Eagle 50 W Outdoor Garden Speaker, 50W Granite Effect Outdoor Rock Speaker

This is the second one of these speakers i bought, after the second of my very old previous garden speakers finally died. Whilst not the prettiest speakers in the world, they certainly do the job well. Exceptionally easy to wire, and have a more than acceptable sound quality. They are therefore, highly recommended, particularly if you want garden speakers you quite simply, want to hide away.

Yes very pleased with the item.

Eagle 50 W Outdoor Garden Speaker

  • Ideal for Gardens, Patios, Outdoor Dinning and Drinking Areas
  • Works with Most Domestic and Commercial Low Impedance Amplifiers
  • Waterproof and Weather Resistant
  • 50w

Did the job i wanted – good sound quality – good to look at – look well made.

I wanted a couple of speakers for my patio after looking at a number of options some ridiculously expensive in addition to wanting reasonable sound i wanted to be able to replace them if need be. I came across these while browsing so took the plunge i mated two of these outdoor speakers to a sonos connect amp. I placed the speakers on the left and right of a low planter area easily ran the cable through the gaps in some paving and a whole in the wall into the kitchen and then reconcreted. Connecting the speaker cable is by a couple of screws with a watertight screw cover the only issues were that some of the paint had covered the speaker connection screw thread and read a bit of effect to break the paint bond also the watertight washer supplied was both the wrong shape and also did not appear to be hefty enough to prevent water ingress a little piece of rubber resolved that issue without to much thought and effort reqd. The sound quality is surprisingly good for what are budget speakers clear and with decent bass at only 50watts output don’t expect to lay on a glastonbury event but i would recommend these to anyone wanting to play music in their garden at a reasonable cost and without annoying too many neighbours in the process. Most importantly both have survived a couple of very heavy downpours which went on all day without ill effect.

This was an excellent purchase and would highly recommend the product to anyone considering buying it. The sound quality is great and the price was very good too.

Eagle 50 W Outdoor Garden Speaker : Ok for the price but low output. Bought these for the outside in the shrubbery by the patio. Connected to a sonos connect amp using high quality speaker cable. They work ok but the output is not great. I have to ramp my sonos volume up pretty high to get a suitably audible sound from them. They are ok however for the price which is pretty reasonable.

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  1. This review is from : Eagle 50 W Outdoor Garden Speaker

    If you want a speaker that doesn’t look like a speaker for your garden – this is (almost) perfect. . If you’re looking for a relatively discreet “rock” speaker, these are pretty good – they’re the cheapest (i could find anyway) and do actually look like a large stone. I’ve fooled a few people already as they try to find where the sound is coming from. They appear to be robust – they’ve already survived several downpours and the cable housing is nice and secure with both screw in binding posts and a screw in plastic housing to keep the water out. I couldn’t quite award 5 stars as if we’re being honest the sound is pretty tinny – it’s fine for what i need as i just wanted quiet background music that wouldn’t annoy my neighbours – and for this it’s perfect – they do go loud enough for most uses, but obviously have little depth to the sound, so no window rattling bass here. The other minor niggle that detracts half a star is that although they do look like rocks, they are quite “bright” and hence stand out more than i would have liked – i think a darker shade of grey would have made them easier to blend in. Maybe it’s just my garden and maybe they’ll darken as they weather, but i thought it was worth highlighting as they are not far off the size of a bowling ball and hence need a bit of thought about how to “camoflague” if that’s what you’re trying to do.
    • A180bj 50w granite effect outdoor rock speaker. This product looks great fun to have outdoor. However, i wanted a wireless speaker for my garden so asked for a full refund which was no problem with the seller.
      • Fit perfectly into the flower bed with reasonable sound quality, excellent value for money. Just remember it doesn’t come with speaker cables.
  2. Hidden away in the undergrowth, these speakers (when powered by an amp) are fantastic. Very loud if you want them to be and have the wow factor.

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