Edifier LUNA Eclipse USB – Even better than the reviews suggest

The speaker arrived today and they look amazing but i can not hear them as amazon declined to say they come with a usa plug and no uk plug. Ok got some advice from a friend and i got them working and they are a vast improvement over my 2013 imac internal speakers im now watching films and it’s like im watching them for the first time they produce a great sound not mega bass but im very happy with them and for the price they can not be beatpull the trigger and get a them you will not be disappointed.

I use to own the edifier if500 speaker a few years back that i bought from costco’s never heard of the brand but was impressed by the design and sound of the speaker. Not sure why i didn’t look for this brand again while i been wasting my time trying to find the right speaker for me and looking online going in shops to look and hear other speakers don’t get me wrong am sure there good speakers out there that suit anyone music taste but i saw this brand again online from the place where i got if500 speaker from and i thought i give it a try as i had a pair of edifier speaker before and just like last time i must say am very happy i chose this brand again. The design is so futuristic the sound is so clear and the base is amazing i had to have it at a slight low level in my bedroom as i don’t want to annoy the neighbors as there are pretty loud i had a fast delivery service i know i pay for express but boy it was express even though it said a few days i got the speakers the next day. And i have been using them since then playing music on my ipad and samsung mobile through spotify. So happy i chose this brand in the end very happy customer.

Thick rich sound very bassy. Here are the specifications for the Edifier LUNA Eclipse USB:

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  • Edifier Luna HD 74W White loudspeaker
  • 6923520264667
  • Loudspeakers

Great sound, great looks, love em.

The only speakers i’ve ever heard which can rival good quality in-ear headphones for sound quality. Compared to bose, b&o, logitech and other brands which make rival products at similar prices these are noticeably superior to them all. The treble is sensational and the bass is more than adequate for enjoying music in your house. It might not shake your windows our of their frames (which some people seem to associate with good quality sound for some reason) but it definitely does the job. Pros consgreat sound quality through all ranges, but particularly treble packaging is a tad excessivecompact and powerfulattractive designbluetooth function is very easy to use and haven’t noticed a blip yet.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great pair of stereo speakers
  • Lovely sound but limited bass output
  • Great. One flaw.

For the most part these are great speakers. The only issue i have is with the inconsistency of the bass. With classical music and soundtracks, they reproduce the sound very well, but on rock/pop music the bass can go from over-stated to almost non-existent. I have listened to the same tracks on headphones where every bass note is present and even, but for some reason on these speakers the bass drops out or is over-amplified. When over-amplified, the bass sometimes increases in volume the longer an individual note is played. Definitely a problem, but otherwise these are wonderful speakers. I contacted edifier by email about six weeks ago to ask if there was a way to adjust the bass or some other workaround to get more even and consistent bass response, but at time of writing this review, i have not had a reply.

Very nice looking sounds grate bass very good music is fab remote works as it should blue tooth grategot in tv at the moment going to get another set for kitchen radio which is a small dab it will transform the kitchen love them.

Great sound and not bad looking. A little advice; purchase an equaliser programme like ‘boom 2’ to get the best out of the speakers.

Very good quality finishvery good sound for its size. Very easy pairing with the i phonesdefinately worthy of the money that i spent.

Great product, super fast delivery.

Looks – 5 starsbass – 5 starstreble – 5 starsmid range – 3 starsvery easy to use & very stylish – brilliant really for the money they cost.

Wow these speakers sound amazing. I’ve tried all different genres of music and i am blown away even at low volume they sound so crisp and bassy no matter what you listen to. I used to have the bose companion 2 speakers a few years ago and i thought they were good but these are even better. They pack a real punch and are some of the best looking speakers i have seen.

Have been very impressed with the build quality and the sound of these speakers. Purchased a while ago now mainly use for watching films on pc, but have used with main tv and the sound was amazing. Highly recommend these speakers.

Good balanced sound as well as terrific looks. They are lacking in low end welly if i am to be critical and they need a matching subwoofer to make them truly sound awesome. Good volume with some limiting/compression kicking in to avoid them being over driven. I bought the red ones and i use them to prepare music before going to a gig.

I was after some desktop speakers for playing games on my macbook pro via bootcamp with windows 7. I originally purchased some bose companion 5 speakers but while the sound quality was good, i disliked the way the bose sub woofer isn’t really a sub woofer. The music sounded weird, like the sub was a mid/bass range speaker and not a dedicated sub woofer. On that, i decided to look elsewhere at stereo speakers. The edifier luna eclipse e25 bluetooth speakers came into my sights and i’m very happy they did. The speakers are average in terms of size on the desktop but pack quite a lot of quality sound into a small enclosure. There is a surprising amount of bass too from the dual 3inch passive bass radiators in each speaker. They were £155 delivered in white when i purchased them and £108 at the time for black ones. Not sure on the red as i wanted white. I would not have paid more than the £155 for them however.

The sound is about spot on with good base and treble. Perfect for both internet videos and brilliant for music. You can always tinker your sound settings within windows if there not to your exact liking. I can turn these up fairly loud without any distortion. They look absolutely fantastic on the desktop.

From packaging to speakers sound effect, this is really good quality stuff. I really recommend this product.

Great product, excellent sound.

And occasionally for listening to music via bluetooth.

These are not home cinema grade speakers, nor could they possibly be for this price (and that they’re a simple pair of speakers, – home cinema requires a minimum of 6 including a sub). That said, when used for the purpose they were clearly intended for- as pc speakers, i think the sound is truly excellent for the price. Given that there’s no sub, the bass is genuinely impressive. The rest of the spectrum is well covered too, and music sounds crisp and clear. For pc gaming the sound is equally excellent, with sound effects suitably powerful. The design of these speakers is very nicely done too. They’re attractive, well built, sturdy, and even come with a remote control. (there are also controls on the side of the right speaker) in terms of inputs you get a standard 3. 5mm audio jack (cable supplied) and there’s even bluetooth too. I primarily use the audio jack, but i tried the bluetooth out of curiosity and it connected right away and works fine, although disabling bluetooth requires a slightly fiddly button combination.

Love them, gorgeous speakers and very bassy ;).

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