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The emeet sound quality if perfectly good for a meeting, and the unit is both lighter and smaller that i was expecting it fits perfectly into the neoprene pouch it comes with. After a quick read of the instructions when i received my speaker i was able to use it within seconds of needing it when a different brand of speaker stopped working in the middle of a meeting. The unit itself is nice and compact, well made and the build quality is robust, possibly one of the best pieces of it equipment i’ve ever purchased. It picks up people clearly within 2 to 3 metres, which is better than a laptop i really can not recommend this item enough it is small and portable, comes with a handy pouch for transport, extremely easy to setup (just plug and play) and provides superb audio quality from the built-in speaker and echo-canceling microphone. It comes in extremely useful for small-medium meetings where several people may want to gather in a meeting room i have tested it with many technologies with complete success – lync, google hangouts, skype, adobe connect etc. If you are looking for a usb speakerphone, you need look no further hands-down this is the best product by a very long way comes highly recommended.

I bought the speakerphone to do skype calls with another office and everything works as it should. The product is easy to set up and does what it says so i am happy.

My choice was between this and the jabra which i have had experience with before. I am very, very glad i went with this. Sound quality is fantastic and the design of the speaker is aesthetically pleasing and more robust (at least to the touch).

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“Look no further this is the one.
, Brilliant sound quality
, Look no further for a speaker phone

Great sound easy to use highly recommend.

Sounds quality is significantly better than the built in speakers on my iphone or my google pixel. I’d really recommend for taking calls while working or for calls in a boardroom. You should be aware – they offered a free product as a incentive to review the speaker within so many days of purchasing. I didn’t accept this and have waited for over 6 months before reviewing.

Don’t let the cheap price put you off. This bit of kit is excellent. I know at leart five people who have bought one on my recommendations.

There’s not many little devices like this on the market, its a awesome buy. Using it for playing music to be on different parts of the room and its very clear.

I love listening to musics and watch movies on my smartphone and tablet, but the speakers on them aren’t loud enough. Therefore, i bought this bluetooth speaker. So far, with its price, it has met all my expectations. Loud and clear speakers with a taste of bass, btw it has a decent battery too, which could last for a good amount of time it looks pretty speaker. I can take it to anywhere and very inconvenient. It is easy to connect my phone with bluetooth.

We bought this speaker as we do a lot of conference calls and up until receiving this speaker, we have always huddled around one of our phones in speakerphone mode. We’ve now started to use this speaker and its fantastic. With six microphones built in it means that everyone can take part from the comfort of their seat rather than having to jockey for a place near the phone. It is small and neat and ultimately portable and comes with its own carry case & charging lead. I would not hesitate in recommending this to others – its a really cute piece of kit.

I bought this speaker a few months ago. I’m no audiophile, but the sound quality is fine for my use. I love the fact it’s solar powered. I just leave it by the window during the day and can use it whenever i want. I have mine connected to my echo and often play music when i’m in the shower, so i just plop the speaker on the sideboard in the bathroom and sing along (quite badly it has to be said). The only issue i have, and the reason the speaker only gets four stars, is that the speaker does have a tendency to stutter. I can understand this to a point as it has to go through a wall half the time (though a bluetooth speaker i have from another manufacturer doesn’t suffer this problem), but it also does it occasionally when it’s in the same room as the echo, and as it’s never more than 10 feet away at any time i doubt grde’s claims of 30 feet. Other than that, i’m very happy with my purchase.

 i wish i would have found this conference speaker sooner. Extremely easy to use with fantastic sound quality. Simply amazing 100%this conference speaker is fantastic for the office as well as home use. Conference calls, family skype calls, listening to music while cooking in my kitchen… and all without missing a call or a notificationfor me it’s a clear winner. I truly wish i would have bought it sooner. Prosamazing presentation – ideal for a gift. Not this one though, this one is mine ;)good clear instructions (in real english)1 year manufacturer guarantee. Ease of use (5 buttons-straight forward use)great sound. Tested and widely used for over 3 weeks with microsoft surface pro, iphone x and apple watch series 3. My new conference speaker is linked to all three devices ;)good battery life. Fast charging time (4 hours max)consnone really.

For a design & marketing company, it is very sleek and modern. Very useful for small meetings and travelling with abroad.

This thing is amazing in every way. I use it for skype and mobile conference calls. It’s actually better than my clients very expensive voip handset.

I really can not recommend this item enough it is small and portable, comes with a handy pouch for transport, extremely easy to setup (just plug and play) and provides superb audio quality from the built-in speaker and echo-canceling microphone. Seemless transitions from skype calls, to cell phone call, to listening to podcastsgreat visual indications when it is picking sound from and more importantly lights up red, when you have muted it. Highly recommended for anyone needing to be on conference calls.

The magnetic idea is fantastic, i attached the speaker on my two dining table metal legs, it feels brilliant hearing music like that. The only con is sometimes other devices can’t easily connect to the speaker through bluetooth except the phone firstly connected it.

Quality of sound is just as good as my son’s boss. I love the fact it has build in solar panel and silicon aoll around it. A perfect speaker for home, diy and holidays. Feels very solid and pretty loud. I have tried to connect it to alexa but it didn’t see it so i don’t think is compatible with it.

We bought this phone to use it for conference calls. Didn’t disappoint us so far.

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