Buy some,nothing else i’ve heard under £150. 00 comes close to these beauties. . Ok,i’m another one of those people who never writes a review. I couldn’t help it with these speakers though,i think they’re absolutely outstanding and i cant recommend them enough. I am an audiophile and cant stand anything that sounds s***,lets face it a lot of pc speakers do. Good points-absolutely everythingbad points-2 or 3 months after purchasing them i still havnt found any. 1 thx certified set up for my home pc and i think these sound better and are more versatile,i recently bought a set of bose companion ii for my daughter and i don’t think the bose are in the same league(they might have 0. 5% more finesse but they cant compete). I use my set at work and having recently ripped all of my breakbeat at 320 kbps(everyone should rip to a high bit rate,it sounds good)they don’t like me very much in the office above mine anymore. I understood why after paying them a visit to find their table was vibrating.

Genius sp-hf1800a 3 way wood hi-fi speakers. For the money – you cannot beat these speakers. Very clear with crisp, non-booming bass and plenty of volume to fill a room. Both treble and bass controls work well.

Great speakers not sure about the service. Good sound quality and enough power even for a teenager. I have used them in a normal household room. Good value for the price as well. Only reservation about the speakers is that the front is unprotected so need to be kept out of harm’s way. . First time round the speakers never arrived at all and since they were a present red face and lots of talking. Fortunately amazon saw to it that i eventually got them. Then they arrived with one lead that didn’t work.

By b&w and kef were a must to get good sound quality. I am a serious audiophile and i bought these speakers to prove to a friend that spending hundreds of pounds on speakers made by b&w and kef were a must to get good sound quality. I can’t tell you how disappointed i was when i listened to these speakers for the first time. Forget they are brilliant for under £100. 00 they are brilliant speakers for under far more than that. Ok they won’t fill a huge room like my b&w’s will and maybe they won’t be distortion free like my kef’s are on full throttle but for normal listening to music while browsing the web or watching a movie they are a superb pair of speakers. When i bought my b&w’s one of the things i was played in the shop to show how good b&w speakers were was the scene from the pearl harbour when the planes attacked the us base. I can still remember thinking that when the attack started something very nasty was happening in town is was that real. I put the pearl harbour dvd into the computer and skipped to the scene and let the genius speakers have a go with the scene. Yeah there was a difference but not a £1500.

  • Buy Some,Nothing else i’ve heard under £150.00 comes close to these beauties.
  • Great but need quite a high signal level.
  • Excellent, but a little too bassy!
  • I am EXTREMELY happy with these speakers
  • genius computer speakers
  • Great speakers not sure about the service

Genius SP-HF1800A 3 Way Wood Hi-Fi Speakers

  • Three- way speaker units assure accurate sound quality
  • Total output power 50 watts RMS
  • Burnished black wood color
  • Adjustable volume, bass and treble controls
  • Line-in jack and headphone jack

Great but need quite a high signal level. . I am using these speakers with a 32″ samsung hd tv, out of the headphone socket, replacing an excellent pair of gigaworks t40’s which are now on my pc. They have plenty of volume for our small front room, but do need quite a high signal. The volume control needs to be up at about 3 o’clock and the tv volume at about 50-60 for an action movie on blu-ray, but a lot depends on the intrinsic volume of the disc. Some discs are nice and loud, with a good dynamic range, but others need a bit more oomph. Perhaps the amp should have a bit more gain, which is why they only get four stars from me. As many have posted, that darn blue led power light is too bright. And having the power switch around the back is just silly – why not have a combined power switch/volume control?. (another reason for four stars). But performance-wise i can’t really fault them – the sound is nice and clear with adjustable treble and bass (turn the bass down a bit and the treble up a bit) and they look really good next to a glossy black tv (which most are these days).

I bought these to put on my desk in my study as that is where i listen to most of my music. . Have played new york hardcore punk to classical through them and with only a few tweaks to my sound card have got a great sound out of them. I am very pleased with these bad boys and for the price they deliver a good volume and good range.

I like this speakers a lot, they have been a great solution to dodgy sound on my tv. My only gripe and it’s a minor one, is that they hum a lot when left switched on and not in use – can be very irritating but easily fixed by switching them off.


  1. Bought these before and totally satisfied so bought another set to use on my sharp. Bought these before and totally satisfied so bought another set to use on my sharp 71 tv but can’t get them to work.
    • And lots of different ways to connect them to stuff. Id buy another set but im pretty sure my neighbours are already sick of them. If you connect them to a tv or dvd player theyre capable of being even louder than with a phone. I cant say personally about the volume when using a pc. But youtube has plenty of reviews. And i certainly consider them a great bargain and nice looking addition to my home entertainment centre.
  2. This review is from : Genius SP-HF1800A 3 Way Wood Hi-Fi Speakers

    Compact and great sound from a pc. . Mistakenly bought these for a compact home modular stereo system and discovered on arrival that they were actually for connection to a pc. My itunes collection has never sounded better in my office.
    • Speakers great line in/headphones not so great at all. If this were required based just on the need to be speakers i would give them a 4 or 5 star. Unfortunately the line in and headphones play at an incredibly low volume even if you turn up to full. I didn’t buy the speakers for that although i would use them on occasions. Speakers themselves are great for the price.
      • Bought these for use with my imac and midi keyboard. Considering they are relatively cheap they have a great sound and volume. There is an aux socket so you can plug and play music from an ipod or phone too. If you’re looking for something discreet i would check the dimensions as they are quite tall.

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