of sight.

Bought as a birthday gift for the husband-i got muy brownie points for that one. I thought they looked a bit too space age from the 70s but the sound quality has made me change my mind. Wonderful clear bass and singing treble. There is a standard volume knob on the bass speaker but the treble one has a very small touch sensitive control which takes some finding the first time you look for it.

I have been considering replacing my logitech 2. 1 speakers for over a year now and i brought these harman/kardon soundsticks 111s a few days ago. Have to say that i am so glad that i did, as they are everything i expected them to be. Am running them from a creative zx r sound card and software with the whole system on top of my desk, after all they look so cool it would be a shame to hide them away ” most of the other speaker systems just seem to be ugly black boxes and these are works of art ” and the sound from them is great for the price. Mids and highs are really clear and the sub is smooth and fairly low ie you have to allow for the size and price. The sound is not as deep and rich as the rel sub on my hi-fi system but that sub cost five times what this system costs and puts out 150 watts lol,so really this is a great buy. In short buy it ” you can always return it as amazon has a great returns policy” but i think that you will like it and you can add bluetooth for about £40 later if you want.

These speakers were the perfect replacement to my £15 cheap desktop speakers, the improvement in sound quality is massive. The build quality is good, feels well made and sturdy. The sub was a bit bigger than i imagined but it is better suited to be under my desk as the bass caused the desk to rattle. Some of the reviews here criticise the power button and bass dial being on the sub which – in most cases – is going to be out of the way; i found that once you have found the right level of bass you don’t bee to adjust it again. Also, the sub goes into standby after a short period of no input so you never need to switch it off. It also turns itself back on when you do play sound, there is a delay of a few seconds but it doesn’t bother me. The volume buttons are on the right stick and are touch sensitive – pro tip i learnt: press both buttons at once to mute the sound – and work as you’d expect. They are capable of producing enough sound for a house/flat party and you will receive compliments on them. My only bugbear is the light on the sub is a little underwhelming and it would have been cooler if it was a cool blue colour or you could set the colour. It is only a minor grip as the sub is under my desk anyway.

These speakers are amazing, well worth the price. The sound itself is excellent, no faults from my view. The base from the subwoofer is great and adjustable, these speakers have a power saving setting which i don’t like, i am not sure you can turn it off but there is a light in the sub which indicates wether the speakers are activated or not, when watching or listening to something , the light will come on and sound will flow through, if you pause for 5 minutes the light goes off and when you press play the sound will not come through for 5 seconds. Apart from that these are great, they sound and look good on my desk, no complaints.

Amazing pair of speakers for just £80. Get it when it is on discount. The treble is crisp and the bass is a tad bit muddy but you can change it with the knob on the sub-woofer. If you have a carpet floor, i suggest that you put a piece of cardboard underneath the subwoofer to make the bass cleaner. As for mids, it is somewhat lacking but overall, female vocals are still alright, you will definately enjoy this speaker when you get them. Now just have to wait a couple of years to determine the longevity of this speaker.

Even though these are now £20 cheaper than when i bought them a month ago they were really good value even then. I bought these for my teenage daughter and she is thrilled with them because they look and sound good. They were very easy to set up- i ordered the 43p 3. 5mm connector advertised as ‘customers also bought’ and that was brilliant too. She instantly had it connected up to her mp3, notebook and laptop. All worked smoothly and will be an ideal purchase for her to take to uni since as i say they work with all of her devices but take up very little room on her desk. Totally recommended, especially for those who don’t use apple products.

Goes on to standby after a few mins of silence takes a second to kick back in when there’s sound again. Really great sound and loud.

I am a concert pianist and an extreme audiophile. Due to the affordability and design of this product, i decided to give these speakers a go. Firstly, the design is fantastic and also sturdy. Even though in the picture the product looks fragile or very light-weight, they are not. Instead they are very well built and sturdy. I always listen to complex contrapuntal orchestral music to gauge the quality of any speakers. I was thoroughly impressed with how the harman kardon soundsticks handled the audio reproduction. The subwoofer is extremely powerful whilst maintaining clarity. The standing speakers produce an extremely accurate tone.

Replaced some logitec z323s which i though were ok but i found i was listening to more music whilst on the pc so wanted something better. Not sure i like the design and the controls are a bit fiddly. These, are however trivial niggles. Great sound, good instructions and easy to set-up.

I got these on boxing day for £69. 99 and let me tell you – i hooked these up through the headphone output of my lg 42″ smart tv and now have a sonic experience no sound bar can match. Minor quibble over length of speaker wire but this is being picky. The sub is immense in depth and the whole thing looks amazing set up – i have a low console tv unit with the speakers either side of the tv and the sub on the floor. Amazing clarity, bass and quality in all ranges.

