Harman Kardon Harman/Kardon Esquire 2 Thin Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System – Good looking speaker

Long battery life, great connectivity responses via bluetooth and super light weight. A great device at a good price. Some tracks can sound a bit thin and tinny when you crank the volume up but apart from that, it was a good purchase and highly recommended.

Excellent unit protection, could do with some entries for charging.

The sound is amazing for such a thin and compact speaker. I heard it in a shop overseas and decided immediately i was buying back in england. It’s so handy for those people that travel a lot and there is stylish and strong protective carry case you can buy. Worth it as you don’t wan to damage this speaker. If you read the reviews they get quite technical about details; you can get really caught up in it and i just went for it as my ears were the deciding factor. It’s extremely clear, loud and the bass is fine. Great sound and you wont be disappointed. Here are the specifications for the Harman Kardon Harman/Kardon Esquire 2 Thin Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System:

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  • Premium Bluetooth speaker with built-in conference phone system
  • Engineered with 4 drivers & a passive radiator to deliver impeccable audio
  • Built-in quad-microphone conference system delivers impressive clarity at 360 degrees
  • Wirelessly connect up to 2 smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns playing rich, high-end music
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of continious audio

Great for travelling or just using on my fairly cluttered home office desk.

I feel that this speaker is better for some types of music than it is for others. One of the types of music that this is bad for is rap music or any music that has a lot of bass. For any music as long as you don’t exceed 3/4 volume sounds good on this, but when 3/4 volume is exceeded, then it starts to cut out the music and sound like a darlic​.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • the sound is amazing for such a thin and compact speaker
  • Great speaker
  • Impressive speaker

Very portable and easy to use.

I hold a lot of conference calls from home, esquire mini is a brilliant piece of kit, makes the job so much easier, very clear and great microphone, very easy to use and lasts all day plus on a charge.

Excellent product however too pricey for what you get.

Well yes of course it doesn’t have much bass – it’s tiny so what do you expect?. But the clarity and punch of the sound more than compensate. And it fits easily in your pocket. I tried the speakerphone option and it wasn’t great though. Sound rather muddy but reception was clear as a bell. So provided you want it for music and you don’t want gut wrenching bass i then this is highly recommended.

Beautifully made and good sound also.

As sales consultant once said to me – if apple was going to make a speaker, it probably would not look too different to this. It is a very nice piece of sculpture. It has a clean finish that looks minimalist – it looks great for itto use, it is very intuitive to use. It has a power, blue tooth, and phone button (as you can use this to hold conference calls via your phone) – its easy to operate straight out of the box. I would give it 5 out of 5 for design innovation and use. For its ability to reproduce excellent quality sounds, it is limited by its physical design (being only 2 cm deep) to allow it produce mid to high range frequencies well, however, it is low frequency/bass reproduction is limited. Based on its small size, excellent physical design, weight and its ability to produce music crisp mid to high frequency – i would recommend this speaker as rucksack travel companion. This was my reason for purchasing this speaker from harmon kardon website at £90 refurbished (with a discount voucher), with free delivery and 2 year warranty. Update 24 april 2015i bought a cheap ds lite game case (brand speedlink) that the harman kardon esquire mini fits perfectly to provide protection when transporting in the ruck sack – see photographs.

Great piece of kit, especially in conference speaker mode.

The great: elegant design, premium feel and amazing sound quality for its size (about the same size of an iphone 6/6s, apart from being a bit thicker)the surprise: siri activation (long press and hold call button), the call button can also answer/reject calls, play/pause/skip songs. The not so good: coming from bose bluetooth speakers and headphones i have found the esquire mini is not as fast as bose soundlink mini 2 from powering on the device to establishing a connection. As soon as i power on my bose speaker/headphone the bluetooth connection is established immediately (1-2 seconds) however this can take the esquire mini 3-5 seconds. Also when i connect my iphone to the bose speakers there is a battery indicator next to the bluetooth icon showing how much battery left on the speaker and that is not the case with the esquire mini. Hopefully harman kardon will roll out a new firmware address this issue. Esquire mini vs bose soundlink mini 2 sound quality: the esquire mini isn’t going to have as big of a sound as the soundlink mini 2, but it has better clarity, and the vocals are great. There is no other speaker out there this size, so it can’t really be compared to any other speaker, except maybe the jambox mini, which sounds good but has no volume. The esquire mini gets louder then the jambox mini, looks better, sounds better, and is truly the size of a smart phone, the esquire also charges your phone too. Just remember this speaker is the size of a phone, and is very thin, so their isn’t much cabinet room for deep bass, but the sonic performance, and the clarity are great for a speaker this size .No one else (including bose) has been able to make a speaker this small and thin, and this is the first of this size .

Amazing sound from something so small.

This speaker is pretty impressive for its size, really pleased with it.

Bought it mainly for travel, for which it is perfect because it’s small, has easy to pack shape, built in stand, sounds great.

Best portable speaker on the market, small, neat and great quality sound. Beats other competitors into the ground. Most attractive speaker i have come across with should quality to match.

Excellent product and it fitted the contents perfectly.

Fits perfectly with the ports exposed for charging, etc.

It works great and i enjoy the music.

Not only does this speaker look great, but the build quality is really good too, and the sound is fantasticall in all, totally happy with my purchase – would recommend.

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