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Neat and tidy and doesn’t take up too much room. Great for taking away on holiday to use with your ipod or mp3 player. I use mine in the garden – just the right level of volume so as not to upset the neighbours. Excellent value for money and i didn’t pay any postage either.

Provided you do not expect stereo sound from these speakers they will do the job of being able to listen to your mp3/4 without having headphones on to listen to your music, they also will not upset the neighbours with you having your stereo system turned full on so you can hear it when your busy in the garden.

All i can say is great just what i wanted no distortion at high volume but if your buying this because u want a hi-fi syystem dont you get what you pay for only prob was that i didnt get a usb chargr but i have sent a email and hopeto get 1 so i will update to let you no thanks::::::update::::::i got an email the next morning because i sent the email at 11:30 pm and thay sent me a new 1 1st class recorded delivery and got it the next day nothing to falt here top star thanks obozo.

Key specs for Portable Folding Speakers for iPods & MP3 Players – White (discontinued by manufacturer):

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  • Fold-up amplified portable speakers
  • Compatible with iPods and mp3 players, cd players, pc’s
  • Unique design
  • Battery (4xAAA) or mains operated
  • 1.25W x 2 Output
  • Detachable iPod/MP3 holder
  • Cable storage

Comments from buyers

“Good product
, Get these extension speakers while still availàble.
, Small and perfectly foldaway speakers

It goes without saying that if you pay more for bigger or better engineered speakers you will get a better quality of sound. But for their price, these speakers punch well above their weight. They do not want for volume, being easily capable of filling an average living room and the bass definition is impressive. Their lightweight, foldable design makes them easily portable, if a little chunky, and the included usb power supply makes them ideal for use with netbooks. Of course, they can also be used with aaa batteries so they can even be used with mobile phones (assuming the phone has a standard 3. For crystal quality sound look elsewhere. For spontaneous sounds and simple situations it’s ideal.

Took from ordering on 17 dec till 26 dec to dispatch it. But even with christmas and new year chaos the postal system managed to get it here from china (not hong kong as claimed) on 6th. Lovely wee set which does exactly what it said it would. But with the added advantage of a usb power chord for a notebook. Which happens to be what i wanted it for. Though for the price (under a fiver, free delivery) there would not be many grounds for complaint even if it was rubbish. Nearly 5/5 but 1 off for 9 days between order date and postmark.

I am very happy with this item and would recommend this seller.

Bought these speakers not expecting too much at the price. Just wanted something to put in the kitchen and listen to in the garden. Had already bought a veho360 and was so disappointed as its battery life was less than 1 hour. Anyway put some poundshop rechargeables in these speakers and sat back in the garden. Well what a surprise good sound and over 8 hours playback over 3 days. Only problem got to wait for more good weather to try these speakers out again. 50 with no postage wont be buying any more expensive speakers if these break at this price i will just order another set.

The quality of the sound is not exactly high-end audio, but what do you honestly expect for the price??. Item was well-packed, but did take quite a time to arrive.

Connects fine and sound quality ok for small, cheap speakers. Don’t expect bose quality and you won’t be disappointed. Only reason for marking down to 4 stars is volume is quite low. Fine for personal listening, but it won’t fill a bedroom with sound.

Bought this mainly to use with my mp3 player in my caravan on holiday. Worked perfectly & was quite loud enough for the small area of the van. Have tried it in my living room & just about loud enough, but lets be sensible it cost £3. Works with my laptop & gives a significant boost on the in built speaker. An extremely good buy & prompt service from the supplier, arriving before the promised date.

For the price these little speakers are brilliant. They seem fairly well made with the speaker folding mechanism feeling very solid, the best thing about these speakers is that they are very loud, but still manage to maintain good sound quality without any distortion on full volume. However, one point would to be careful on the 3. 5mm jack lead as it is very thin and looks like it could be broken quite easily. Other than that they sound great, last a long time on 4 aaas and are very loud.

Handy little speakers that plug into anything that has a headphone port. Handy if you want speakers for a any mp3 player rather than all the products that are designed specifically for ipods/iphones (although the speakers could be used for those too). Standard batterys are the power source and it doesn’t eat power too quickly.

Was quite happy with it until i tried it for the purpose i bought it – which was to be portable. . When i tried it with batteries it didn’t work (the batteries were new and bought specially for it). All in all, now,a little disappointed.

I bought these speakers because they were small and packed in my suitcase took up no room. They were very good value for money and very good sound.

Absolutely fantastic product. Cannot believe the quality of the sound, it is excellent. I have tried it with batteries and they are still going strong, also works great from my laptop. Not yet tried using mains power as need to buy a 6v adaptor but highly recommended.

I bought these little speakers quite a while ago and they are still working well, they were bought by accident origionally by my husband but have been well worth the small amount paid for them, would recommend for kids who have an mp3/4 player if they do not want to wear ear phones.

First of all i thought for the price that wouldn’t be all that goodthese little things make a noise ok its no disco bit i can now here my tablet in the kitchen at workwith the fans on and the fridge and freezers making the usual noise i could still hear my music and movies clearly while working away 🙂 anywho buy them if you need that extra volume from you tablet or phone it has the usual sml jack connector for sound. Power can work from your usb (not ipad it dont have a usb) or battery’shave been using them for a couple of days now and battery’s still going :-)enjoy.

For the low cost well made and fairly good sound just dont buy expecting to have a party in the park and be carefull sliding the stand out that you dont damage the attached 3. 5 mm jack plug hidden under it best used with sources that allow tone adjustment a bit tinny without some bass tweaking.

Excellent price excellent quality fast despatch and delivery thank you.

Bought these for mu 10 year old who uses them all the time sound is good and has a reasonable volume love the fact they fold up and could carry them in your pocket of you wanted to.

Perfect for older players, mini disc, walkman, etc. Sound quality adequate for listening without earphones, and loud enough to be listened to in the home. No longer made, so check amazon to find suppliers who still have them. We did and bought 2 to keep us going for some time.

I originally gave these speakers a bad review, because they took a long time to arrive but now i have received them i think they are very good and well worth their money. I also was very pleased with the seller’s response to my problems and they were very helpful in this matter.

For the price, these are good. I would have liked longer wires, but not complaining. It’s mainly for the kids to use on the pc and pleased to say kids enjoy using the speakers, sound is loud, and so far 2 year old has broken them, unlike the ‘hamburger’ style speakers we usually buy.

They are cheap, good quality speakers, if you just want some nice, cheap, good quality speakers then do it, ** warning** i have noticed that they only work if plugged into another electrical device, so they’re not really very portable if you aren’t bringing your laptop.

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