Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Active Speakers : Get these!

These have fantastic sound quality and it was super easy pairing up my phone to them.

Would have given it five stars but the cable that links the two speakers together is too short and impossible to replace. Otherwise an excellent buy, amazing value, i’m so happy, great sound. (coming from someone who sent back two sonos ones as the sound was disappointing).

Good sound, good build, good price. Love them they are worth the money.

I bought it for my macbook pro. I was looking for something quite loud with great sound and that’s just what this product is. I downloaded also an app (boom 3d surround sound) unfortunately available only for apple. This app has made it sound like a £1000 speaker. If you are looking for a speaker for 50 people party, this may not be the right product for you however it will fill up a quite big room with very loud music if that’s what sometime may want. This seller has the most competitive price, great communication after sales also and very fast delivery. I don’t see anything wrong with either the product or the seller to give anything less than a 5 star.

I read lots of reviews and looked at lots of products before picking this for a gift. The sound quality is excellent, not too intrusive, superb for vinyl.

Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Active Speakers with Bluetooth, RCA/AUX Input, EQ Control and Remote Control – Black : Look great and sound even better. Bluetooth works like a dream. Absolutely love these speakers.

Bought these to use with my roland synth. They are excellent the sound is excellent and could more than hold own in big space. More than capable speakers for in the house.

Absolutely brilliant sounding speakers for the price. Bass can be heard really well. I only used them sporadically for a couple of days until my turntable stopped working (which is the fault of the turntable itself rather than the speakers obviously) but i’ll be looking to get another turntable and i’m sure they won’t disappoint.

I was drawn to these speakers because of great reviews on the web, but was concerned that it’s not 2. All worries were quickly put to rest when i plugged these babies in and experienced beefy bass thanks to the quality of the drivers and design of the speakers. These are heavy, they’re not light weight satellites. There’s a generous spread of mid range sounds too and very crisp high frequencies in both music and games. There are bass and treble control on the side of one of the speakers (it controls both speakers) but you don’t want to get up every time you want to make an adjustment, so it would have been better to have those controls added to the remote. The remote has volume, power, mute, bluetooth/line-in buttons. It’s rather tiny which is cute but i’m sure that will accelerate the time it takes for me to lose it. ;-)i was assuming these speakers would intelligently switch between bluetooth and line-in sources. For example, if it’s set to line-in for my computer, but i start to play music on my phone the speakers would switch to the bluetooth input automatically.

These are true hi-fi quality speakers and very powerful too. They give all you will ever need from a stereo system in a house unless you want to break something. My main stereo system was £3000 and i can hardly tell any difference between the two. In fact, with my mobile – note 4 (4 years old) – playing spotify (at high quality download) through the bt of these speakers produce slightly better quality than when using my main stereo system. Yes my main system can produce 300w instead of the 66w of these speakers but you could never use the 300w in a house unless you were very privileged with a massive house or very deaf. These speakers made me sad for my £3000 spent on my main stereo which i probably would not have bought if i had these earlier. You can listen to reviews on youtube that may find the odd imperfection regarding these speakers but they are untrue. Probably it is the other equipment that they attach to these speakers for the testing that cause the imperfections. The remote control is perfect and works without having to aim at the speakers.The wire connecting the two speakers with each other is excellent, heavy duty and high quality and it is as long as you’ll ever need it to be.

These speakers are fantastic. Having the flexibility of bluetooth and line in on the remote is a real bonus. Linked to goodmans module so can play my music from anywhere in the house. Delivery and service was also excellent. A great product delivered with great service.

Excellent speakers, very,very impressive. Bass is fantastic for the size of the speakers.

This is what i was looking for. Good sound balance all round especially if using with pc. The bluetooth is just an added bonus. Good bass if i might add and really loud as well.

Highly rate these speakers and how fast they arrived at this time of year, thought they was ment to arrive on friday the 28th but got them on 24th so great service. Great sound and really work well with my imac.

Let me start by saying that, if you’re looking for fun speakers that will deliver top notch audio that you can fine tune to your taste/environment, these are the ones for you. I was in the market for some decent active speakers for my pc. After doing some research i was already considering the edifier r1280t set and wanted to read some reviews and look at some product demos. Following a quick google search i found an incredibly useful youtube channel called digital stereophony, this guy does speaker comparison tests and demos for all the top speakers around this price point. While i came to his channel looking for the r1280t, i quickly realised that the r1700bt was smashing every speaker it was paired against, including the r1280t, and only cost a little more. When the speakers arrived they were nicely packaged and in good condition. They are very easy to set up, coming with a variety of rca cables depending how you want to connect them to your device. They come with a simple remote, great if you want to sit away from the computer. What really sells it for me is that, as well as having great audio quality at standard out-the-box levels, the controls to adjust the bass and treble mean that i can switch up the audio depending on the situation or style of music (i. Reducing bass late at night). I strongly recommend anyone considering these checks out digital stereophony on youtube for a product demo, and more importantly i can vouch for the quality of these speakers.

Great speakers for desktop use, not an audiophile but overall excellent in all use scenarios from music to gaming, films etc.

These speakers won’t entirely blow your balls off but you get what you pay for. The remote has a tendency to fall down the side of the sofa, but i guess that’s just me.

Giving feedback on sound equipment isn’t an exact science as it’s so subjective. However, i feel i should have a go. I bought these after much research into bluetooth speakers (the main reason i wanted speakers was bluetooth connectivity). Others who have mentioned how easy and seamless bluetooth connection is are spot on. My phone found the device instantly and connected with no problems. Now, the quality of the sound. Some have said they are bass heavy. I would say that they have a very deep rich sound. The controls are easy enough to adjust to one’s person preference.

I purchased these to sit on a relatively spacious desk to use with a pc and macbook but unfortunately found them to be a little on the large side for the space available. The sound however was of great quality for the price, so i won’t mark them down – i imagine pairing these with a decent sub would make for a really absorbing experience. The instruments on tracks were easily identified and acoustic guitars sounded particularly lifelike, even if voices weren’t always perfect. I however eventually decided to exchange them for something smaller yet equally effective, with the intention of adding a sub later if more bass is required. To sum up: they’re excellent speakers if you have the space available and a restricted budget. Just remember to check the measurements before purchasing.

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Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Active Speakers with Bluetooth, RCA/AUX Input, EQ Control and Remote Control - Black
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  1. I got these for christmas for use in my studio as i am a dj and producer, very easy to set up and a nice touch is the adjustments available. The bass is taught and warm, the mids and highs lovely. I spent a lot of time researching and these came up as a top buy. I can see why, i am very pleased and yet they are to wear in.
    • I got these for christmas for use in my studio as i am a dj and producer, very easy to set up and a nice touch is the adjustments available. The bass is taught and warm, the mids and highs lovely. I spent a lot of time researching and these came up as a top buy. I can see why, i am very pleased and yet they are to wear in.

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