Edifier R1800TIII 2 – Five Stars

Really pleased with the sound from these speakers and not too basey. Everything you need is in the box and very easy to setup with my windows 10 pc – just plug’n’play. The cable between the speakers is a good length, my desk is 2. 2m wide and not problems connecting them up. The volume, base and treble controls on the back are useful, but not too sure how much you’d use them once setup. The black gloss finish looks really classy and the speakers look smart with the front covers off. Listened to a number of different genres and i’m happy with the sound for all of them. Also, films sound pretty good.

Great speakers with incredible quality.

These speakers sound really good. I recently purchased a samsung sound bar for £300 and i don’t really understand how these can sound better than a sound bar with 9 speakers costing 3x as much but they really do. Here are the specifications for the Edifier R1800TIII 2:

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  • Professional amplifier system with digital signal processing (dsp) and dynamic range control (drc)
  • Dual rca inputs for connectivity to multiple audio sources
  • 100% mdf wooden enclosure to minimize acoustic resonance
  • Active bookshelf speaker system with 70w rms total power output
  • Class d amplifier with 4inch bass drivers and d19mm silk dome tweeters

I am using the edifier rt1800tiii 2. 0 studio in my office/workshop and they are perfect. The sound is really good and powerful and they look nice on my desk. Also amazon have the best price.

Very good sound quality, long enough wires and good build quality.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Big sound, small price.
  • Bass is good without being boomy and the treble has good clarity
  • Great Sound, Great Value

Not disappointed with my purchase of these speakers however one issue i’d raise is how limited the remote control is – volume up and down and mute button only. Would have been great to have other functions such as on/off switch and bass and treble too. All knobs are on the back of the speakers which is a little bit of a hassle, especially reaching the on/off switch.

Stunning set of studio speakers which i have connected to my audio technica turntable as well as my pc which reduces the space on my desk in my home office. Bass is good without being boomy and the treble has good clarity for vocals. These speakers are really well made and have a good solid weight and feel to them. The supplied remote control is also very useful. I struggle to understand how edifier make them for this money as they are as good if not better than other more expensive speakers i have owned.

These speakers are larger than i thought they would be,but so far the sound on them is just what i was looking for. I say so far as i have had to send back a different model of edifier speakers as they became faulty. So i chose these and i must say i love the sound from them.

Great speakers, i really like them. Nice look and sound quality.

These speakers offer a really impressive sound quality for their size and price. The bass is big and punchy and the treble is very clear. 1 systems of a similar price (which have a single massive bass driver and tinny little satellite speakers,) the r1800’s produce a well rounded sound. This is very noticeable if you listen to a lot of rock music where 2. 1 systems often struggle to produce convincing mid-tone guitar riffs. The build quality of the speakers is extremely solid, with the amp containing right speakers having a reassuring weight to it. The supplied cables are fairly chunky and produce a decent enough sound though spending a few quid on 3rd party cables might provide a slightly clearer sound. The supplied remote comes with with volume up, down and mute buttons which override the volume dial on the speaker cab itself. I’ve found it to be very handy since most people recommend not adjusting the volume on the output device (i.

I,ve had these for two months now and had no problems at all. The bass and clarity is fantastic you can get the same model with bluetooth but are cost £30 more. I use them on my tv and there is plenty of cable(12 feet) to set the speakers far apart from each other for better spaced stereo.

Really good speakers i love em the sound is crisp and clear great top end and if needed bottom end would buy againe.

I’m using these speakers with my sony ps-lx300 usb turntable. As the player has a pre-amp, i was able to plug it directly into the speakers and start playing my records – easiest set-up ever. The sound quality is very good and the bass sounds fantastic on hip-hop records. I would say that although you can tune the treble and bass, there isn’t much difference between the highest and lowest settings which may be a problem with neighbours if the volume is too high (both are very good even on the lowest setting). I can also plug in my phone or any device with a headphone jack using the cable that came with the speakers, so i can also listen to tunein radio player and spotify. They look great with their piano black finish on the sides that complement my turntable very well, and they are also compact and portable. Extremely pleased with my purchase.

Really quick devilry, and the speaker work well.

Impressive sound quality, very good build quality. Using it with my audio technica turntable.

Ive been wanting to treat myself to new speakers for a while now, and after some digging through reviews i decided to get the r1800’s. Paired with my 27” imac they don’t disappoint. Comes with a handy little remote plus on the rear of right side speaker you have volume/bass/treble. Tight & punchy “plenty of bass if needed ” with warm mids. Great for media or gaming and watching films.

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