Generic 10W POWERFUL Portable Wireless Bluetooth Mini Speaker Boombox Radio MP3 Stereo Support FM Alarm TF USB : Really happy with the sound quality

Excellent speaker simple to use great price.

Perfect would purchase another.

Lovely solid design and has a rich bass sound also had great protecting sound.

Excellent i give it 10 if i could.

  • Great sound bar
  • Buy with confidence, great item
  • Better than Beats Pills!

10W POWERFUL Portable Wireless Bluetooth Mini Speaker Boombox Radio MP3 Stereo Support FM Alarm TF USB for iPhone Samsung phone Tablet PC (Multi)

  • Constructed with Double High quality stereo speakers, Double 5w power amplifier chips,big vibrating diaphragm.
  • Mutil functions support include Wireless connection(Bluetooth 3.0) + TF card Music Playing+USB.
  • Compatible with all devices with Bluetooth.
  • Wireless Range: 15-30 meters.
  • Support: TF card,USB Flash Disk, FM Radio,Ringtong Alarm,Line-in.

A lot of sound for a little bit of cash, piece of cake to set up and its a radio as well.

This item was smaller than expected as some of the posted dimensions are i believe incorrect however this did not detract from what is a really neat piece of kit. This sound bar is advertised at various prices (and names) but a study of the specs. Led me personally to believe this to be the best value. Do the research and you will see all the ways this plays your music, as i write just connected a usb drive instant play of music files. I keep a tf card permanently in the slot at rear one tap on the multi-function button again instant music. Tried the fm radio but we are in a poor reception area, bluetooth connected my dragon touch pad and again no problems. When using phone or tablet the sound quality can be altered using the equaliser. After listening to this unit for a while i prefer the inbuilt values of bass and treble, would be ideal for replacing that crackling tv sound. This unit does not come with a charger but can be charged from any usb slot on a computer or a redundant phone charger with micro usb, a well built little player and top value for the money. So good just bought another for my sons birthday.

This small speaker is ok for me to listen to my music off my phone where & whenever i wish.

It’s great looking, light and easy to use. But it’s not keen on deep bass.

Best cheap speaker i’ve ever bought. Took it on holiday and it survived being bashed around great. Sound quality is good and battery life is impressive. Also doubles as an alarm if early mornings are your thing.

So pleased with this little speaker. I wanted something that i could plug a usb drive into, and what i got was so much more. A bluetooth speaker that also works to make hands-free calls on my phone, or i can plug in a usb drive or a micro sd card and play the music on it.

Very pleased with the item and with the service.

I love this speaker/radio/usb player/bluetooth gismo. Great value2 things, and i’m not being critical, they are just observations. It goes from “i have charge” to dead without warning, doesn’t drop from 2 bars to one, just goes off. If you use the bluetooth with more than 1 item, you have to delete it from one, before you can use it on another. I’ve been using it on a pc, an ipad, and an ipod but you have to remember which one you used last and delete it from there before using on another piece of kit. Minor things and for the money, just great.

Very useful portable radio/speaker, usb player. Smaller than i expected but good sound nevertheless.

I received one of these a few days ago as an early birthday present, i wasn’t expecting it but once i played about with it and connected via bluetooth to my iphone (fairly straightforward) it was cool . You can watch youtube videos with increased better audio( providing videos uploaded have good quality audio in the first instance) games on the iphone also stream the audio which provides an interesting immersive experience. Also, i use a really good radio app called tunein which streams all good. I have tried the sd slot, music plays instantly. I would recommend the red sardine, looks amazing and really good build quality. Really good design, portability, practical and perfect price point or £200+ for beats pill or sonos.

Have used with mp3 player (bt and audio jack), with iphone (as speaker phone) and as a radio and all works well. Good sound qulity for a small to medium room.

Really happy with the sound quality.

I have 2 of these speakers after being recommended them by my friend. Beats the pants off of beats pills. Great sound, great bass, long battery life and recharges quickly. Even better, it has an sd slot so you don’t even need to connect a device.

I would recommend this item.

Love the design and features. Read and followed the instruction manual, tested nearly all functions (except aux and all works very well. I will have more feedback after use its call out/receive function to see if the other end can hear my voice clearly.

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10W POWERFUL Portable Wireless Bluetooth Mini Speaker Boombox Radio MP3 Stereo Support FM Alarm TF USB for iPhone Samsung phone Tablet PC (Multi)
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