GGMM Bluetooth Speaker – It is such an amazing sound with this small speaker

It looks great in my living room. The sound quality is really good and the volume is perfect for a small speaker. I’m impressed with the connectivity as well. And best part us this speaker is wifi alexa enabled so you dont need anyother device to play music from if your speaker is connected to wifi.

Would highly recommend it if you value your sound quality. I’m actually listening to it as i write this. Listening to the beatles “abbey road”.

This is a well built, sturdy unit with a lot of good features. Sound quality wise, it’s up there with other speakers in it’s class as a general rule. One thing i would note for prospective buyers is this unit isn’t really heavy on the bass. If you crank the bass way up you’ll get some popping and then muffled sounds. So you need to keep the bass about mid-way on the dial and it sounds pretty nice. You won’t get the same sound of bluetooth speaker and you shouldn’t expect one from this which is under half the priceone of the great benefits of this device is it can be used to charge your phones and tablets. With a 15 hour battery it has plenty of juice to charge through it’s usb slot. , which means this acts as a portable battery as well. That’s a nice benefit when traveling, out on the beach, etc.

So good on sound and super easy to use. Not really independent from the app, but you can stream your own music with airplay once you have the app on your device, so no worries. I wanna get 3 more for the house.Love to be able to adjust the sound balance etc myself, but it sounds pretty good outright.

One of the best speaker bought. Its easy and simple to setup comes with all the accessories and user manual. Download the app and it has got some options to be connected to listened. Used it for online radio and quite happy with it. Connectivity wise it has got wifi, bluetooth and aux. All i can say, another happy customer.

Built quality is superbi really loved itquality of material plus overall appearance and quality is of higher gradeit looks really gigg end productapart from looks sound quality is decentoverall good looks plus decent sound.

  • Fantastic speaker
  • Excellent quality of sound!
  • Really impressive, great quality overall

I am very pleased with the ggmm e5 speaker. No problem with connection to wifi or bluetooth devices and the build quality is very good with deep bass and very little distortion at high volume.

It is really to easy to setup and is worth buying for how much sound it makes. You can also tune up or down the volume so the neighbours won’t get annoyed whilst you did your stuff.

I chose the e5 as i wanted a wireless speaker mainly for streaming music to my kitchen from my imac but also as something fairly portable so i could have music whenever i was doing odd jobs around the home or garden. Originally i was drawn to the m3 because sound quality is paramount for me but i soon realised it would be too big for my small kitchen and wasn’t really designed to be moved around. Then i started looking at the e5 which is designed to be the portable option and which has a 15 hour internal battery which makes it very flexible and useful. I was immediately impressed with the design and finish, but despite the rave reviews i was concerned about whether the sound quality would be good enough. After all, while it’s good value compared to its premium rivals, it’s still a lot to pay for a speaker when i hadn’t been able to try before buying when sound quality is so important to me. In the end it was clearly the one designed for the job i wanted it to do so i took the plunge. Firstly it’s immediately apparent on opening that the design and finish is superb. The unit is slightly smaller in reality than i was expecting, but reassuringly weighty and solid. It is, after all, packed with speakers inside and no space has been wasted. Set up was quick and easy and i was soon connected to my router and ready to start streaming music.

Such a great speaker at such a reasonable price. Even that sounds really good. Among my favorite features are the separate bass and treble knobs. Also, i could be wrong here but it sounds like it is a stereo unit (aural hallucination?.Lol) – it has two sets of high and mid drivers placed on either side and i hear clear separation in spite of how small it is.

The sound is brilliant for the size of the unit. So why only 3 stars, i was so impressed with the first one, so i bought a second one, that’s where things went down hill. Using the app to bind the units works well to set one for left channel and the other for right channel, however after switching off then on both units swith back to mono ‘both playing the left and right channel’ so you have to use the app to switch them back to separate channels. Also to conect to amazon music you have to use a phone or tablet to receive via wifi a app then use blue tooth to conect to the e5, why not direct via wifi like connecting to spotify. They were both quite slow to log into the internet, but now one of them will not conect to the internet. It’s a shame because without these problems it would be a 5 star product.

GGMM Founded in 2001,began as a design house. Due to high demand for its innovative products, GGMM launched its own brand in 2008. We are devoted to providing the end user with the best experience possible, specializing in visually elegant yet highly functional digital technology solutions. With an uncompromising dedication to becoming a leader in digital electronics, we create products with a high level of practicality and excellence. This includes manufacturing products that make a lasting impression and exceed expectations, while further enhancing both brand integrity and confidence.GGMM’s goal is to be a premier digital electronics company, constantly striving for the highest standard in terms of quality and exceptional product design. All products pass through strict quality control processes prior to shipment in order to exceed the high expectations of both our customers and partners. We currently have corporate offices in California, Leipzig, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.  

