Edifier M1550 Home Audio Speaker – Very good for the money

Great product, many happy years of use. Was great when new, though as time has passed over the last 7 years or so, speaker after speaker has failedto clarify, the speakers work individually, they just are not receiving any signal from the main unit. I’m now down to just the central unit and sub-wooferfully believe this is a great product, will most likely buy again or similar.

Great quality for great price. I ordered on wednesday and received on thursday. Easy to install but you will need a 3 way headphone ack if you want to attach to a tv. The wires are short though which is the only negative. I would recommend to those buying on a budget.

The base on the actual subwofer is not very basey. If your looking for a products with a good base sound this wouldnt be for you. If you are looking for a clear sound though these speakers are for you.

  • The sound is Crispia than a pack of crisps!
  • Very Good Quality
  • Affordable and Decent
  • Edifier M1550 5.1 6pce Speaker System 4 X 3w Satellite Speakers + 4W Centre Speaker + 10W Rms Sub
  • Good system considering price
  • Absolutely brilliant budget speakers, however cables are short

Is a good product when used with a pc but not ideal for a surround sound system. Very quick dispatch and very well packed.

I love the sound in these speakers as it is really clear, the subwoofer is a bit too large and ugly but it creates a nice bass. The main problem i had with this is that my left and right surround speakers and my central speaker don’t make any noise even though they are connected.

Features of Edifier M1550 Home Audio Speaker

  • Mini home theatre/surround sound 5.1 multimedia speaker system
  • Option of providing a ‘mini home theatre’ experience when watching video content on your pc or laptop
  • Triple 3.5mm jacks accept both stereo input signal and 5.1 channel input signal
  • Master volume control, green indicator, stand-by option, and line-out for headphone all included on wired remote controller
  • Wooden mdf subwoofer enclosure

Sound is pretty good all round. I am a gadget and hi-fi freak and so quality of sound is important. I paid about fifty quid for this pc sound-system and am very surprised and pleased by their performance. Recommend them to anyone who doesn’t want to spend big on speakers.

Absolutely brilliant budget speakers, however cables are short. This speaker set was bought for the purpose of having a decent home cinema experience in a bedroom with some 5. They certainly surpass expectations for the price in terms of audio quality. The bass is excellent, since i can turn it up on the subwoofer as well as on my pc’s sound card settings. I had two problems with these speakers:1 – only the front left, front right and subwoofer worked. I managed to make the ss and centre speakers work by updating my sound card drivers2 – the cables aren’t very long. They reach across the room from corner to corner, however they need to go around furniture etc. Because i obviously don’t want wires hanging across the room. Do not buy this product if you plan to use them in a somewhat sizeable room.

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    Evyrything about the product was as described. It was a direct replacement of a similar device which meant that i could also use the original speakers if necessary. The box was damaged on arival but the packing was good enough to protect the items inside.
  2. This review is from : Edifier M1550 Home Audio Speaker

    Good system considering price. In case you expect bose quality – don’t buy it. I am using this with my computer which has a decent sound card. Overall, the sound could be fuller but considering the low price i think this is a good solid system. And i totally love the small wired control which allows you to adjust quickly the volume or mute it completely. Like that i don’t need to fiddle around with the computer sound levels anymore which is great. All cables are supplied and colour-coded so it is easy to set up. All speakers are powered via the subwoofer which has three cables connecting to the computer (centre/subwoofer ; front l/r, surround l/r). I like the looks and would buy it again.
    • I’ve never heard of ‘edifier’ before but i saw this model and it looked quite nice. I’m used to my logitech and creative speakers so i knew i was taking a risk purchasing a new brand i’ve never heard. First of all; the postage was excellent as always and came 3 days within the time i purchased them. Upon opening the box they there were everything neatly packaged – safe and secure. I plugged them in, i also purchased a 3 way splitter which you should also purchase if you’re wanting to buy these speakers and use them for your pc. All the satellite speakers plug into the back of the sub (which is powerful and provides a nice, crisp bass) and then you plug the 3 output cables into the headphone splitter and then plug the splitter into your pc.
  3. This review is from : Edifier M1550 Home Audio Speaker

    Got here it for christmas and we have it set up in the kitchen, good bass as well for having partieswould recommend it to anyone who loves listening to music, or just even for surround sound in any room.
  4. This review is from : Edifier M1550 Home Audio Speaker

    The sound is crispia than a pack of crisps. I plugged it all in, in a matter of minutes and turned it on. Oh yeah i turned that bad boy on.And played some daft punk songs and it sounded amazing and that was only in stereo mode. Cant wait to link it up to my 32 ” :d and watch some movies, only downside though was that i got a foreign two pin plug. Buy your 3 pin converted if you live in the uk.
    • Edifier m1550 5. 1 6pce speaker system 4 x 3w satellite speakers + 4w centre speaker + 10w rms sub. This is an impressive speaker system for the price. There is plenty of bass from the subwoofer, which i love of course, but it can be turned down or off if necessary. The system sounds great in low volume, but can be quite loud if you crank it up too, which is another plus. I have a realtek hd built-in sound board and the sound quality is great. Surround sound on movies is fantastic. My only gripe is that it does not have a digital input for another device beyond pc, such as a ps3. The ps3 still sounds great in stereo though. The subwoofer does not take up much space underneathe the desk and the other speakers are a good size for the desktop.
      • Hi there,im really thinking of buying these for my lg 42″ as a surround sound kit as the in tv speakers just are not doing the job . So was wondering if these would do the job ?.

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