EDIFIER EDFR2000DB Home Audio Speakers – Brilliant acoustics at an affordable price!

Was happy(5/5) about this item until it stopped to work after a week. Hopefully my replacement arrive shortlyedit:all good now, sound quality is great.

These speaker are the bomb, especially when you are using fibre optic cables, no buzzing no hissing songs just quiet and clean song, the speakers have a good height and very nice black finish to it, works with my ipod, iphone 5s, samsung s4 and my mac pro and the speaker size is not to big an just fits nicely in my room but the only thing negative i must say is that the remote is s***, in low lighting you cannot see the markings on the remote. It should be bigger and have a lit on all the buttons and that it really. I hope this helps you buys out there, have a good on guys.

Brilliant sound and easy to use with my iphone.

I purchased these speakers after a lot of research for use with my tv (i am not a hi-fi expert). We only have a small living room and previously i had been using a panasonic 2. We did not like the home cinema set up as it sounded too bass for us and lacked mid range. Films in particular sounded poor. I therefore decided to go with some quality stereo speakers, the main criteria being active speakers with a built in amp, quality sound, a remote control, adjustable bass and treble and digital connectivity. I decided on these as they met my specifications, but was a bit concerned they would be too powerful for our room. Most reviews i read of the 2000dbs stressed how loud they can go without distortion and how good the bass is. Whilst they can go much louder than i will ever need and still sound great, they also perform brilliantly at ‘normal’ modest volumes.

Brilliant set of speakers for for home listening. Amazing sound, rich and crisp. Volume, bass and treble knobs on the back make for easy adjusting. Bluetooth setup is easy, both on phones and laptops. Sometimes the connection gets desynched, easily fixable with a reconnect. Did not try out optical and wired connections, but from other reviews seems to be all good.

 kindly sent to me for review, edifier are not a brand i’d come across before. The edifier r2000db are a pair of glossy black speakers that can be used with a range of devices. The interesting twist is that they don’t require an amp, and in the case of mobiles/tablets/pcs they don’t ever require a wired connection as they can be paired via bluetooth. As well as the r2000db speakers edifier have included a range of cables, there is one (long) cable for connecting the left and right speaker, a 3. 5 to rca cable, an rca to rca cable and an optical cable. This is a great selection and ensure you can hook your speakers to all sorts of devices without having to spend more on additional cables. The speakers look great, with a clean simple design to them. Around the back of the left speaker is just a single port for the speaker-to-speaker wire. Around the back of the right speaker are the various connections for use with the included cables, power button and bass and treble adjustors to allow you to tweak the sound. A small remote is included that allows you to change input (e.

  • We did not like the home cinema set up as it sounded too
  • A superb sound from this “modern” stereo system, though it deserves a better remote control
  • the speakers have a good height and very nice black finish to it

 note: the maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal viewbest thought of as a mini hi-fi minus the main console (or what would have been the tape/radio/cd deck) this set of speakers has a built in amplifier and wireless as well as wired connections. Clearly the bluetooth is a must have with the prevalence of devices now using this. Fortunately it’s also possible to connect via two rca auxiliary inputs, and optical/digital. The speakers come with all the cables you need for these connections i have measured the lengths of these (all are gold plated)aux cables (2 included): 1. 0mpower lead is approx 2 metres and supplied with a fused bsi standard plug. In addition to this you get two push on fabric speaker covers, so if you don’t fancy the “bare” look you can attach those a manual and a polishing cloth as the glossy side panels are sure to show fingerprints over time. I find the look to be good either way, what really counts though is the sound. The speakers have a bit of weight to them just over 9kg combined one speaker is a little heavier at 4. 7kg due to the weight of the amp inside. Size is quite compact at just under 18 x 29, x 25cm and using these in place of a normal stereo system or as a set of tv speakers is certainly possible. The build is dense with a gloss finish on the sides, these are not plastic panels glued on they are solid and tactile to the touch. On the underside thick rubber pads absorb vibrations and prevent movement. Controls on the back are logical and i particularly like the top position on the treble/bass/volume.

Generally a good rich sound quality, just a touch bass-heavy which tends to make the mid-rage a little muddy for any speaking (i. Also find that they have a habit of locking up (unresponsive) if left powered on for a long time. You need to unplug them for an hour to get them to work again.

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