4x 5W driver + 2x subwoofer

20W power (4x 5W driver + 2x subwoofer) offers a surround sound for rich, clear and powerful sound. With built in Treble and Bass Adjustment Knobs, you have the ultimate control to adjust the sounds to your style and liking. You can increase more bass, or increase for more treble, giving you the ability to tune the sound to your liking.

Ultimate Bass & Treble Knobs

With built in Treble and Bass Adjustment Knobs, you have the ultimate control to adjust the sounds to your style and liking. You can increase more bass, or increase for more treble, giving you the ability to tune the sound to your liking.

Smart Charger Port

E5 Speaker also has a built in USB charging port available to charge your devices like your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone, or tablet.

Long Playtime Battery

GGMM E5 has built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery that supports 15 hours of playtime at 20 Watts output.

Compatible with Multiple APP

Pair E5 with your phone via Bluetooth and stream music from your favorite App, such as Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, iTunes…

Stylish and Slim Design

Stylish design fit into any environment in your home. Super slim design 1.5inch thick makes it a portable speaker, comes with a removable leather strap to take the speaker on the go…

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Sound quality, portability and battery life brilliant. Frustrating that alexa is not voice activated as thought it was.

When i saw the available price i simply did not hesitate with the features it presented i think it’s an absolute steal, in fact i feel a little like i should have been wearing a mask. Just the kit i was looking for to replace a far inferior, tinny speaker for my camper van. Was expecting slightly deeper bass sound but it still puts a smile on my face when i’m cruising around. Solid build, feels like a lot of love has been put into the design. Clear and bright sound, picks up all the lovely little details from my favourite tunes. Have road tested with reggae, ska, punk and rock. My kids are really happy that we can have travelling music. Crank it up when i’m cooking and it always puts a spring in my step and a shimmy in my shake.

I was looking for a battery powered, airplay-compatible speaker and chose this unit after reading several reviews. I have not been disappointed. In a small living-room, the sound is better than that from my old-fashioned hi fi set, with the benefit of no trailing wires. I use the apple remote app on my phone to select tracks from my itunes collection (stored on my computer in another room) and it all works very well.

This speaker is the best speaker i’ve ever had. Its so amazing and working great. The bass are brilliant and perfect for music soundtrips. The sounds quality are impressive and perfect for me as it mets beyond my expectations. Built in amazon alexa wherein can connect also to my amazon alexa and does it well. Comes also with detachable sling as a holder , portable and has a longer life durability which is really great. I highly recommend its quality and the price are worth to pay. Chose the black color as its looks more beautiful and nicer and it makes me more felt happy at everything.

I actually bought this from ebay( new) but i would still like to give my views on this product. Goodthe sound quality is actually quite good for a portable speaker. I have had to turn the bass down a lot though as i find it far too bassy with the bass even on halfway. With the bass down and the treble up it sounds pretty good. Not too heavy and very portable. Battery life is great, lasts all day for me. Bad i would have rather had a proper handle that folded backwards rather than a leather strap as it tends to get in the way of using the buttons. What’s with the separate wi-fi and bluetooth mode, why aren’t they integrated like on my echo?. Why does it switch off every thirty minutes if no input. At least give an option- it takes ages to start up and connect to wifi.

🎉 [Great sound quality for every style of music] Experience a stereo sound that is characterized by rich and clear sound thanks to our 20W power (4x speakers + 2x subwoofer).

The speakers features are excellent and the configuration rather straightforward. If i can recommend some improvements it would be on a lower frequency response and more dynamic sound but in the class of speakers it is quite ok for the form factor. Maybe a direct fm radio support could be a bonus.

Only had it for a few days but as for sound quality it is very good, very loud for a portable speaker with a decent bass response. Battery life is excellent,had it on medium level for the last couple of days at work & it’s still going strong after being used for just over 15 hours. So would i recommend, most definitely good quality build looks descent sound & bass with excellent battery life & excellent value for money might even buy another later on. Got a extra 15 per cent off at checkout bargain.

Good style, good blue tooth distance and battery life and easy to set up with alexa.

Great system real class,the quality is tops the sound is brilliant,and the service from this comanys staf are the best,5 stars for the equipment and 5 stars for the staff wonderful company.