These speakers are loud with great bass, but also perform very well at low volume. They work flawlessly from music to film to voice. Amazon messed up a bit and send me a returned item. The seller responded quickly giving me a couple of options on what to do next when i contacted them, and i now have a shiny new set with a no hassle return of the damaged set. All in all, quick, efficient and great comms. I negative is that the speakers sleep when not in use. There is a slight delay for them to wake up, so you can easily miss alert sounds (hearing an electric click instead) and the first few seconds of video on youtube or similar. Once they are awake, though, they work fine. It is annoying, and there seems to be no way to stop them going to sleep.

I thought i’d add my own review of the harman kardon soundstick iii. Delivery and packaging is the usual good stuff from amazon – no complaints there. Opening the box and the sheer beauty of the subwoofer is just amazing, it’s quite light and it feels very solid and just oozes quality. The satellite speakers are very nice and equally well made, the black doughnut like stands are nice and heavy to keep them stable. There’s plenty of cable for the satellites, if you wish to place them a distance from the subwoofer, the cables are a nice metallic braid shrouded in plastic, and add the quality look and feel. All plugged in and connected to the ipod touch, i thought i’d give them a workout – the verve, followed by the the editors, followed by ellie goulding followed by the killers, followed by mumford & sons. Well, for the price i paid which was £99, i was simply stunned – there are instruments on the the verve’s – the drugs don’t work that i never knew were on the track. The bass is adjustable by a dial on the rear of the subwoofer, and it really cranks it out, and volume via a -+ on the right satellite speaker – just touch it and it responds instantly. It is aimed at the desktop / imac / ipod / iphone market, but it excels at this as it it only has a 3. 5mm stereo jack input, but comes with a phono to jack socket connector.

They just arrived today and they’re pretty much what i expected them to be. Gorgeous and sounding amazingthey are well packaged in a very nice box and are very easy to set up. All the cables seem really strong and well protected and the volume controls (especially that of the satellites) are awesomewhen it comes to the sound, i’m absolutely amazed by how crisp it is and how well the woofer performs, not covering everything else. Amazing quality for their price.

To start off, these speakers are by far the best for the money (i paid £89). The satellites are very clear and are quite loud and the subwoofer, once broken in properly, does produce enough bass for most music in general. In terms of frequency response i would say these speakers can accurately reproduce highs and mids well but the set is let down by the subwoofer (which does not produce any frequencies below 50hz). Due to this, i would only recommend these for people who are not complete audiophiles but want to listen to high-fidelity music. Edit: after a year of moderate use the one of the satellites is broken and the subwoofer bottoms out at high volumes. Lowered to three stars because of poor durability.

I spend quite a few days trying to decide which speakers to buy. So i think i did my homework pretty well. Initially i wanted to get a speaker system without a subwoofer due to limited space. Nothing on the market, this side of £200 doesn’t sound even remotely close to a system with a subwoofer. These are quite a bit more than jbl creatures, which i also considered, but harman kardons sound way better. And i personally think its money well spent. Hk soundsticks are not without fault. They look great with that transparent polycarbonate but they are nightmare to maintain clean in a busy household. All wires in the sub are hardwired so if anything goes wrong, nothing you can do but replace the whole unit. Although very thick and well protected they are are everywhere around your computer/laptop and don’t go well with nice and clean lines of the speakers. You will overlook all these minor faults when you have them set up and start listening some music or watch a movie. They are simply stunning at this price range. Again, if you are looking for some very loud speakers, look elsewhere. Logitech is a good choice for you than. 1 speakers were logitech z340. But you can’t really make out words in a song at the top end. My 10 year old son loves them, so he ended up having them since hk’s arrived. Soundsticks on the other hand are beautifully clear.

I bought these to go with my mac along with a cheap and cheerful third party bluetooth adapter (saving a fortune over the wireless version of these speakers). Sound wise the speakers are stunning, amazing depth of sound and sooo much volume. This is the reason why i bought them, they complement my macbook pro beautifully. Been after a pair of these since they were first released and having finally taken the plunge i’m not disappointed – love them.

I am writing this review maybe a year or so after purchase. The speakers are superb, the sound is far superior to my old speakers. However i have one gripe, the cord that goes into my computer i believe it is called the 3. It has weakened considerably over time – not much unplugging and plugging in – and i have to balance the cord in a certain way so the sound isn’t fuzzy. If the cord is knocked you hear a loud fuzzing noise. I will have to buy a replacement soon as it becomes very irritating and ruins the quality of the sound.

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