Edifier R1800BT Multimedia Speakers, R1800BT Multimedia Speakers

These speakers are simply excellent. I use them as near-field monitors for music creation. I’ve seen some comments about them being bass-heavy. I understand why but, actually, it helps in recording because it prompts use of low-cut. The acid test is when you take your mix to a car stereo or something mainstream and these edifiers have helped me create great mixes. Can not recommend highly enough.

Having never heard of the company i bought these purly on the reviews on here. I must say these are real quality for the price. I use them for a small home studio set up to make and mix dance music. I did use m audio bx-5s until they broke. The transformer went in each one, after 10 years or so. These are better than the bx5s in my opinion for sound quality, connect-ability and obviously price, i just hope they last as long. The bass response is fantastic. Probably because it goes down to 60htz which is top end of sub base. Normally these size speakers are 85htz, so you feel you need more. Probably why the other reviews are saying they have too much bass.

The sound is very impressive from such a small set of speakers. They easily connected to the blutooth adapter connected to the tv to provide much better sound. They paired very easily with this device:bluetooth transmitter and receiver, taotronics digital optical toslink and 3. 5mm wireless audio adapter for tv / home stereo system – aptx low latency.

Key specs for Edifier R1800BT Multimedia Speakers:

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  • Studio bookshelf speaker, 30w, bluetooth
  • Wireless remote control with audio source selection, mute and volume adjustment
  • Bluetooth pairing capability for music playback

Comments from buyers

“Edifier R1800BT Multimedia Speakers
, A lot of speaker
, Great for record player & Tv- added bonus of being bluetooth speakers too

 kindly given to me to review these are an excellent pair of speakers for a variety of uses. The two speakers come with a little remote which is used to adjust volume and to swap between the bluetooth source or line in. The remote is powered by a cr2025 battery. A cable was provided to connect this to a tv via a headphone out socket and they sound loads better than the built in speakers of my lg tv. If you want to listen to music via your mobile, tablet or pc you can do so via bluetooth. The speakers have a little light that shows the mode, blue for bluetooth, green for line in. Considering the size (they stand about 25cm tall) these have a huge room filling volume along with a bass you can feel shake the floor. Sound quality is absolutely fantastic, i’ve tried to capture it in my video review but the microphones i have really don’t do the quality justice. The glossy black finish looks great, but be aware it’s a bit of a dust magnet.

Give them time to break in and use high quality bit rate music flac/lossless audio no less than 320 mp3, i am using a fiio usb q1 dac from my pc so far they have been very good not perfect but for the money you get a lot of speaker that are very musical and fun to listen to i do recommend these speakers to anyone on a budget or just looking for something more from there pc,tv sound blue tooth is a nice little bonus although i dont use it myself as cable sound is always better and fuller sounding.

Great price, the quality is just superb.

Excellent sound quality and build only let down brief instruction leaflet.

Excellent speakers, very powerful, can easily replace a home system. Very rich, crisp, powerful sound even at low volume, great bass. I don’t see any drawbacks, it is fully worth its price. Being a fussy shopper – this one is a great buy – keeping it.

For their size (and the price), these are an excellent set of speakers. I bought them to replace the speakers on my sony bravia which, like most integrated tv speakers, are not up to scratch. The difference is here is night and day; the sound from the edifiers is crisp and clear and you can feel the bass in your body in much the same way as you can at the cinema – incredible for their size and with no separate sub. Film and games sound very good – i have also played some high quality audio files through them and was blown away by their performance. The addition of bluetooth is a welcome feature as the speakers now double as my go-to’s for playing music in the living room. For £130 these are a fantastic buy and i would recommend to anyone.

Fantastic audio quality for the price.

I got these for my audio technica record player, and they more than do the trick. Simple to set up with a long cable between the two so you can have them set apart if required. The record player is in the tv cabinet, and so i can also easily switch the cables to use them as tv speakers which i do for movie night. They come with a little remote as well for volume control etc, and also to switch to bluetooth. I have used these as bluetooth speakers many times, and for a house party (30 people) the volume was more than enough to be heard. I used to use a bose soundlink speaker and that is now unused as the quality and volume of these is better, just not as portable.

Sound is muffled compare to my 10 years old jbl creatures. And also after next day start hissing is not loud but still i hear that and must switch off before go bed.

I bought them on other site, because here i couldn’t get them shipped to my country. . I was looking for micro hi fi system, and in 300€ price range simply couldn’t find one with all things that i wanted to have. So then i change my search to active speakers. Honestly i even didnt want receiver with cd player, i would prefer rather one without , because of the size. So active speakers was jack pot for me. Only problem was that most of them doesn’t have remote control and this was one of the things which was crucial for me. Anyhow to shorten the story , the sound for me is simply great. Yesterday i listen music on them until 2 after midnight, i couldn’t stop. Feeling is defenitly better then on my headphones, which i stop to use now. I still didn’t try put the volume to max, i have them only a day, and can listen them only at midnight (because of job) , but i believe they are not speakers for partys or similir.

Awesome if a little heavy on the bass but you can just turn the bass eq down.

I am very impressed by the sound quality of the 1800bts. These speakers are everything you are looking for and then some. They can easily fill a large room without any distortion at higher volumes, which is loud but what you would expect from a compact 70w rms unit. Bluetooth pairing is a godsend, can get back home and pair on my phone instantly. The only downside is anyone can pair with your device when you are not connected, and since i am living in a flat i have to turn them off when not in use in case other people connect. Also the led on the right speaker where the ir blaster is located is very bright, unneccesarily so. The led is used to distinguish between bluetooth and aux inputs, but i think it should switch off after a few seconds, i do not need a bright led to constantly tell me i am using bluetooth. But these two cons are incredibly nitpicky, the speakers overall live up to the hype, and definitely get these over the 1700bt since they are the same price as of right now on amazon.

Excellent,look & sound fantastic.

Sound is ‘powerful’, but of course for that size is lacking the precision, clarity of larger speakers. Bass can be a bit booming, but overall fine. Pairing with bluetooth is very easy.

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