The rating of 4 starts relates to the main functionality, considering the expanded product experience, i would really only get 3 stars. Main pros: – decent audio and rich base (given the unit’s size) – great ios app with a broad range connectivity options (i did not test the android app. ) – great and robust physical designmain cons: – battery charging circuit cannot handle a drained battery. (see more below) – wifi security issue (see more below) – wifi can only connect to 2. 4ghz frequency networks and does not work with 5. 0ghz networks – insufficient manual (the online version i found did not include additional help)additional comments:the ios app gives a broad set of functions, settings and information screens. Some of the settings and navigation can however be a bit unintuitive at times. The apple airplay feature integrates easily with all apple devices. The buffering lag is quite considerable, but i cannot comment on if this is normal or if this specific for this device. When playing through dlna, the device does not an other device to feed the audio stream, but i did experience some serious delay and unresponsiveness adjusting the volume whilst playing over dlna.

If you like the warm, fat bose sound then you’ll be at home with the e5. For listening to speech radio you can tweak the bass down a little with the musically useful eq. Connection and range on wi-fi and bluetooth is excellent. Airplay is seamless from an iphone and macbook. I carry this around the house all day – it lasts for the whole day at decent volume. Alexa is very useful, and you have to press the button which is how i want it – amazon aren’t listening all the timeoverall an excellent device. Ilinseriously considering a second purchase for a multi-room setup.

🎉 [Style & Design] Sleek elegant design to fit into any environment in your home.

Originally i thought it was a tad expensive but though i’ll give it a go as it has the smart feature with amazon alexa and i love this speaker. It looks great with the sleek design means it doesn’t look out of place in the homethe speaker has 4 x 5w speakers helping to provide deep crisp bass tones which easily fill a medium sized room, as well as feeling the bass through your feet. Along with the brown leather holder giving a nice touchhaving individual drivers for the mid/upper tone ranges helps to keep a clear sound which doesn’t get distorted by the bass. The smart feature i’m still figuring out but so far so goodoverall i would definitely recommend purchasing this speaker, excellent sound for the price.

Took a bit of working to set up alexa needed to be rebooted and upgraded before it appeared. The commands do not operate the same as sonos or echo and i spent time with amazon helpline as i couldn’t get the music unlimited account to work. However once helped through and we realised you had to use different phrasing the alexa command response improved.

No wonder it’s the best buy of bluetooth speaker under £100 (bluetooth version). The design is pretty good, although not as attractive as beoplay a2 to me, which is much more expensive than this ggmm speaker. While the a2 has a contemporary design, this one features a retro design. The bluetooth connection is quite straightforward, while for a wifi connection, it requires an app on your phone. With wifi connected, amazon alexa voice service is enabled. Unfortunately, i don’t have any other smart home devices atm so that’s a shame. For the sound quality, i’m pretty impressed by this speaker. It has four 5 watts units, two for full freq, and for two mid-low freq. It’s probably not as loud as my big beolit 17, but it’s more than enough for indoor use. I’ve played some pop music and the classic hotel california.

I use this speaker for my phone and note pad. Being able to adjust the bass and treble is very important to me and is one of the reasons i chose this speaker.

I bought this product for my husband. Whether it is used in the living room or in the back garden, the sound of the sound is loud enough and there is no noise. It is very suitable for a small party at home,easy to carry and easy to connect to bluetooth very good product.

It is such an amazing sound with this small speaker. I don’t need to use my phone to listen music and news. I am pleased of this product.

Arrived exactly as detailed. Easy set up straight out of the box. Connected to the internet straightaway and the app is easy to use. Have only connected through airplay at the moment, and haven’t had any issues with that, so i can play all my music through amazon prime and apple music, plus all that’s already stored on my phone. Good to be able to adjust base and treble. Very good sound and it gets pretty loud. I’ve only had it a couple of days, so can’t say much about its longevity, but it seems very solid and of a good quality. May end up with more of these around the house.

🎉 [Extend Battery Life] Ordinary built-in microphone Bluetooth speakers cannot bear the burden of bass and stereo sound for a long time, and this will cause inconvenience when going out.

The clarity of sound is remarkable. It looks stylish and is really sturdy and well made. Connection was easy but it helps to be a little it savvy to interprete the instructions. Really happy with the purchase, i’ve been using non stop to stream live music and my iphone downloads.

I’ve saw and heard so many reviews saying that the sound quality on the alexa plus was no different to the old alexa. In my honest opinion i would say comparing to the sonos speaker of more or less the same size it is very close in sound quality, so far i’ve only connected my harmony hub to alexa, i’ve just ordered some smart plugs which should arrive any time. Smart plug arrived and work great. Just installed 3 konesky wifi dimmers, alexa controlled work really well.

