GGMM Wifi Speaker – Very good sound

Exquisite workmanship, good sound quality, if can insert sd card and usb is better. If you buy it will not be disappointed.

I actually bought this from ebay( new) but i would still like to give my views on this product. Goodthe sound quality is actually quite good for a portable speaker. I have had to turn the bass down a lot though as i find it far too bassy with the bass even on halfway. With the bass down and the treble up it sounds pretty good. Not too heavy and very portable. Battery life is great, lasts all day for me. Bad i would have rather had a proper handle that folded backwards rather than a leather strap as it tends to get in the way of using the buttons. What’s with the separate wi-fi and bluetooth mode, why aren’t they integrated like on my echo?. Why does it switch off every thirty minutes if no input. At least give an option- it takes ages to start up and connect to wifi.

The sound is brilliant for the size of the unit. So why only 3 stars, i was so impressed with the first one, so i bought a second one, that’s where things went down hill. Using the app to bind the units works well to set one for left channel and the other for right channel, however after switching off then on both units swith back to mono ‘both playing the left and right channel’ so you have to use the app to switch them back to separate channels. Also to conect to amazon music you have to use a phone or tablet to receive via wifi a app then use blue tooth to conect to the e5, why not direct via wifi like connecting to spotify. They were both quite slow to log into the internet, but now one of them will not conect to the internet. It’s a shame because without these problems it would be a 5 star product.

The speakers features are excellent and the configuration rather straightforward. If i can recommend some improvements it would be on a lower frequency response and more dynamic sound but in the class of speakers it is quite ok for the form factor. Maybe a direct fm radio support could be a bonus.

The rating of 4 starts relates to the main functionality, considering the expanded product experience, i would really only get 3 stars. Main pros: – decent audio and rich base (given the unit’s size) – great ios app with a broad range connectivity options (i did not test the android app. ) – great and robust physical designmain cons: – battery charging circuit cannot handle a drained battery. (see more below) – wifi security issue (see more below) – wifi can only connect to 2. 4ghz frequency networks and does not work with 5. 0ghz networks – insufficient manual (the online version i found did not include additional help)additional comments:the ios app gives a broad set of functions, settings and information screens. Some of the settings and navigation can however be a bit unintuitive at times. The apple airplay feature integrates easily with all apple devices. The buffering lag is quite considerable, but i cannot comment on if this is normal or if this specific for this device. When playing through dlna, the device does not an other device to feed the audio stream, but i did experience some serious delay and unresponsiveness adjusting the volume whilst playing over dlna.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent quality of sound!
  • Really impressive, great quality overall
  • Quality sound

Would highly recommend it if you value your sound quality. I’m actually listening to it as i write this. Listening to the beatles “abbey road”.

The ggmm e5 bluetooth speaker looks and functions exactly as described. Really like its sleek design which blends in quite well with the interiors. It’s rather heavy though compared to similar speakers of its kind, but the leather strap enables you to move it around easily. Sound quality is good in general compared to my sony hifi at home. Tremble and bass can be configured with the buttons on the speaker to enhance the sound quality, which is quite smart for a speaker device like this. Its battery is good for around 15 hours which is pretty impressive. It also has a usb output to charge your phone.

The process of connecting is quick and easyvoice had nice quality.

The speaker is excellent in relation to its sound quality and versatility, particularly in view of its size. The only reason i haven’t given it five stars is problems with connectivity to the internet. It’s impossible to do so by following the instructions on the app, and eventually you arrive at a point where you are given a message to make the connection manually. Once that appears, it’s fairly straight forward, but the manufacturers really do need to address this as the process of connecting follows no logical sequence, and i seemed to get there by trial and error. That aside, alexa and bluetooth work really well and the preset button allows up to six stations to be stored. The power reserve is phenomenal, up to 15 hours per charge is claimed and this seems to be fairly accurate. All in all an excellent product, but you need patience to connect to the internet. However, once set up it connects every time when switched on – takes on average around 30 seconds to do so.

No wonder it’s the best buy of bluetooth speaker under £100 (bluetooth version). The design is pretty good, although not as attractive as beoplay a2 to me, which is much more expensive than this ggmm speaker. While the a2 has a contemporary design, this one features a retro design. The bluetooth connection is quite straightforward, while for a wifi connection, it requires an app on your phone. With wifi connected, amazon alexa voice service is enabled. Unfortunately, i don’t have any other smart home devices atm so that’s a shame. For the sound quality, i’m pretty impressed by this speaker. It has four 5 watts units, two for full freq, and for two mid-low freq. It’s probably not as loud as my big beolit 17, but it’s more than enough for indoor use. I’ve played some pop music and the classic hotel california.

So good on sound and super easy to use. Not really independent from the app, but you can stream your own music with airplay once you have the app on your device, so no worries. I wanna get 3 more for the house.Love to be able to adjust the sound balance etc myself, but it sounds pretty good outright.

If you like the warm, fat bose sound then you’ll be at home with the e5. For listening to speech radio you can tweak the bass down a little with the musically useful eq. Connection and range on wi-fi and bluetooth is excellent. Airplay is seamless from an iphone and macbook. I carry this around the house all day – it lasts for the whole day at decent volume. Alexa is very useful, and you have to press the button which is how i want it – amazon aren’t listening all the timeoverall an excellent device. Ilinseriously considering a second purchase for a multi-room setup.

Sound quality, portability and battery life brilliant. Frustrating that alexa is not voice activated as thought it was.

I am very pleased with the ggmm e5 speaker. No problem with connection to wifi or bluetooth devices and the build quality is very good with deep bass and very little distortion at high volume.

It is really to easy to setup and is worth buying for how much sound it makes. You can also tune up or down the volume so the neighbours won’t get annoyed whilst you did your stuff.

Took a bit of working to set up alexa needed to be rebooted and upgraded before it appeared. The commands do not operate the same as sonos or echo and i spent time with amazon helpline as i couldn’t get the music unlimited account to work. However once helped through and we realised you had to use different phrasing the alexa command response improved.

One of the best speaker bought. Its easy and simple to setup comes with all the accessories and user manual. Download the app and it has got some options to be connected to listened. Used it for online radio and quite happy with it. Connectivity wise it has got wifi, bluetooth and aux. All i can say, another happy customer.

Really happy with this speaker: the sound quality is amazing with very clear and deep bass without obstructing the mid and trebles, and the connectivity works really well (both wifi and bluetooth). I have only one for now but will probably buy a second one to put it in the second floor of my house for full coverage.

Sleek, compact, easy to use and sound is excellent.

This is a really nice piece of kit. Not only can you connect via bluetooth but also over wifi. If you purchase more than one speaker you can link them up and have the same music playing in all rooms (party mode) or have different songs playing. I found it easy to set the speaker up and it now has pride of place in my living room. The sound quality is superb with a deep bass and rich, clear vocals. I’ve also linked this to my alexa so i get all those fab sounds with a quick command.

It looks great in my living room. The sound quality is really good and the volume is perfect for a small speaker. I’m impressed with the connectivity as well. And best part us this speaker is wifi alexa enabled so you dont need anyother device to play music from if your speaker is connected to wifi.

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