This would have been 5 stars, as these are beautiful speakers with a good, heavy feel and nice retro detailing (volume and tone knobs on the top) but one of the pair i ordered had to be returned as it was distorting the music above a low-ish volume level. Have opted to replace this faulty e5 with 2 of the smaller e2 speakers, as they are still all wirless and multi-room capable as well as being highly portable. Go ahead, you won’t regret it.

The ggmm e5 bluetooth speaker looks and functions exactly as described. Really like its sleek design which blends in quite well with the interiors. It’s rather heavy though compared to similar speakers of its kind, but the leather strap enables you to move it around easily. Sound quality is good in general compared to my sony hifi at home. Tremble and bass can be configured with the buttons on the speaker to enhance the sound quality, which is quite smart for a speaker device like this. Its battery is good for around 15 hours which is pretty impressive. It also has a usb output to charge your phone.

An excellent solitude partner. The sound quality is so good and premium. The amazon alexa makes it an amazing device to play with and use it as an incredible source of learning and information. I really enjoy this speaker, and completely in love with it. Had to contact manufacturer for some support and they provided excellent response promptly. I highly recommend this smart speaker to provide premium audio streaming—- lovely feeling for the ears.

Really happy with this speaker: the sound quality is amazing with very clear and deep bass without obstructing the mid and trebles, and the connectivity works really well (both wifi and bluetooth). I have only one for now but will probably buy a second one to put it in the second floor of my house for full coverage.

🎉 [Hands Free Calling & Built in Battery] Connect your device to the E5 wireless bluetooth portable speaker via Bluetooth to enable hands free calling. With the press of a button, you have the ability to answer and hang up calls. With a built in microphone, you can speak towards the speaker without having your phone out.

Looks and sounds amazing hope my daughter loves it. Good sturdy system just what i’ve bin looking for. Oh and it was well worth every penny.

The process of connecting is quick and easyvoice had nice quality.

It does exactly what it says on the box great connectivity and great sound.

I’m really quite impressed with this. Alexa works ok, you have to press a button, but my mum is a bit freaked out by alexa always listening anyway, so no issues there. I would recommend this if you’re looking for a handsome smart speaker.

Sleek, compact, easy to use and sound is excellent.

The speaker is excellent in relation to its sound quality and versatility, particularly in view of its size. The only reason i haven’t given it five stars is problems with connectivity to the internet. It’s impossible to do so by following the instructions on the app, and eventually you arrive at a point where you are given a message to make the connection manually. Once that appears, it’s fairly straight forward, but the manufacturers really do need to address this as the process of connecting follows no logical sequence, and i seemed to get there by trial and error. That aside, alexa and bluetooth work really well and the preset button allows up to six stations to be stored. The power reserve is phenomenal, up to 15 hours per charge is claimed and this seems to be fairly accurate. All in all an excellent product, but you need patience to connect to the internet. However, once set up it connects every time when switched on – takes on average around 30 seconds to do so.

To the sound quality of this speaker. Chose it as i have an alexa echo and would be nice to have an extension speaker which i can carry anywhere in the house while playing music from spotify. The speaker i very well built, you will notice the sound and quality is worth the money. Easy one tap to ask alexa whenever i need it and it’s very responsive. And was able to set the treble and bass from the app. Can definitely recommend if youre looking for a smart speaker.

We must have received the e5 that had been at the back of the warehouse for years. The battery was completely flat and wouldn’t even turn on when plugged into the mains. I left it for about 20 minutes charging (not that it had any indication of it charging) and then unplugged and plugged in the charger and it sprung into life. I hooked it up to the wifi and gave it a fully charge. I knew i was on an old firmware version as the alexa feature was missing but the app wasn’t prompting me to upgrade the speaker software. We tried using the speaker in the garden where there is wifi and it kept disconnecting and dropping out. I contacted ggmm over messenger on facebook and over the space of a day or so, they tried to get me to download the app again and wait for the firmware upgrade to prompt me in the app. My firmware was from 2016 and the app refused to offer any upgrade. So ggmm then sent me two files, a mcu file and an a28_ggmm_image file. You have to use a web browser on your pc to go to the speaker on your network and update the mcu first and then repeat the process for the a28-ggm_image.

Absolutely brilliant product. Easy to set up and to download the free app. Sound quality is excellent and looks fantastic.

Exquisite workmanship, good sound quality, if can insert sd card and usb is better. If you buy it will not be disappointed.

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